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Harrys: Ladies and gentlemen, the following contest is scheduled for one fall!

Making his way to the ring, from Leeds, England, weighing in at 223lbs, please welcome back James Howard!

The fans erupt as Howard makes his way onto the stage, his hoodie zipped up and pulled over his head. He soaks in the applause before he shadowboxes his way down the ramp. He slides into the ring and stretches his arms out wide to the roar of applause.

Copeland: Listen to the ovation. These fans are going wild for the returning three time champion.

Cohen: Why would they ever cheer a guy who left them to spend time with his family?

Connor: I think you just answered your own question Jack.

As Howard stands in the middle of the ring, the applause dies down as the anticipation as to who his opponent is begins to rise.

Cohen: What the hell is this?

A dump truck full of dirt backs its way into the arena, the crowd silent with anticipation. The truck stops and begins to slowly unload its load. When all of the dirt hits the ground, a man rolls out of the dirt. The man pops to his feet and brushes himself off, revealing himself to be Chris K.O.! Suddenly the door to the truck pops open and Steve rolls out. As the camera pans over to Chris picking the ball up, it is revealed that there is no driver inside the truck. Chris doesn't seem bothered as he scoops Steve into his arms and makes his way down the ramp, high fiving fans along the way.

Cohen: What did we just witness?

Connor: I'm not entirely sure, but it appears that Chris K.O. will be James Howard's mystery opponent for his return.

Referee Katie Shepard checks both men for foreign objects, and helps Chris brush some of the excess dirt out of his hair. She calls for the bell and the exhibition match is underway.

Ding! Ding! Ding!

The two men circle, each trying to feel the other man out. Each man feints, trying to get the other man to show his hand. They eventually tie up and Chris works a side headlock. He wrenches on the hold, but Howard lifts him and slams him. The two men are back on their feet, both men missing with wild punches before they are back to circling. This time Howard works to a rear waistlock, he tries to lift his opponent, but to little avail due to his shoulder issues. K.O. counters with a snapmare and secures a chinlock after. Howard manages to get a foot on the rope to break the hold. Once the hold is broken and both men are on their feet, Howard stops playing games and starts to work over his opponent with some short jabs. He shows his MMA background with a barrage of punches that back Chris into the corner. The ref tries to break the punches, but Howard takes full advantage of the five count. A stiff kick to the ribs causes K.O. to stumble and Howard connects with a snap suplex and rolls over into a cover.
And an easy kick out for The Survivor.

Cohen: I expected ring rust, but not brain rust. Howard had to know a simple suplex wouldn't put his opponent away.

Copeland: I think Howard has looked okay in the early going.

Connor: Time will tell how long he can keep his pace though.

Both men return to their feet and another tie up ensues. This time Chris works to a hammerlock and follows it up with some kicks to the back of the leg, dropping Howard to a knee. He then takes a few steps back and connects with a flipping snapmare. Howard's head snaps forward and Chris leaps to his feet. Howard takes a moment to regain his wits before he rolls to his feet. The two men exchange some jabs, but Chris gets the better of the exchange and land a hard right hand that staggers Howard. Chris uses the opening to Irish whip Howard into the corner, and follows it up with a running body splash. With Howard dazed, Chris whips him across the ring, Howard again crashing into the turnbuckle. This time Chris softens up Howard with a few chops to the chest before he sets him up on the top turnbuckle. He connects with a vicious European Uppercut, dropping Howard to the mat. Chris drags Howard away from the ropes and covers him.
Howard gets a shoulder up with little trouble, but Chris is quick to work to secure an armbar. Howard struggles, but is able to get to a standing position, and begins to punch down at K.O. with his free hand. Eventually Chris is forced to break the hold, but Howard continues to punch away. The ref warns Howard about the closed fist shots, but again Howard takes liberty with the refs long five count.

Copeland: Very back and forth here in the early going.

Cohen: A very equal battle indeed Seabass, because both men are equally awful.

Connor: How do you have a job?

Howard drags his opponent to his feet with a handful of hair and Irish whips him across the ring. Off the rebound Howard bends over for a move, but he telegraphs it and Chris connects with a kick, followed by a DDT. He takes a moment to plan his next move, before lifting Howard to his feet. He kicks the arm of Howard and tries to set up The Burning Crusade, but Howard reverses and sends Chris into the corner. Howard runs and connects with a running high knee. He follows it up with a running bulldog to a big pop from the crowd. Howard then heads to the top rope and readies for Chaos Theory. He waits for K.O. to stand and then leaps and flips. Chris moves out of the way at the last minutes, but Howard manages to land on his feet. Chris runs up and uses a school boy. Referee Katie Shepard slides into place to count.


Howard kicks out just before the ref's hand hits the mat. Both men are quickly to their feet and Howard throws a head kick, but Chris ducks under. He hits the ropes and looks for the Coconut Strike, but Howard slips under. The Survivor rebounds off the ropes again and this time he connects with a spinning wheel kick. He follows it up by getting into a mounted position on Howard and raining down punches. At the count of three by the referee he lets up and pulls Howard to his feet. A few right hands soften him up before an arm trapped scoop slap puts him back on the canvas, his arm landing underneath the weight of his body. Chris then grabs both arms and pulls them behind Howard while driving a knee into his back, a seated surfboard stretch. Howard winces in pain as his arms are stretched to the max.

Copeland: The plan is clear, Chris want so work those arms to set up for The Burning Crusade.

Connor: Smart call on his part as Howard has a history of shoulder issues.

Howard manages to force them to a standing position, and he eventually frees one arm. He twists around and connects with a vicious head kick, though Chris partially block it, he is still on wobbly legs. James follows up with a swift kick to the side, dropping K.O. to his knees. With his opponent on his knees, James begins to kick away at the chest of his opponent as the crowd counts along.

"One! Two! Three! Four! Five!"

Just as Howard winds up for the sixth and final kick to the head, Chris manages to duck, then roll up Howard!

James Howard kicks out, but its too late as the ref has counted the three.

Harrys: Here is your winner, Chris K.O.!

Copeland: So just as Howard was building momentum, Chris K.O. manages to turn the tide and sneak away with a win.

Connor: I think James Howard showed with a little extra time to shake off the ring rust he can be a top competitor again.

Once both men are on their feet, Chris extends his hand to Howard. Howard, visibly upset, sulks around the ring before he approaches Chris. He looks hesitant, but eventually extends his hand to return the shake to the approval of the crowd.


We cut to a blackened corner of a desolate, makeshift cage, clad with refined metal bars as to fully contain whatever it posesses inside. An accordion guitar is splayed awkwardly across the ground, clearly having sustained a significant amount of abuse from its veterancy, missing several strings and showing signs of heavy usage.

From the shaded corner, a gloved hand claws the instrument from its resting place and drags it backwards into the darkness. Whilst the shadows eclipse the perpetrator, it is beyond any doubt casually sitting against the titanium rods of the cell, the guitar nesting upon its lap in preparation for its inevitable performance.

An ambient, yet euphoric sound begins to resonate from the corner as the musican begins to calmly forge its interpretation of art with the instrument, whilst calmly conversing with the viewers in a deep, solemn voice.

???: Even those who have been destroyed by this cruel, wicked earth can contribute to its enhancement. Pause. If anything, it knows more of the evil and animosity that manifests our existence, and how to not only cope with it, but eradicate it.

The converser continues its piece, as it answers a protruding question on everyone's minds at this point in time.

???: My name is Acutus, and once, I was as naive as any other good-willed citizen. But that changed when I was cast out to the underworld of human society as my life took a sharp downward spiral, one I could never aspire to recover from without any assistance.

Another pause, as Acutus reflects on his past life.

Acutus: And for a while, fate went according to plan. I spent many of my years distancing myself from the masses, fine-tuning all of my attributes to work against the population of this earth, to do unto others they had done unto me. Until I realized that what I had needed to do was to correlate against the sinners of this world, to prey on the guilty as opposed to the innocent. But whilst I had realised my potential, I had lacked the catalyst to act. That is, until now.

Acutus draws his performance to a swift close as he is visibly heard shuffling about in his shaded solitude. As the camera pans to follow the sounds of his movement, an abominable silohuette is visible, chained securely to the chamber bars in an upright position. We see Acutus's own silohuette rise up to face his catalyst eye-to-eye.

Acutus: Come. Hell awaits us.

What can only be described as a vehement, animalistic snarl erupts from the beastly figure as the scene slowly fades to black.
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