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Harrys: The following is scheduled for one fall.

As the music hits El Califa Dragón comes running from the back while nodding his head to the music. He bounces from one side of the stage to other before stopping at the top of the entrance ramp. He looks out at the crowd while nodding his head to the beat once more before sprinting down to the ring and sliding under the bottom rope. He quickly runs over and hops up onto the second turnbuckle, tossing the hood of his robe off as he continues nodding to the music before pointing out to the crowd and yelling out to them.

Connors: A lot of people have speculated that Califa is heading into this match as the underdog. But let me tell you something, El Califa is a warrior and he will give everything to this match, no doubt about it.

He emerges through the curtain into a darkened arena, standing with his arms extended to either side of his body at the top of the ramp, peering toward the sky. He stalks slowly down the ramp, surveying the crowd before entering the ring via the steps.

Copeland: But how do you prepare for a match against this man?

Cohen: You don;t, Seabass!

Copeland: Either way, don't expect a show of perfection wrestling here, folks. This match is going to be brutal from start to finish, make no mistake about it.

Connors: Both of these guys have came here to fight. Put the kids to bed early here.

The two men look deep into each others eyes. Both men know that this match has been a long time in the making and it seems as though neither man is happy to let down their respective teams. Representing The Armada, El Califa begins to circle the ring first. His opponent, representing The Elite, Dorian Slaughter sluggishly begins to circle, too, perhaps taking more time to try and intimidate his opponent. After a moment, the two men finally come together and tie up. There is an almighty struggle as neither man wants to lose the first contest of the match. And, in a mirror of their steely characters, neither man is able to take control. Quickly, however, Califa skips round the back of Dorian and locks up around his waist. Slaughter pries open the hands of his opponent and shoots around Califa into a similar position. It is not as easy for Califa to pry open the hands of his opponent but he eventually does, dropping around Slaughter and ensnaring him with a drop toe hold. Slaughter hits the canvas for the first time as Califa is quickly upon him; locking up with his hands fastened tightly around his waist. After a moment of struggling, Slaughter manages to wriggle out from under Califa and reverses the position. The two men take turns getting the better oft eh other on the canvas until Dorian manages to lock in an arm bar. But the more Califa struggles against it, the more it pushes Slaughter back to his feet. With Slaughter no on his feet, Califa kips up and then rolls out of the way from Slaughter; ending up in a corner as both men stare at each other again.

Copeland: Well, maybe I was wrong about this ones, folks. Maybe we've got the makings of a ground wrestling classic like we've never seen before in the history of this company...

Slaughter moves towards Califa and immediately nails him with a stiff knee to the gut. With Califa bent over double in pain, Slaughter thuggishly nails him with an unforgiving elbow to the back of the neck. Califa hits the deck for the first time in the match as Slaughter stands over him.

Cohen: Or maybe not. That's a little more like what we were expecting from these two.

Copeland: Dorian Slaughter is not a timid man. He is a brute and a does not care who he hurts on the way to furthering his own personal goals. Certainly, this is more in line with that school of thought.

Connors: It was never going to be too long before we seen it, gentlemen. And now, perhaps, the hard slog begins for Califa.

Slaughter looks down at his opponent, smiling deviously as Califa gets back to his feet. Enjoying the challenge of the match, Slaughter backs off his opponent, not allowing the venomous grin to slip off of his face. Both men are finally on their feet and in opposite corners. Califa and Slaughter move back into the middle of the ring, tying up once again. This time, however, it is Slaughter who gets the better of his opponent, nailing him with another knee to the gut and then quickly moving him into the nearest corner. Backing him into the turn-buckle, Slaughter quickly nails him with a swift elbow that scatters the brains of his Armada opponent. Not losing any of his momentum, Slaughter whips El Califa into the opposite corner and immediately runs after him. In the blink of an eye after Califa's back rams into the turn-buckle, Slaughter follows up with a running clothesline that knocks Califa into a seated position on the canvas; his back resting nicely against the corner. Quickly, Dorian scurries across the ring before setting himself in the opposite corner. Without any hesitation, Slaughter runs across the ring and nails Califa with a beautiful running knee to the jaw. The crowd recoil in horror as Dorian drags Califa out of the corner and covers him for the first time in the match. Referee Keith Morse counts the fall. 1... 2... Kick out from the masked warrior!

Connors: And now, just like we thought, Slaughter is really putting the screws to El Califa Dragon.

Cohen: He's merciless, ladies and gentlemen. Slaughter has made a very big name for himself in a short period of time. And he didn't do that by giving out free lemonade and cookies. He did that by beating down anyone who got in his way.

Slaughter gets back to his feet, a little slower this time, perhaps considering his next plan of action. Califa begins to stir on the canvas as Slaughter slinks back towards the edge of the ring. Waiting on Califa to get to his feet, Slaughter bides his time; lying in wait. Califa may have damaged something, however. He seems to be moving very sluggishly and as drags himself to the bottom rope, he seems to be nursing his right leg. Slaughter lets a sick smile appear on his face as he surveys the damage he has did to the masked opponent so early in the match. There is a sudden booing around the arena as it becomes pretty clear that El Califa is hurt and Slaughter looks as though he is going to make good on his promise to extinguish the light of his challenger and his Armada before it can really get off of the ground. Slowly, Califa begins to pull himself upwards, almost getting to his feet once again. But Slaughter is in no mood to allow his momentum to slip away as he runs at finally runs at his opponent; a look of raw venom in his eyes. From nowhere, Califa hops out of the way as Slaughter dives at him. Slaughter flies through the ropes and crashes to the ground as Califa begins to run around the ring, no sign of his sudden injury as a massive pop of applause and celebration goes around the arena. With Slaughter getting to his feet on the outside, Califa runs off of the ropes and tosses himself over the top rope, nailing Slaughter with a beautiful swanton as the crowd loses it's mind.

Copeland: Awesome move from Califa. He lulled Slaughter into thinking that he was hurt and it made Slaughter a little naďve for sure.

Cohen: Naive!? Califa is nothing better than a no-good cheater. What kind of professionalism is there in doing something like that?

Connors: It might not be the most professional, Jack. But it was certainly effective. I think Califa realises that he is not going to have a traditional wrestling match with Slaughter. So he has to play Slaughter at his own game to stand a chance.

Both men lie motionless on the mats for a second catching their breath. However, it is Slaughter to who is first to make any worthwhile effort to get back to his feet and change the direction of this match back into his own favour. He is soon joined by El Califa who certainly does not want to give away what he worked so hard to get. However, it is Slaughter who manages to get his feet under him first and grabs at the head of his opponent. From nowhere though, Califa manages to get his foot up, launching a vicious enziguiri that rocks Dorian to the core. Slaughter stumbles backwards as Califa studies him for a second. Running at his opponent now, Califa launches himself towards Slaughter and nailing him with an excellent hurricarana that sends Slaughter flying towards the commentary table. Califa shoots up to his feet as Slaughter lies motionless on the mats. Califa puts one hand in the air, a signal of intent from the competitor that is matched with emotion from the crowd. Califa marches towards the sly Slaughter on the mats and picks him up by his long hair. As the referee reaches a long count of 7, Califa tosses his opponent back inside the ring, following him in and covering him with a snappy pinfall. 1... 2... Kick out with some aggression from Slaughter

Connors: And just like we thought, Califa has now found his feet in this match... Somewhat literally, I suppose, too.

Copeland: Slaughter might be the rookie of the year in this great company but we cannot forget that he has not been in the company for long. If anything, Califa needs to use all of his experience and, more importantly, show the inexperience of his opponent.

Califa gets to his feet quickly, the pace of the match rising rapidly. Running across the ring, Califa bounces off of the ring and, upon making his return to his downed opponent, uses all of his momentum to land a beautiful falling knee drop to the face of Slaughter. Slaughter convulses violently as Califa gets to his feet again. With Slaughter now settled on the canvas, Califa launches himself to the rope rope, facing backwards towards his downed opponent. Measuring his opponent for only a moment, Califa seizes the opportunity to potentially put the match away and executes one of the most brilliantly executed moonsaults that WZCW has ever seen; hitting his target with expert precision and following it up with a pinfall. Keith Morse is quickly into position, another count! 1... 2... Kick out with no time to spare! The crowd simply cannot believe what they are seeing. El Califa Dragon should have put Slaughter away with that move but the fight in the rookie lives on to fight another day. Califa quickly gets to his knees, his hands wrapped around the side of his head in sheer disbelief. To his eternal credit, Slaughter is beginning to move on the canvas already; a shocking thing to El Califa Dragon for sure. But the Dragon is not finished with the Elite as he springs to his feet once again. With Slaughter rolling over onto all fours, Califa runs off of the ropes one more time and nails Slaughter with a well-executed Curb Stomp! The crowd explode into life with the sudden and high velocity impact of the move; Slaughter's face crashing into the canvas. Califa quickly gets on top of Slaughter again for the pinfall. 1... 2... Slaughter only just manages to get a shoulder up with absolutely no time to spare!

Cohen: What the hell is going on here, Seabass. This isn't the way it's supposed to be, damn it!

Copeland: The experience in big matches seems to be shining through here tonight, folks. Califa has never been a slouch in the ring and he is really turning up a notch here tonight.

Califa simply cannot believe the fight in the rookie as he once again gets to his knees and looks down. After only a moment, Slaughter is moving again and looking to get back to his feet. Califa is absolutely stunned as he slinks back towards the edge of the ring and pulls himself up using the nearest ring ropes. He looks as Slaughter as he nears the far corner and begins to pull himself up too. Califa studies his opponent, thinking about how he can possibly manage to put his opponent away finally. It is a slow process as Slaughter finally makes it to his feet. He meanders out of the corner, a dazed look on his face. Califa looks for a running clothesline but Califa has the instincts to duck under the flailing arm of his opponent. Califa hits the opposite ropes and bounces back towards his ready opponent. From nowhere, Slaughter hits Califa with DEATH BECOMES YOU! The crowd falls deathly silent as both men lie motionless on the canvas. After a moment, Slaughter begins to move towards Califa, moving on instinct more than anything. Nevertheless, he is moving slowly towards his opponent, a cover, and more importantly a finish to this brutal match. He raises his arm into the air above Califa and then allows it to drop over the chest of the masked Armada superstar. The referee counts the fall as the crowd collectively hold their breath. 1... 2... … Kick out! The crowd burst into life as Califa only just manages to get a shoulder up.

Connors: Wow! What a roller-coaster this match has been, folks. It's anyone's game at this stage.

Cohen: I just cannot believe this! How many people has that move put away in the last few months? Amazing!

The anticipation of the crowd begins to build once again as both men begin to stir on the canvas. With both men almost out on their feet, they crawl towards the bottom rope once again as Mr. Morse goes through his allotted ten count. Both men finally reach the bottom rope and begin to pull themselves up to a vertical base. Slaughter begins to stagger towards his opponent. But with every ounce of fight left in the masked warrior, he leaps onto the middle rope and launches himself off the ropes and lands a sloppy cross-body. Nevertheless, Califa takes Slaughter to the canvas one more time. He struggles to make it to his feet but eventually does so, Slaughter trying with everything he has left to shake the cobwebs from his eyes. But Califa is determined to put this match away. And he knows just how to do it. He signals for the top rope one more time as the crowd burst into a frenzy of excitement. He goes through the ropes and slowly begins to climb the corner until he is standing alone on the top rope. We all know what is coming... DRAGON DE VUELO!

Copeland: This is it!

With Califa on the top rope, this match's days are numbered. All of a sudden, the lights in the arena flicker and then fully cut-off. On the titantron, the symbol of Chaos and of beaten WZCW Championship contender Ty Burna flashes momentarily. The arena is still plunged into darkness for what seems like the longest time. The crowd are abuzz with excitement and mystery as the lights finally come up! But it is not the scene that the members of the audience were expecting to see. Instead, Califa's momentum has been completely stripped from him and he now finds himself in the TOMB OF THE MUTILATED!

Copeland: What the hell is going on here!?

Cohen: Yes!

On the stage, Ty appears from the back, staring down at what is going on in the ring. El Califa looks helpless in the middle of the canvas and has absolutely nowhere to go. He struggles against the move but with every passing struggle, the life is slipping from the lungs and body of the luchador. With no other option, El Califa has to tap out! Referee Keith Morse calls for the bell as Ty begins to make his way down to the ring with a demonic smile on his face.

Harrys: Here is your winner by way of submission... Dorian Slaughter!

Ty continues down the ramp as Slaughter finally releases the hold. Dorian slowly makes it to his feet as Ty stalls at the bottom of the ring steps. He peers inside to look at the helpless victim in the middle of the ring. Dorian moves towards Califa and pulls him up by the head until he is on his knees and looking towards the Harbinger of Chaos. Ty slowly and methodically climbs the steps until he reaches the ring and enters it. He stands before Califa, like someone accepting a sacrifice.

Connors: This is so not good for El Califa and The Armada. Insult to injury it seems.

A huge pop goes around the arena as the WZCW Champion Matt Tastic runs down to the ring and slides under the bottom rope. Realising the impending attack, Ty rushes out of the ring and is quickly joined by Dorian Slaughter. Matt quickly moves towards El Califa who collapses back onto the canvas. With a look of concern and anger on his face, Tastic looks out towards Ty and Dorian; fearing for his upstart movement against them. But he calls for a mic as Ty and Dorian look on.

Matt: Damn you! Damn you hell! You.... You bitch!! What the hell is the matter with you?! You manipulate people. You stab people in the back. You bury people alive. You... Dammit! Damn you! I'm so sick of this! I'm putting an end to it! You! Me! Meltdown! Inside a steel cage! You wanna batter someone? I'm here for you! You will never hurt anyone again!

Ty looks on maliciously. Rage comes in his face before screaming out loudly.

Ty: The title........ It belongs...... To ME!!

Matt: You want it? Come get it! At Meltdown, it's on!

Matt throws the mic and turns to check back on El Califa as Ty and Dorian leave.

Copeland: You heard it. At Meltdown, Matt Tastic and Ty Burna have their rematch for the World Heavyweight Championship. Inside a Steel Cage.

: I hope Califa is alright.
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