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Harrys: The following match is schedule for one fall, and it is for the WZCW World Heavyweight Championship! Introducing first, the challenger, weighing 235 pounds, Ty Burna!

Ty stands emotionless as the crowd rains down boos.

Harry: And his opponent, from Orange County California, weighing 238 pounds; he is the WZCW World Heavyweight Champion, Matt Tastic!

Matt refuses to take his eyes off Ty, while the crowd roars for the champ.

The two men begin to circle as referee Jurou Akiyama calls for the bell. They go in for a lock up, but instead, Ty connects with a right hand to the jaw of Tastic. The champion stumbles back, before being dropped down to one knee by another punch. Matt tries to shake it off, but he is grabbed and dropped by a Russian leg sweep. Burna quickly rolls him over for the pin, but Tastic kicks out at one. Before the champ can react, Ty locks in a straightjacket hold, all the while muttering to himself.

Copeland: The WZCW World Title match is opening the show, and Ty Burna is coming out on fire for it!

Cohen: Matt Tastic has had a good run on top, but it’s time for the title to go where it belongs: to the Elite.

Matt is able to make his way back to his feet, but a knee to his kidney from Burna stops the countering. He lifts Tastic for a straightjacket suplex, but Matt is able to flip out and land on his feet. He charges at Ty for a clothesline, but Burna ducks in. The champion rebounds off the ropes and ducks a clothesline from Ty. He rebounds again, this time rolling under a Consecrated Banishment attempt. Tastic shoves Burna into the ropes, but is dropped with a shoulder block off the rebound. Ty runs the ropes again, with Matt rolling over into a drop down position. A second rebound leads into a leapfrog from the champion, but Ty waits on him and catches him coming down with a reverse STO. Tastic comes down hard on his face and bounces onto his back and is quickly covered for a pin, 1…2.., the champion kicks out. Ty throws a disgusted look at Matt before laying more punches in.

Connor: What an impressive counter by Ty Burna!

Copeland: Ty is always intense, but he seems to be on another level tonight.

Cohen: That’s because he knows that he is minutes away from becoming the new WZCW World Champion.

Referee Akiyama has to physically intervene to get Burna off of Tastic, leading Ty to roll a short ways away and yell at the top of his lungs. Matt starts trying to get back to his feet, but receives a kick to the back of the neck from Ty, followed by a running knee drop to the same location. He then adds a second knee drop and a third before attempting a pin, 1…2…, Matt just rolls a shoulder out. Burna tries to lock in the straightjacket again, but Tastic is able to twist out and pull Ty down into a backslide, 1…, Burna rolls out. Ty quickly picks the champion up and hits him with five rib breakers in a row before rolling Tastic over into a backbreaker submission, screaming at the champion to submit. After what seems to be an eternity in the hold, Ty decides to pull Tastic back up to his feet by the hair and throw him to the floor. Ignoring the attempts by the referee to keep him in the ring, Burna follows to the floor. He heads over to the barricade to get the champion, but Matt grabs Ty by the pants and pulls him face and chest first into said barricade. Tastic rolls away to try and recover a bit, while Burna hangs onto the barricade, stunned.

Copeland: Matt Tastic has finally gotten a chance to breathe a bit, as Ty has been on him almost incessantly since this match began.

Cohen: He had better try for a count out win here because he’s not pinning Ty Burna tonight, Seabass.

Connor: That’s not how Matt operates, Jack. He wants to pin Ty in the middle of the ring.

Tastic grabs Ty to toss him back in the ring, but is doubled over by an elbow to the midsection. Burna tries to whip Tastic into the post, but Matt grabs the post and uses his momentum to spin around the post and into the ring under the bottom rope. Before Ty can successfully slide in the ring, he takes a low dropkick to the face, sending him stumbling backward. Sensing an opportunity, Tastic takes off toward the opposite ropes to rebound with momentum for a picture-perfect suicide dive, sending Burna backward into the barricade once more. The champion gets back to his feet and pumps his fist, getting the crowd fired up. He tosses Burna back into the ring and rolls back in himself. Ty starts working back to his feet, but turns right into a spinning backfist. Burna drops like a rock, and Tastic rolls him over for a pin, 1…2.., Ty kicks out. Matt quickly gets back to his feet and signals for the Headache Driver. Burna gets back to his feet, and shoves off the champions attempt at the piledriver. Ty takes advantage of the space to attempt Consecrated Banishment, but Tastic is able to dodge. He grabs the challenger’s head and drops him with the Skullbuster. Rather than go for a pin, Matt decides to try to finish the match once and for all. He attempts the Screw Attack, but Ty is able to roll out of the way. While the champion is still stunned, Ty locks in The Harbinger’s Omen. Tastic fights to get out of the hold, but he is fading fast. Matt seems to be out, so Akiyama goes to check the arm of the champion. It drops once, and twice, but before it can drop a third time, Tastic musters the energy to flip over into a variation of a jackknife pin, 1…2…, Ty releases the hold and escapes the pin. Before any follow up can happen, Tastic rolls under the bottom rope to the floor. Burna yells and begins tearing at his hair in frustration.

Connor: We’ve never seen these kind of emotional outbursts from Ty Burna before, and performing those in lieu of going after the champion will not help him win this match.

Ty heads to the floor after Tastic, who is using the announce table to attempt to get back to his feet. The challenger charges at the champion, who sidesteps just in time, sending Burna over the table and onto the chairs that were just abandoned in time. Matt rolls back into the ring and, after checking on the champion, Akiyama begins the ten count for Ty. At four, he uses some of the ringside attendants’ chairs to help him back to his feet before folding the chairs and taking them to the ring with him. He slides one into the far corner of the ring, sending the referee chasing after it, before sliding in himself with the other. Tastic tries to charge at Burna before he can attack, but Ty gets to his feet and hits Consecrated Banishment! Akiyama turns around, however, and sees Ty standing over Matt with a chair in his hand. Before Akiyama does anything, Burna spikes the chair down and begins screaming at the official, insisting that he did not use the chair. Tastic starts to stir, so Ty turns and hits him with a second Consecrated Banishment, before turning to yell at the ref again, ripping apart the nearest turnbuckle pad while doing so. Akiyama looks prepared to call for the bell, but Ty stands between him and the timekeepers area. Burna’s eyes begin glowing red, but before Ty can act on his rage, the challenger is cracked across the back of the head with the chair he dropped by the champion! Akiyama immediately calls for the bell.

Ladies and gentlemen, Matt Tastic has been disqualified!

Cohen: That’s your champion, taking the coward’s way out.

Copeland: He was protecting him-

Connor: Oh my God, look at Ty Burna!

Ty slowly turns around, eyes glowing an even brighter red, totally unaffected by what should have been a crippling blow. Tastic swings again, this time causing Burna to pause, but he charges at the champion, swinging away with rights and lefts. Matt is able to roll over on top of Ty, but his blows have quite a bit less force behind them. Almost immediately after Tastic takes control, Constantine and Dorian Slaughter come out from the back to aid Ty. Constantine immediately tackles the champion and starts punching away while Dorian Slaughter checks on Ty. Before too much more damage can be done, El Califa Dragón and Mikey Stormrage charge out from the back, followed by a group of referees and backstage officials. Mikey and Califa both go after the men they will face later tonight. Ty tries to go after Tastic again, but the officials get in between, rolling Matt to the floor and trying to restore order inside the ring.

================================================== =======================

Heading backstage, the camera cuts to a door reading "Kenneth Banks". The door opens and we see the office of the WZCW CEO. He sits steadily behind his desk with his hands gripped as he looks at the camera with a serious face.

Mr. Banks: Hello. Ladies, gentlemen and all fans alike of the WZCW. I am glad you are enjoying the already electric Revolution PPV. However, I want to make an announcement about an upcoming show. As you already know, Kingdom Come tends to be followed by Redemption. That norm changed this year with the event being given a modified name. Afterwards, Apocalypse follows. Not this year. This year the event will have a full name change. And this name, while new as a PPV event, is not a term our great WZCW fans are unfamiliar with.

Before this upcoming event, 8 of the brightest in WZCW will compete in a tournament to crown the next #1 Contender to the WZCW World Heavyweight Championship. In a concept we all know as the Gold Rush tournament. The finals of this tournament will take place at the All-State Arena in Chicago, Illinois when WZCW presents: Gold Rush. Live on PPV. We'll see you there.
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