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Default WWF Superstars of Wrestling (King Of the Ring Fallout) Pt II

Still photographs air showing the WWF Championship Cage Match at King Of The Ring!

Howard Finkel
"Ladies & Gentlemen, please welcome at this time...The President of the World Wrestling Federation..Mr.Jack Tunney, 'The Mouth of the South' Jimmy Hart and The World Wrestling Federation Champion....EARTHQUAKE!

Out comes Jack Tunney, Jimmy Hart and the WWF Champion Earthquake. Jimmy Hart runs down to the ring with Tunney walking behind and Earthquake behind that carrying his Championship.

They enter the ring as Tunney stands in the middle of Hart and Earthquake.

Jack Tunney
"Just this time last week everybody believed that King Kong Bundy would defeat Earthquake at King Of The Ring and become the WWF Champion! We'll...hes still standing here is Earthquake holding that very Championship!"

Crowd Boo

Jack Tunney
"You can Conjur up any excuse regarding how Earthquake won his Match but the bottom line is...he won! That Cage came apart and Earthquake fell to the floor and the rules of a Cage match state that you can win by Pinfall or escaping the Cage, Ladies and Gentlemen, Earthquake escaped the cage!"

More Boos

Jack Tunney
"I think we've all established how dominate Earthquake is so we're not going to Bore you with that! Tonight marks a new Chapter in this Superstars Career because tonight we will expand the Cabinet!"

Jimmy Hart takes the Microphone

Jimmy Hart
"Mr.Tunney I have waited for this day for so long. Its time to become the most Dominate...People in the WWF. Look at who is in this ring, you have...The World Wrestling Federation Champion, The Undefeated Earthquake, You have ME! The greatest Wrestling Manager in History and you have The President of the WWF Jack Tunney! How about we bring in some new faces...Ladies and Gentlemen...please stand for the next member of The Tunney Corporation...DINO BRAVO!"

Dino Bravo walks out with a smile on his face. He is wearing a Hulkamania is Dead t-shirt as enters the ring and shakes the hand of Jimmy Hart, Jack Tunney and Earthquake. Hart hands Bravo the Mic

Dino Bravo
"For those of you who are not familier with who I am, my name is Dino Bravo and the Worlds Strongest Man!"

Large boo's

Dino Bravo
"I am not only delighted about joining the Tunney Corporation but I am honored to be in the presense of one of the most Dominate Champions in the WWF...Earthquake and I promise you now that I will pour my Heart and soul into this Corporation and make sure that Earthquake keeps the WWF Championship!"

Dino Bravo hands the Mocrophone to Jack Tunney

Jack Tunney
"Thank you Mr.Bravo and it is an Honor to have you onboard which leads me to our next announcement Ladies and Gentlemen, and that regards who will challenge the mighty Earthquake for the World Wrestling Federation Championship, he's defeated Hulk Hogan and he has defeated King Kong Bundy so whose next...In two weeks at Saturday Nights Main Event...Earthquake will issue an Open Challenge to anybody in the back and the WWF Championship will be on the line so to all you kids back there...if your man enough then come forth and try and take this Monsters Prize!"

Tunney hands the microphone to Finkel and orders him to speak,

Howard Finkel
"Once again, The President of the WWF Mr.Jack Tunney, 'The Mouth Of The South' Jimmy Hart, 'The Worlds Strongest Man' Dino Bravo and The WWF Champion...EARTHQUAKE!"

The Tunney Corporation exit the ring and walk up the aisle mingling with each other as WWF Superstars go to a commercial!

Vince McMahon
"Welcome back everybody and what about what just went down in that ring. The Tunney Corporation welcomed Dino Bravo into the mix and Earthquake has issued an Open Challenge to anybody in the back to a WWF Championship match in two weeks at Saturday Nights Main Event!"

Jesse Ventura
"Thats a real Champion McMahon! A real man of class who is giving all those up and coming Superstars a chance. I think he is great!"

Vince McMahon
"We'll our Main Event is up next, We still have The Kings Coronation on the way but first, Our final Match of the evening....its The Ultimate Warrior in his return match going against Ted Dibiease and I wonder if Bret Hart will make an appearence?"

Match #5
The Ultimate Warrior vs. 'The Million Dollar Man' Ted Dibease (w/ Virgil)

Ted Dibease is out first with Virgil. Dibease looks scared as he heads straight for the ring looking around him. Virgil takes the Million Dollar Belt and sets it at ringside.

Crowd go Wild as The Warriors music starts playing, HERE HE COMES RUNNING TO THE RING! THE BELL RINGS!

Ultimate Warrior not wasting anytime, Rights and lefts to Ted Dibease, he won't let up, rights and lefts keep coming, Dibease is on the ropes, CLOTHESLINE and out goes Dibease. Virgil quickly takes Dibease by the arm and the two start walking up the aisle, The crowd boo Dibease leaving, The Referee counts Dibease out
Winner by Countout: The Ultimate Warrior

Vince McMahon
"This Match never really got underway....wait a second...Jesse, Bret Hart just crawled from under the ring and he has a Chair!"

Bret Hart indeed crawled from under the ring and slides into the ring slowly with a Chair, Warrior hasn't noticed Hart behind him...WHACK! Big Chair shot to the back of Warrior as he goes down to one knee although it has only made Warrior mad, he gets up and grabs Bret, Virgil from behind with the Million Dollar belt whacking him on the back of the head. The Warrior is down.

Debiease makes his way back to the ring. Bret Hart and Virgil stomp away at Warrior who is motionless. Ted gets back in, "HOLD HIM UP" Screams Bret, Virgil and Dibease hold warrior by each arm, Bret with the Chair in hand whacks Warrior in the head, Warrior looks on enraged, "DO IT AGAIN HITMAN COME ON" Shouts Warrior egging him on, Bret Hart again, three shots more to the head and down goes Warrior.

Crowd start cheering though as Tito Santana bolts down the aisle, he slides in and starts attacking Bret Hart, Dibease with the Chair hits Tito on the back. Bret then kicks Santana from the ring. Dibease and Virgil hold up Warrior once again, Bret starts slapping him before spitting in his face, Dibease plants Warrior face down on the canvas, Bret then lifts the chair and starts smacking it off of Warriors legs. Virgil keeps Tito down on the outside, Dibease stands laughing throwing Money at Warrior who is down.

Bret Hart throws the chair to ringside and then locks in the Sharpeshooter on The Warrior. He lets go after about 1 minute. Referees appear but are threatened off by Virgil. Ted and Bret eventually leave the ring, Bret grabs Tito by the chin, "I'LL BE SEEING YOU IN TWO WEEKS SANTANA!" and with that they walk up the aisle leaving the carnage behind them.
Vince McMahon
"Jesse, in all my days doing this job, I love this job but when things like that happen it makes me sick to my stomac, Bret Hart must be the most villanous person I have ever seen and Dibease and Virgil make it worse, this was a planned attack by those three individuals and believe me...What comes around goes around Jesse!"

Jesse Ventura
"McMahon this is the World Wrestling Federation, this isn't Ballet, This isn't Soccer and it sure as hell ain't Boxing...In this Sport, you become great by showing Power and I know what just happened will be looked at as a sickening act but Bret Hart showed Power and he shut all those people up that called him scared or a Coward!"

Vince McMahon
"In one night, Bret Hart slapped his own Daddy in the face, the legendary Stu Hart. He just destroyed The Ultimate Warrior and Tito Santana, indeed he has shown Power and the question now is...Will Bret Hart face Ultimate Warrior one on one?"

Jesse Ventura
"Can we move on now, The Coronation is up next...Come on McMahon!"


Mean Gene
"I've managed to catch up with the legendary Stu Hart who earlier tonight was slapped by his own son Bret, look at the mark on his face, Sir, what do you make off what we just witnessed between Bret Hart and The Ultimate Warrior?"

Stu Hart
"Speechless Mean Gene! What my own Son just did is Unforgiving and when the time comes that he is alone in that ring with the Warrior...may God have Mercy on his soul!"

Stu Hart walks on leaving Mean Gene standing

************************************************** **************

The Ring is now set up with a red canvas, a Throne and two men standing at ringside in Royal outfits. There is a Crown sitting on a cushion beside the Throne

Bobby Heenan appears with a scroll of paper and walks towards the ring, he gets in and is handed a Microphone,

Bobby Heenan
"I've been asked by his Majesty to read aloud from this scroll. These are the demands led down by 'The Perfect King',

Heenan opens the scroll,

Bobby Heenan
"As King Of The World Wrestling Federation I hereby declare Bobby 'The Brain' Heenan my Royal Advisor, he will foresee events and declare whether I am able for such commands laid fourth by all who decieve me, As King, I will appoint a Royal Bodyguard which will be determined through a series of Matches, anyman who wishes to take part will seek advice from Bobby Heenan",

Heenan sets the Scroll aside

Bobby Heenan
"Can I now ask that all the peasents stand up and Welcome The King Of the WWF...Ladies and Gentlemen...'The Perfect King' MR.PERFECT!"

Jesse Ventura
"On your feet McMahon"

Royal Music plays and out comes Mr.Perfect. He stands and stares out at the fans, Two Royal Guards then come behind him and wrap a robe around his body. He then walks to the ring slowly, climbs the steps and enters the ring, Bobby Heenan had the rope lowered and is now bowing down to Perfect who sits on the throne. He takes the Microphone in hand.

A Royal Guard sets the crown upon Perfects head.

"Thank you all for your kind welcome"

Boos fill the arena

"Bobby 'The Brain' Heenan, I would not be sitting here if you had not acted at King Of The Ring. Therefore as my first ruling as King, please get down infront of me"

Bobby Heenan gets down infront of Perfect. Perfect lifts a sword that is perched beside him.

"I dub thee....Sir Bobby 'The Brain' Heenan"

He Knights Bobby Heenan who has a smile on his face

"However Mr.Heenan, I, King Perfect will now take leadership in your Heenan Family and rename us...The Kings Court!"

Bobby Heenan Stands up and knodds to Perfect,

"Does anybody Object to these demands or situations please step forth and let your voice be heard"


Vince McMahon
"Randy Savage getting some retribution against Mr.Perfect after what transpired last night"

Jesse Ventura
"Arrest that man! He just assaulted The King"

Vince McMahon
"Oh Shut Up Jesse! Randy Savage should be The King"

Jesse Ventura
"This is an outrage, I'm disgusted. That man should be ashamed of himself!"

Vince McMahon
"Thats all we have time for everybody, we will see you next week for another 2hr edition of Superstars!"

Randy Savage places the Crown on top of his head and parades around the ring as Superstars comes to a close.
Its all a big game really