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Default WWF Superstars of Wrestling (King Of the Ring Fallout)

The Camera looks on as the Crowd wait in anticipation for WWF SUPERSTARS


Vince McMahon;

Jesse Ventura;
"Your damn right McMahon! King Of The Ring is over and now we have....A Perfect King in Mr.Perfect! He defeated Randy Savage in the finals to get the Crown and become our King!"

Vince McMahon;
"Well he did have help from his newly appointed Manager Bobby Heenan but despite that Mr.Perfect is The King Of The Ring and Tonight live on Superstars he will have his Coronation live here in Madison Square Garden"

Jesse Ventura;
"I wish I could Crown him McMahon! Bobby Heenan will take that pleasure I presume and he deserves it"

Vince McMahon;
"Indeed! There is so much to get through tonight and Kicking us off is a King Of The Ring rematch. Its 'The American Dream' Dusty Rhodes facing Bad News Brown!"

Both Superstars are already in the ring as the bell rings.

Match #1
Bad News Brown vs. 'The American Dream' Dusty Rhodes

Dusty Rhodes doesn't rush into the match like he did at King Of The Ring. Bad News charges at Rhodes who ducks under and starts hitting left and rights. He Irish-whips Brown of the ropes and hits a back body drop causing Brown to roll to the floor.

A Video appears in the corner,

Dusty Rhodes;
"Last night at King Of The Ring my ego got ahead of me and I rushed into the fight with Bad News Brown. Tonight I will exact my revenge on a much smaller scale. Brown prepare to be feel 'The American Dream"

The Match continues with Dusty in control. He bodyslams Brown down and drops an elbow. Usually he would go for the cover but Rhoes picks up Brown and body slams him a second time. Dusty then sets himself up on the second rope. Brown gets too his feet, runs a Rhodes, grabs him and tosses him from the second rope to the canvas. The Fans chant for Dusty Rhodes as Brown picks him up and False Clotheslines him into a Dropkick. Brown gets up and starts stomping at Rhodes. Brown connects with a tackle into the corner. He rams his shoulder three times in Dustys gut. Rhodes staggers out and dances a little before Brown runs of the ropes and hits a massive Big Boot. Dusty goes down. Brown with the cover..1..2! Kick Out by Rhodes.

Bad News Brown goes for the Dominator but Dusty scuffles down, Brown turns around, Right Hand from Rhodes, Left Hand by Rhodes, dances, Double Axe-Punch by Rhodes. Cover..1..2! Brown powers Dusty of off him. Rhodes signals for the American Dream, he sets up Dusty only for Brown to back drop Rhodes. Brown picks him and again goes for the Dominator but Rhodes scuffles down one more time. AMERICAN DREAM CONNECTS! COVER..1..2...!KICK OUT BY BROWN. Dusty can't believe it. He signals for the American Dream again, he gets Brown in position but Brown being so powerful fights out, he reverses the move, Picks up Rhodes..DOMINATOR HITS! Cover..1..2..3! Its Over
Winner: Bad News Brown

Bad News Brown picks up Rhodes as the Referee orders him to stop, Brown shoves Tim White down, DOMINATOR HITS A SECOND TIME ON RHODES! The fans boo Brown as he goes outside and grabs a Microphone. He re-enters the ring.

Bad News Brown;
" a...message to all of the WWF Wrestlers! Don't fight what you can't defeat. My Name is Bad News Brown and I will destroy anybody who gets in my way of Championship Gold...thats right...I'm talking to all Title holders in the back. What I want...I get!"

Brown exits the ring the chorus of Boos
Vince McMahon;
"Bad News Brown making himself heard to all Championship holders in the back! Dusty Rhodes needs help out of here by the looks of it!"

Jesse Ventura;
"I like Bad Bews Brown and If he plays his cards right McMahon I think he will be a Champion here in the WWF. What do you think? You can make it happen!"

Vince McMahon;
"I don't know what you mean Jesse! In any event Bad News Brown kicks us off with Domination here on Superstars!"

************************************************** *********************

Vince McMahon;
"Welcome back to a red hot edition of Superstars! Jesse moving on now to the BIGGEST STEEL CAGE MATCH I HAVE EVER SEEN! It was the WWF Champion Earthquake taking on the Challenger King Kong Bundy and let me be the first to say that King Kong Bundy Dominated the entire match and I know for a fact Bundy would be The Champion if the Cage did not collapse taking Earthquake to the floor!"

Jesse Ventura:
"McMahon you can conjure up any excuse to go against the Champion but hear this...Earthquake is the WWF Champion and no matter what way he won...HE WON THE DAMN MATCH AND IF YOU HAVE A PROBLEM WITH IT THEN CALL OUT MR.TUNEY! I DARE YOU MCMAHON...I DARE YOU!"

Vince McMahon;
"Calm down Jesse! I'm only stating what I seen and King Kong Bundy would and should be the WWF Champion none the less everyone lets go now to ringside for the anticipated WWF Tag Team Championship Match. The Champions Demolition taking on The Rockers and if you remember back a few weeks, This match took place and was a very entertaining match until Earthquake came down and took out everybody. Shawn Michaels took the worst beating and thus he is returning next here on Superstars"

************************************************** ************************

Demolition are out first to a great Ovation. This will be their second Championship Defense since winning the Belts at Wrestlemania. They Parade around the ring but the fans are all holding their Rockers Signs high.

Vince McMahon;
"Demolition have a huge Match ahead of them Jesse!"

The Rockers make their entrance and the crowd go wild. Mary Jennetty and Shawn Michaels are we'll recieved in New York City tonight.
The Referee holds up the belts as both teams prepare for the match.

Match #2
Rematch For The
WWF Tag Team Championship Match
Demolition (Champions) vs. The Rockers

Marty starts clapping his hands his slowly as him and Axe start off here. Both men lock up, Axe with a huge push sends Marty into The Rockers corner. Shawn Michaels wants a go at Axe and Tags himself in. The Crowd love Shawn Michaels. Axe goes to lock up but Shawn hits a standing perfect yet quick Dropkick. Axe staggers up. Marty comes in and him and Shawn lock hands and run double Clotheslining Axe down. Marty gets back on the apron. Shawn then tags him in and Marty climbs up the turnbuckle, Axe staggers back up, Marty comes off looking for a dropkick but Axe rolls out of harms way and tags in Smash who comes in, he picks up Marty and tosses him into Demolitions corner. Smash now with a few rights and lefts, a shoulder Smash, he grabs Marty by the head and Vales him across the ring.

Smash Tags in Axe again who comes in and quickly knocks Shawn of the apron. Smash then drops an elbow over Marty. Cover..1..Kick out by Marty. Shawn gets back on the apron looking pissed off. Smash hits a Verticle Suplex on Marty. He tags back out and incomes Axe. Smash holds up Martys arm and Axe kicks him in the ribs. Axe then runs off the ropes and hits a Clothesline. Cover..1..2! Kick Out. Axe now sets Marty on the Top Rope. He climbs up. Marty tries to fight him off but Axe keeps him up and hits Suplex of the Second Rope. Tag to Smash who comes in, drops another Elbow, Cover..1..2!Kick Out. Shawn starts stomping his foot as the fans clap on Marty. Smash picks up Marty who fights back with punches to the stomac of Smash. Marty runs of the ropes but Smash hits a big boot. He drags Marty into his corner. Tag to Axe who comes in. Axe runs of the ropes looking for a big splash but Marty moves and Axe crash and burns. The Fans go wild as Marty crawls over to Shawn. Axe back up grabs Martys leg, Marty with his other leg kicks away Axe. TAG IS MADE AND IN COMES SHAWN!

Shawn with a full nelson to Axe followed by a Clothesline, Axe back up, another Clothesline from Shawn. He knocks Smash of the apron. Axe gets back up, Shawn climbs up the turnbuckle and jumps off but Axe grabs him and holds him tight. Marty Jenetty with a dropkick of the top rope, kicks Shawns back and down goes Axe with Shawn on top, Cover..1..2! Kick out! Smash runs in and Clotheslines Marty who rolls from the ring. Smash grabs Shawn and hits a DDT. Axe with the cover..1..2! Kick Out. Marty crawls back in...Smash runs at him but gets back dropped to the floor. Shawn back up, and both the Rockers lock Axe's head looking for the double Suplex. They hit it. Marty leaps over the ropes crashind down on Smash. Shawn with the cover on Axe..1..2....!Kick Out by Axe. Shawn back up, Smash slams Marty on the floor. Shawn locks Axe again for the Suplex. He breaks it looking for Marty. Smash out of nowhere grabs Michaels, He locks his head between his legs and lifts him up for a Powerbomb, Axe grabs Shawns Head and they crash him into the canvas. Marty comes in but Smash holds him as Axe makes the cover..1...2...3! Its over
Click for Spoiler:
Winners & Still WWF Tag Team Champions: Demolition

Demolition hold the belts up high and they continue their Reign as Tag Team Champions. Marty checks on Shawn who gets to his feet looking annoyed. Shawn and Marty have words before Shawn leaves the ring. He walks straight to the back.
Vince McMahon
"We'll the long awaited Tag Team Championship Match did not go the way The Rockers intended Jesse"

Jesse Ventura
"Indeed McMahon; Shawn Michaels is not happy about that result and he should be annoyed. Were was Jennetty during that final pinfall? Hmm?"

Vince McMahon
"We will try and catch up with Demolition and The Rockers some time soon but coming up next, some people might call him the greatest technical Superstar in the WWF, Others might call him a Sell out and just recently hes been called the former WWF Intercontinental Champion, thats right, Bret 'Hitman' Hart...Next on Superstars!"



The boo's fill the arena as Bret 'Hitman' Hart makes his way down the aisle carrying a microphone with his hands on his hips.

Moments later he gets in the ring as the "Loser" chant breaks out.

Bret Hart
"Just so all you people are aware, I am still technically the WWF Intercontinental Champion! Tito Santana is a mockery of what I was! Ultimate Warrior distracted me! HE DISTRACTED ME!"

"Wow! The Hitman is not a happy man Jesse"

Bret Hart
"I wouldn't get comfortable with Santana holding that belt. In Two Saturday Nights Main Event...The Main Event will be me invoking my Rematch Clause!"

"That is huge"

Bret Hart
"...and I want all outside personal banned from ringside and by that I mean...Ultimate Warrior and heck...not even Ted Dibease will be there! I want this match to be right down the middle!"

Bret exits the ring and walks over to the time keeper,

Bret Hart
"You tell Vince McMahon that If I don't get this match then I walk and he can't afford me to walk because people pay to see me!"

Jesse Ventura
"I think he's addressing you McMahon"

"I Heard"

Bret gets back into the ring as the fans turn their attention to the aisle were an individual is making his way down to the ring,

"Jesse, thats Stu Hart! Thats bret Harts daddy. The famous Stu Hart is in Madison Square Garden and hes making a beline for the ring!"

"This should be interesting! Family Affairs in the WWF!"

Stu Hart enters the ring and is handed a microphone,

Stu Hart
"What in the name of the heavens has gotten into you Bret! This is not the way we raised you Son! Your coming out here and making all these demands saying you were distracted? Come on Bret!"

Bret Hart
"Hey, The Harts never lose! You taught us to be winners!"

"I did! But heres the best bit...everybody loses sometime kid. I have more of a loss record in this business than anybody! But this isn't about Tito Santana Bret. This goes way deeper to your issues with Ultimate Warrior!"

Fans cheer the name of Warrior as Bret turns away

"This hate for him isn;t because you dislike the man its because I took him in when he was down and helped him make it back here. Your jealous that my focus went on him. Am I right?"

Bret Hart
"I'm jealous of Warrior? How about whenever I won the Intercontinental Championship. You should have been sitting in that front row but instead you were at home massaging Warriors feet!"

"There you go! Jealous! Warrior came too me Bret and I helped him get back in shape. I had no complaints from anybody in the Dungeon except you! I am out here to tell you that it's time to Man up! Put your feelings aside and step into the ring with the Warrior!"

Crowd go wild for that

"Imagine that Jesse, Bret Hart vs Ultimate Warrior!"

Bret Hart paces back in fourth

Bret Hart
"We'll that is a Straight up....NO! Warrior got involved in my business and I took matters into my own hands and for be called a coward? My focus is on taking back the Intercontinental Championship from Tito Santana and thats what I'm going to do!"

Bret drops the microphone and heads to the steps,

Stu Hart
"Just for the record Bret, You're the first Hart to turn down a challenge. People are right when referring to you as a coward! You're scared of The Ultimate Warrior"

Bret Hart quickly turns around and slaps his father in the face. Stu goes down holding his face as Bret Stands over him shouting,
Vince McMahon

Jesse Ventura
"I'm not trying to conjure up an excuse here but Stu called Bret a Coward and thats something your Father should never say to his Kin"

Vince McMahon
"It doesn't change the fact that Bret Hart is a Coward and he's jealous of The Ultimate Warrior. Its about time Bret grows up and steps in the ring with Warrior!"



Vince McMahon
"Still to come tonight folks, The Coronation of King Perfect plus, we will here from the Tunney Posse and the WWF Champion Earthquake"

Jesse Ventura
"What about Ted Dibease going against The Ultimate Warrior? How did that slip your mind?"

Vince McMahon
"My goodness thats right. Its been a rollarcoster of a ride and we havent welcomed in the second hour of programming yet!"

Match #3
Hercules vs. Jake 'The Snake' Roberts

Both men are in the ring as the bell sounds. Roberts tries a lock up but Hercules is too powerful and tosses him across the ring much to the crowds dislike. Roberts back up tries hitting rights and lefts but Hercules grabs Jake 'The Snake' and powers him into the corner hitting shoulder tackles hard into the rib cage, he grabs Roberts and hip tosses him across the canvas. Roberts back up is on the ropes..Big Clothesline from Hercules knocking him to the floor. Hercules goes right after Roberts, scoopslam on the blue mats. He rolls Jake back in and gets on the apron, Roberts quickly grabs the head of Hercules and takes him down bouncing his throat of the rope. Hercules falls to the floor. Jake starts clapping, getting the crowd behind him as Hercules rolls back in, Rights and lefts from The Snake, he has Hercules staggered, Roberts runs off the ropes and Clotheslines the big man who falls back into the ropes getting his wrists tangled up, Jake tightens his fist and starts hitting Hercules until the referee pulls him away. Roberts calls for the DDT. He grabs Hercules and locks the head, Herules fights out and quickly locks in the Full Nelson, he swings Roberts about like a rag doll causing the Referee to ring the bell
Winner by Submission: Hercules

Officials run in and check on Jake Roberts as Hercules taunts the fans as he walks up the aisle way.


Mean Gene
"Wow! Hercules showing true power there and right now joining me here is Bobby Heenan and his Tag Team, Bob Orton and Rick Rude, Serious and The Furious, Gentlemen?"

Bobby Heenan
"Hey Genie, its Serious N Furious! Theres an N in there somewhere"

Rick Rude
"That name sucks Bobby, why not "Sexy....& Furious", of course we all know who the Sexy one is"

Mean Gene
"Tonight you two step into the ring with Tatanka and Haku in a #1 Contenders Match for a shot at the Tag Team Championships!"

Bobby Heenan
"Why do you always do that?"

Mean Gene

Bobby Heenan
"State the obvious"

Mean Gene
"I'm conducting an Interview..."

Bobby Heenan
"Come on Boys, lets leave Genie to what ever it is he does!"


Match #4
#1 Contenders Match for the WWF Tag Team Championship
Serious 'N' Furious (w/Bobby Heenan) vs. Haku and Tatanka

A video appears in the corner of the screen showing Tatanka and Haku smoking a Peace Pipe. The Two Superstars make there way to the ring to a nice reaction.

Bobby Heenan appears and the crowd goes wild with Boo's, Rick Rude and Bob Orton appear behind him as they make their way to the ring also. Bobby Heenan takes the microphone from Finkel

Bobby Heenan
"I suppose you are all waiting in anticipation for your new King...Mr.Perfect?"

Crowd Boo loudly

Bobby Heenan
"We'll before that, My boys here are going to destroy you two drug addicts and stick that Peace Pipe where the sun don't shine"

Vince McMahon
"Oh my Goodness! We apologise on behalf of Mr.Heenan everybody"

The Bell rings as Bob Orton is starting out with Tatanka. They lock up with Orton shifting Tatanka into a headlock, Tank shoves Orton off teh ropes and connects with a shoulder tackle. He picks up Orton, big Screech Indian style from Tank as he swings Orton and hits a beautiful standing dropkick. Tank tags in Haku who quickly uses his head bashing it off of Orton. Big Bodyslam on Orton, Cover..1..2! Kick out. Haku picks up Orton, Orton though thumbs Haku in the eye and tags in Rude who poses on the apron before entering the ring. He hits a few rights on Haku backing him into the corner. Rude steps up to the second rope and starts the 10 count punches, Haku quickly tosses him off at the 7th punch, Bobby Heenan though grabs the foot of Haku tripping him, Tatanka takes off after Heenan only to be Clotheslined by Orton on the floor. The Referee orders Orton back up onto the apron as Tank crawls back to his.

Rude continues the assault, tags in Orton and the Two hit a nice double Suplex. Orton with an elbow drop, picks up Haku and hits a neckbreaker. Cover...1...2! Kick out. Orton taunts Tatanka who tries to enter, the Referee holds him back, Rude comes in illegally and the two stomp at Haku. Orton exits the ring as Rude stands over Haku and does the Ravishing taunt, Suddenly Haku lifts his head and headbutts Rude in his region. Haku starts crawling to Tatanka who is awaiting the tag. Tag made, in comes Tatanka, he goes straight for Orton and knocks him off the apron, Bodyslam to Rude, Orton runs in, bodyslam to Orton, Tatanka climbs up to the rope and hits his signature diving crossbody taking out both Orton and Rude. Cover on Rude...1...2! Heenan puts Rudes foot on the rope, the referee not aware of this counts the 3! The Bell rings
Winners: Tatanka & Haku

Bobby Heenan shouts at the referee who notices the boot on the rope.

Vince McMahon
"If the Referee buys this then there is certainly a problem with the Officials here in the WWF!"

The Ref orders the Match to Restart as Heenan walks away with a smirk on his face.

Match Continues....

Haku charges at Orton with his head only for Orton to duck and lower the top rope sending Haku crashing to the floor. Tatanka is arguing with the referee over the decision when Rude rolls him up and grabs the tights...1...2...3!...and just like that, its over!
Winners: Serious 'N' Furious

"I Can't believe what just transpired right here! This is not right Jesse, Tatanka and Haku had this Match won!"

"Give it a rest McMahon! Rude had his leg on the rope, Fair is Fair!"

"We'll the Referees call is final but its a Damn shame that Tatanka and Haku have also along with Randy Savage suffered the Heenan family!"


Its all a big game really