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Originally Posted by Squirrelbaby View Post
I say Christian in Benoit out... The guy is a disgrace... I know he was a great wrestler but being a suicidal homicidal roid raging maniac is a disgrace to my country and the world!!! GET OFF OF MY COUNTRYS TEAM NOW!!!

For this round I go Tag Team... E &C
KOTM- Jericho
Ultimate X- Storm
Elevation X - Christian

Battle Royal - Bret... hey he's a former rumble winner... why not?
christian cant be in two things for your thing to work bret hart would either be in the tag team or in the elevation x also that comment about benoit is very rude he was a great wrestler and he deserves to be on the team

i agrre with checkmate bret would need to be in either tag team or kotm because he would be more likely to get a medal in them

so i would say

tag team- e&c
kotm- bret hart
ultimate x- benoit
elevation x- jericho

credit to Theo Hitman Mays your the best there is the best there was and the best there ever will be