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scomvp316 is looking to come up from OCW...scomvp316 is looking to come up from OCW...

What a shock that VKM theses days shows no patience to a concept other than his and Stephanie's. WWE has been going through this trickle down affect of losing money in key areas. If you take a look at their bottom line numbers not counting sponsor money this company is in finaancial woe. Whats keeping this company afloat is the millions of dollars they get from select sponsors. Going PG was smart form a bottom line sense for a few years but for longevity this company has no identity or direction. The more Santion's they create the more fans by the thousands they will lose per quarter. Not saying go back to TV-14 cause WWE was over the top compared to WCW. SD and RAW must have better matches and stop with the quick segments and not giving certain talent to show their skills. Clearly this VKM is no where close to what he use to be because of the corporate leaches. A small percentage is this company believe they will be more succesful with entertainment than with wrestling. Attitude era was about wrestling and the way WWE is now is no better than when they were in the New Generation phase. FCW should of been a national show to replace NXT and have two airing a week. The first before Raw and the second after SD. The key to WWE turning it around is HHH. If he continues to just say yes to everything this company with sponsor money within a few years will barely make $400 mill!