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SmattyG is looking to come up from OCW...SmattyG is looking to come up from OCW...SmattyG is looking to come up from OCW...SmattyG is looking to come up from OCW...

OK it's been six months since I posted my ASW results here. Two kids under two and a new job will do that. But I want to talk about how we book.

Following on from my SUPERCARD, I went on to have Antonio Cesaro win the World Title; Rollins & Reigns eventually win the tags, and kept Jericho and Ambrose with the Legends and European. I worked the IC onto Cody - still not sure why ha ha.

My question, as I still book every week, and tomorrow have my THUNDER ROAD PPV is this. Do we book to our own drum, or do we book as dictated by WWE TNA ROH etc.? I feel like I should drop the World Title from Cesaro just because he isn't getting over in WWE(I have him booked against Kane) but part of me wants to wait to see if WWE finally recognise his talents and give him MITB.

Same with Roman Reigns - I didn't rate him at all, but I had to move my Tag Titles from The Real Americans (Swagger & Bateman) and Reigns & Rollins were obvious. Did I really? Could I still book Bateman? **Spoiler alert** I'm having Shield drop the titles tomorrow coz I book them as faces and think they are better chasing. I plan to book them to win them back at my UNLEASHED PPV in August, but who knows how Vince will book by then.

So my question for all you bookers you book to your own drum; do you book trying to anticipate what WWE TNA ROH is doing; or do you book reactively as face/heel changes weekly?

I'm really interested to find out.