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Macho Mans Beard is looking to come up from OCW...Macho Mans Beard is looking to come up from OCW...

From a business standpoint, I wouldn't go dark. It loses business revenue and also hurts TV viewership. Now granted that Impact viewership is very low, it would hurt in the long run with other TV ventures.

If I was running the company, here's what I would do. I would sell library to Vince/WWE. Do a possible Merger/Share to ROH and build up product with both brands as one. A merger of these 2 companies will have a far greater effect on both products and can have MAJOR impact as far as a major TV offer. Maybe possibly going back to Spike or a major network that people actually watch.

By getting a major network back on board with a Impact/ROH merger they would still be #2 behind WWE. But they can still have that Independent tag that they still want to keep. ROH understands they are not going to be WWE which is why they stay successful and they (In my opinion) have the better matches.

Where this merger could benefit is the signing of pissed off WWE talent. Daniel Bryan, CM Punk and others could thrive and bring Impact/ROH to compete with WWE. Plus with the NJPW/ROH sharing of Wrestlers this has unlimited possibilities. It would have the WCW aspect of signing WWE Superstars but not to huge contracts that keep the company from making money. Plus the draw numbers from bringing in people like Bryan or Punk would bring that company to be competitive with WWE. Which, in turn, could bring about a new war. And that is good for everyone, including WWE.
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