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Yeah, agree with other posters above, too much wrestling, the only show I watch somewhat consisently for the whole show now is smackdown. They need the cruiserweights to fill the time on Raw because otherwise we'll keep getting longer matches that mean nothing which doesn't help anybody and more primo and epico.

I was pretty excited for the cruiserweights coming to raw but they've not been put in a position to be entertaining,
- they get put in these meaningless tag matches with one barely existent storyline over the title
- they haven't been able to bring in the two top guys from the tournament imo, tozawa and ibushi
- the main highlighted guy is TJ perkins who in my opinion is good not great and looks like a 10 year old trying to be cool in his entrance but isnt. He's outshined clearly by alexander, swann and kendrick.
- also, the thing that annoys me is why arent guys who are doing absolutely nothing like Neville and Zayn (dont know if small enough) interested in the division and being champion. If they wanted to make the title mean something why wouldn't it be prized for these guys too.
The way its going, until they provide a reason for interest for watching, the divisions going to go the same way as in the past through no fault of the talent.