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GCB is looking to come up from OCW...GCB is looking to come up from OCW...GCB is looking to come up from OCW...GCB is looking to come up from OCW...GCB is looking to come up from OCW...GCB is looking to come up from OCW...

********** COMMERCIAL **********

Smackdown returns with Luke Gallows stood in the ring with his music playing. The former Straight Edge Society member is holding a microphone as he waits to speak.

Last week, Dolph Ziggler issued an open challenge to anybody in the Smackdown locker room to beat him and earn a shot at the Intercontinental Title. I was the only one who would respond ... I had him beat before ... before CM Punk decided to interfere in my business again.

The crowd boo at the sound of Punk’s name ...

CM Punk! You listen to me. I have spent the last year following your orders, carrying out your duties and believing in what you told me. You told me that I could be better and I listened. But you didn’t really believe that. You just wanted a protection plan, an insurance policy and that was my role in your precious SES. I have finally realised that the only way I will get anywhere in the WWE is through my own hard work.

The sounds of ‘Perfection’ indicate the arrival of Vickie Guerrero and the Intercontinental Champion, Dolph Ziggler, who is laughing to himself as he makes his way down the aisle with the title around his waist and his girlfriend, Vickie, smiling as she hangs on his arm.

Are you serious, Gallows? You honestly think that you deserve a chance at the Intercontinental Title? You honestly believe that you might have won without the arrival of CM Punk?

Why don’t you get in this ring and we can discuss it properly?

I am the Intercontinental Champion, you are a nobody. I don’t need to get into any ring with you. You’re a downbeat, clapped out wrestler who is heading straight for a future endeavour ... Tell him Vickie!

Excuse me? Excuse me? ... EXCUSE ME?! Luke Gallows, you are lucky that I haven’t already fired you for having the nerve to suggest that you could face my boyfriend last week. When he issued an open challenge, it was for those deemed worthy of challenging. Not the likes of you.

A smiling CM Punk also comes out carrying a microphone and makes his way down the aisle to the ring. He shakes hands with Dolph and Vickie as he reaches the ring and all three make their way into the ring to confront Luke Gallows.

Luke, Luke, Luke ... Why are you still here in the WWE? After I kicked you out of the SES, I’d have thought you’d have returned to your corn-fed life, drinking alcohol, taking prescription drugs and maybe having a reunion with your old friend, Jesse ... Face it, you were nothing without me, I rescued you and how did you pay me back? You failed. You showed weaknesses every week. You, Mercury, the bald headed chick ... you failed me. I realised that CM Punk is better on his own.

If that was the case Punk, why did you feel the need to interfere in my match with Dolph last week? Are you threatened by me?

Are you serious? You must be drunk or something, I am the former World Champion and I am not threatened by a failure, a loser, a no mark like you. I attacked you last week as a punishment for all of those things. I was reminding you of the fact that you have never done anything without my help ... Get out of my ring, Luke Gallows, you do not deserve to be anywhere near me.

Ziggler claps and supports Punk as Gallows looks down at his feet ...

Get out of my ring, Gallows ... now!

Again, Gallows remains stationary, refusing to budge or look at CM Punk. Punk signals to Ziggler and the pair of them begin to advance towards the fallen SES member. As they are about to try and move Gallows out of the ring, more music hits ...

Out strides the Big Show looking determined and intent rather than his usual jovial sense, he quickly heads to the ring as Ziggler and Punk move out quickly ... He looks at Luke Gallows who meets the look with a nod of his head ...

You know what I think, CM Punk? Over recent months, I have had many a problem with the Straight Edge Society ... I’ve had many an altercation with this man, Luke Gallows. I don’t agree with some of the things he did but the fact is that out of your group, Luke Gallows was the man who broke my hand, Luke Gallows was the man who did most damage to me. He was the man who was the best wrestler in the SES.

He offers his hand out to Luke Gallows who grasps it and the two shake hands to bury the hatchet. Big Show turns back to Punk and Ziggler who are in the aisle.

Now why don’t you two (Show uses air quotes here) champions get into the ring and face us like men?

Vickie Guerrero begins to shepherd Dolph Ziggler away and CM Punk also retreats shaking his head at Big Show with a grin on his face. Just as they reach the stage, more music sounds out ...

Teddy Long comes out and acknowledges the cheers of the crowd. He ignores Vickie Guerrero’s shrieks at him and stands to the side with his microphone ready.

Do you know what I think? I think that’s a great idea, Show. After the break, it will be Big Show and Luke Gallows against Dolph Ziggler ... and CM Punk! Holla!

********** COMMERCIAL **********

Big Show and Luke Gallows vs. CM Punk and Dolph Ziggler
Gallows and Ziggler begin the match with Ziggler taking a bit of a beating from the pumped up former member of the SES, Gallows. Ziggler looks for the tag several times but Punk refuses allowing Gallows to retain control of the match. Ziggler manages to get in control with a sleeper hold that doesn’t win the match but does slow down Luke Gallows and now CM Punk accepts the tag. He goes to work on Gallows with a powerslam followed by a series of well placed kicks. A taunt to Big Show leaves the referee struggling to contain the World’s Largest Athlete and allows Ziggler to put the boot to Gallows on the outside before rolling him back into CM Punk. Punk lifts Gallows up for the Go To Sleep but Gallows aims an elbow at Punk’s head and manages to escape and get the tag to the Big Show.

Show comes in and ploughs into Punk and then Ziggler as he takes charge. He pulls back his fist at one point and scares the life out of Punk who drops to his knees without being touched in order to escape. Vickie consoles both her man and Punk on the outside before Punk re-enters the ring and manages to take down the big man with the Shining Wizard kick. With Show down on one knee, Punk looks for the Anaconda Vice and he manages to get a version of it on the Big Show looking to make him tap out. Show simply powers out though and makes the tag to Gallows who finally gets his hands on CM Punk. Stiff kicks to the mid-section of Punk allow Gallows to take control and he sets up a running knee to the face of Punk in the corner. With Gallows firing up, the crowd rally behind him until a poke in the eye from Ziggler slows him down. Vickie distracts the Big Show with a slap to the face and Big Show’s attention is drawn away to her in the aisle ... this allows Punk time to lift Gallows into the Go To Sleep which he hits. 1 ... 2 ... 3!

WINNER (8:43): CM Punk pins Luke Gallows


Here are your winners ... CM PUNK and DOLPH ZIGGLER!

[i]Big Show rolls back into the ring as Punk rolls out with a wicked smile on his face. Dolph embraces Punk outside with Vickie and the three make their way out of the arena as Gallows slowly gets to his feet in the ring. Show stands staring at him as he gets to his feet and the tension builds ... what is Big Show going to do? Gallows looks at him fearfully for a moment ... then the Big Show shakes his hand and pats him on the shoulder before leaving the ring.[/b]

A great match there, Matt, will Luke Gallows get a shot at the Intercontinental Title of Ziggler any time soon?

He deserves one, Todd, there’s no doubt about that. Can Luke Gallows live up to the expectations of the WWE Universe without CM Punk? We’ll have to find out.

The camera goes backstage and shows Kane stood in a small room, full of eerie red light, laughing maniacally ...

Where are you, Undertaker? Are you scared?

Kane continues to laugh as the camera leaves him and transfers to a split screen shot of Kofi Kingston and Jack Swagger preparing for their upcoming match.

Next up, our main event. Which man will get the win and earn himself a title shot from Teddy Long before the end of 2010? Jack Swagger or Kofi Kingston? We’ll find out here, next!

********** COMMERCIAL **********

Smackdown returns with an advert for the upcoming No Mercy PPV ...

Will it be revenge for Christian as he looks to avenge the attacks on himself, Kaval and Rey Mysterio by the Mexican superstar, Alberto Del Rio? Or will Del Rio manage to win in his first PPV appearance and send his stock soaring?

Finally, we get to see John Cena and Wade Barrett one on one. The winner will face Randy Orton or Sheamus, whoever the champion is, at Cyber Sunday. Can Cena end the relentless attacks from Nexus by winning the title shot on Sunday?

The RAW main event sees Sheamus challenge Randy Orton for the WWE Title in a Street Fight. Sheamus earned the right to choose the match type on RAW this week and it remains to be seen if he can take advantage to win the title.

Nobody has seen the Undertaker since Night of Champions. He has the chance to earn the WWE Title back when he faces his nemesis, the Devil’s Favourite Demon, Kane in a Casket Match this Sunday!

And speaking of the World Title ... it’s time to find out who will get a guaranteed shot before the end of the year!

This match is set for one fall with the winner guaranteed a shot at the World Heavyweight Title before the end of 2010! Introducing first, from Perry, Oklahoma, he is the All American American ... JACK SWAGGER!

The cocky jock comes out ready for action with a firework display as he poses in the aisle. The Swagger Soaring Eagle is following him close to the ring as he looks ready to earn the guaranteed title match ...

And his opponent, from Ghana, West Africa, weighing 221 pounds ... KOFI KINGSTON!

Kofi bounds to the ring, high-fiving the kids in the aisle and hitting the ring running before heading to the corner to signal the Boom, Boom, Boom! The crowd cheer for Kofi but Swagger scowls from across the ring with no appreciation for the African superstar.

Kofi Kingston vs. Jack Swagger
The match starts at a fast pace as Kingston tries to get out of the blocks quickly whilst Swagger tries, and fails, to drag Kofi down to the mat. The match begins to get serious when Kingston flies off the top rope, flyinh high, to hit a cross body to Swagger that gets him a pinfall ... 1 ... 2 ... Swagger kicks out looking annoyed. Kingston begins to hit axe handles to the chest of Swagger, punishing the All American, before hitting a clothesline and a drop kick to send Swagger crashing to the mat. Swagger swats Kofi away as he attempts to kick him again moments later and forces Kofi into the ropes. Kofi goes for Trouble in Paradise but Swagger ducks and avoids before pouncing on the ankle of Kofi. With the WWE Universe expecting the ankle lock attempt, Swagger looks to weaken it as he delivers an elbow drop right onto the lower leg and ankle area before stomping on it over and over despite Kofi’s attempts to cover up. Kofi gets gingerly to his feet but is immediately chop-blocked by Swagger as he softens the ankle more causing Kofi Kingston to limp as he takes control.

Finally, Swagger goes for the Ankle Lock for the first time and locks it in but Kingston is too close to the ropes and the ref calls for a break. Swagger keeps the ankle lock on until the last second to further punish Kofi. Kingston rolls out of the ring and Swagger follows him, smashing him into the announce table spine first ... He then whips Kingston into the steel steps and Kofi collapses in a crumpled heap. Swagger stalks Kingston and lifts him up to drop him down on his weakened ankle on the ring steps. With Kofi clutching his ankle, Swagger rolls back into the ring and allows the referee to start counting out Kingston.

1 ... 2 ... 3 ... 4 ... 5 ... 6 ... 7 ... 8 ... 9 ... With Swagger looking confident, Kofi manages one last push to get under the rope and into the ring. Swagger looks angry and goes to deliver punishment with kicks to the injured ankle. Swagger goes for a low dropkick to the ankle next but Kingston manages to move out of the way and Swagger is down for a moment. As he gets to his feet, Kofi comes off the ropes and hits a Lou Thesz press before delivering his version of fists of fury before rolling off and clutching his ankle again. Both men slowly get to their feet but Swagger is in the corner and Kingston manages to leap up onto his shoulders in the corner and hits him several times ... however, Swagger regains his composure and turns it into a Powerbomb that sees Kingston sprawled on the mat beaten ... 1 ... 2 ... No! Somehow, Kofi kicks out to the dismay of Swagger! Swagger gets to his feet in fury and begins stomping on Kingston’s ankle again with the referee trying to restrain him due to the injury that Kofi has picked up. Swagger finally drops to his knees and locks in the Ankle Lock on Kofi in the centre of the ring ... Kofi tries to twist and kick his way out but Swagger tightens his grip and threatens to break Kingston’s ankle. Kofi refuses to submit and writhes on the mat in pain ... Kofi slowly edges across the ring, can he reach the ropes or will he have to tap out first? A stretch, not yet, Swagger desperately tries to hold Kofi by grapevining the legs and Kofi’s pain doubles as he stretches one more time ... still millimetres away and Kofi looks set to tap out now. One last attempt from Kofi as the referee asks him if he gives up, Kofi stretches and ... reaches the ropes! The referee breaks the hold and Kofi is laid in the corner clutching his ankle as a furious Swagger remonstrates with the official.

Swagger looks frustrated but charges over the ring, jumping over Kofi and onto the middle rope before crashing down on Kingston. He goes for the pinfall ... 1 ... 2 ... No! What does Swagger need to do? He goes for the corner splash again but this time Kofi gets his feet up and kicks Swagger under the jaw to deny him. Both men are on the mat and in trouble now! Swagger gets to his feet groggily but suddenly Kingston spins round and hits the Trouble in Paradise for the pin. 1 ... 2 ... Kick out from Swagger! Kofi staggers to his feet in the corner and looks bewildered now as a KOFI! chant begins to echo through the arena. Kofi signals his Boom, Boom, Boom! taunt and prepares for one more Trouble in Paradise. He winds up in the corner waiting for Swagger to get to his feet. Up he get, Kofi spins ... and hits it again, sending Swagger crashing down to the mat. 1 ... 2 ... 3! Kofi Kingston wins and will challenge for the World Title before 2010 ends!

WINNER (14:12): Kofi Kingston pins Jack Swagger


Here is your winner ... KOFI KINGSTON!

What an effort from both these young stars, Todd, but it will be Kofi Kingston who will receive a title match in the coming weeks and months. A five star match though, the future of Smackdown is burning bright!

It sure is, Matt! Kofi Kingston will be given a title match by Teddy Long in the next few months before 2010 ends, what a chance for Kingston!

Swagger staggers out of the ring and up the aisle as Kofi, wounded and dazed, kneels in the ring clutching his ankle when all of a sudden, the lights flicker a few times before blackness ensues ... The crowd go wild as they anticipate the arrival of the Undertaker! The lights remain out for ten seconds and then ... a massive explosion of red light thunders round the arena and Kane is in the ring behind Kofi Kingston as Jack Swagger watches on before leaving him to it ...

Kane clutches Kofi Kingston by the throat and raises him high for the chokeslam ... Kofi is helpless and can do nothing to prevent it as he crashes down onto the mat. Kane then picks him up again and sets up for a tombstone ... smiling and laughing, he drops Kofi on his head and then stands over him laughing some more. He raises his arms and signals another explosion as the crowd boo. Kane takes a microphone ...

Where are you, Big Brother? Where are you?

Kane laughs again as Smackdown fades away to the sound of Kane’s music through the arena.