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I understand your point of view Dias. I just look at "Sports Entertainment" with the same outlook I look at sports:

Back in the 60s & 70s, wrestlers had to perform late in their careers or with injuries because they didn't have their money manage right or they weren't paid great. Nowadays, guys don't have that problem, so they're able to leave with their bodies intact to enjoy life post-wrestling, IE: HBK.

When I look at Show & Kane, I see two massive specimen who have kept themselves in well enough condition to keep some kind of relevancy for the next 5 years. But I also see two men who have been on the road full time for the better part of 15 years, two men who have marketibility outside of wrestling, and men who already have established side gigs(Kane with politics, Show with acting).

When I see a guy like Shaq playing ball colse to 40, I think its because of his search for glory. Sitting on top one more time will help build his legacy. When a wrestler has wrestled for almost 2 decades, on the road constantly, & experienced the highest of highs, whats the point? 1st thing you think is paycheck, which is understandable. 2nd is probably crowd reaction, but either man could go away, come back, & get that pop. Like I said in OP, both men seemed to have rounded out their career in the past few months. I could see Kane with his mask as the "Retirement Tour", he's leaving the same way he came. Show has every moniker under his belt except King of the Ring. Just seems like a perfect Swan Song for both men.
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