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Default Last WM for Kane & Show?

1st time poster: trying to have some fun.

We've all seen & have been a part of the speculation of Undertaker/HHH leaving sometime soon, and with the display they put on at Wrestlemania, it would be a nice way to bow out the company.

But what I haven't seen much talk about this possibly being the last Wrestlemania for Big Show & Kane: too men that can fill up the main event spot while using their name to continually build the mid card talent.

I thought about this originally during this year's Royal Rumble. Towards the end of the match, when Cody & Miz were eliminated together by Big Show, I wondered aloud why they would make him look so strong when you knew he wasn't going to win. Next thing you know, Michael Cole makes a statement about those eliminations being the 24 & 25 eliminations of his career. Then I thought, "That would be a nice, strong number to end your career with". Then he wins the IC belt at WM, rounding him out to win all the active championships the WWE has. Another strong fact to end your career with.

No one expected to see Randy Orton lose to Kane at Wrestlemania. It could've been the perfect spot to propel Orton on his way back up. But this fued allows Kane to be the monster they want us to perceive him to be, and a Chokeslam off the ropes solidifies it. If that's your last Wrestlemania, you're a happy man.

So do you think Wrestlemania 28 is the Final WM for Big Show & Kane? If not, what fued/wrestler could you see that could bring these guys up to the level of relevancy that Orton/Rhodes provide? Because honestly, if you took any other upper mid/midcard wrestler besides those two in the match instead of Randy/Cody this year, it probably wouldn't be interesting.
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