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Originally Posted by Dave View Post
I still think Family Guy is good. I still watch it religiously. I watch The Simpsons most weeks too. The time was right because there was some movement between the shows with regards to staff, that there hadn't been up until that point. In the end, Groening trusted the staff who had left The Simpsons to handle it properly because it was a Family Guy venture. It was pretty much the only time it could happen. It was still a good episode but it could have been 10x better.
Family Guy even agreed to job by having their own go-to-guy protagonist (Peter Griffin) congratulate and thank Homer Simpson for helping him find his red car (which was driven by Hans Moleman), only for Homer to expose Peter's Pawtucket Patriot Ale beer bottles as a rip-off of Duff Beer. Moe even joined in on exposing Peter's supposed beer fraud just by peeling off the Pawtucket Patriot Ale logo, revealing that the Pawtucket logo was slapped on over the Duff Beer logo.

That's what led Homer to sue Pawtucket Patriot Ale (which was Quahog's biggest money making draw, business-wise) as evidenced when Homer and Duff were represented by the Blue-Haired Lawyer, while Peter, Lois and Pawtucket Patriot Ale were supposed to be represented by the Kool-Aid man, only for the Kool-Aid dude to hit the wrong Springfield courthouse courtroom. Big surprise was when Fred Flintstone of The Flinstones appears as the court judge who awarded the lawsuit victory to Duff Beer, but not before deeming both Duff and Pawtucket rip-offs of Fred Flinstone's favorite beer Bud Rock.

After Homer seemingly felt sorry for costing Peter his job, Peter got all angry and fired up to the point of thinking about taking it out on Homer. Hence the Peter/Chicken-esque fight only with Homer involved, taking the fight to all over Springfield, ranging from the Simpsons House, inside Otto's school bus, Nuclear Power Plant, Krustylu Studios, Alien Spaceship (w/cameo from Roger of American Dad) all the way to the Springfield Gorge. Peter wins the fight, but both Peter and Homer settle their differences. Thus we never see a Simpsons invasion at Quahog.
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