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Originally Posted by A11oftheLights View Post
EC3 winning is stupid, The TNA championship match is stupid as it literally involves nobody from NXT. Other than that its pretty good except that the commentators stand and applaud everything by the sounds of it
I disagree on the EC3 winning point, I think he if he took the momentum he has in TNA and could carry it over to NXT then he would easily be at a level to win that championship. Plus it was done in a dastardly way that leads to a lot of storyline possibilities.

My justification for the main event is two-fold. One, all of the workers were TNA champions in the past so the crossover with half of them being in WWE now would be big, and, two, Christian/Rob Van Dam were top guys in the 'new' ECW which was the precursor to NXT in many ways. Also I have Triple H state right off the bat that he'll be including some 'surprises' and the fact that they are both 'WWE' guys as opposed to 'NXT' guys makes it an even bigger deal imo.

As for the applauding, there were only three matches where that happened and each of which could easily be good enough to deserve it. Zayn/Aries, Joe/Devitt, and Ambrose/Angle would be amazing. Regal and Taz are both super into the actual competition of wrestling so that wouldn't be out of character at all, especially since the NXT crowd would likely be doing the same.

Thanks for the feedback!

Originally Posted by zigglerlover2002 View Post
Hey, This is my review

Overall this was an awesome show

Best part: The Main Event

Worst: Opening Segment

I hated the opening segment as well they shouldnt have referenced Derrick Bateman and how their company is but very good jokes though hope you get back to me!!
I agree that the Bateman joke hurts but I figured Triple H is all about trying to bury people so I wouldn't put it past him. Appreciate the positive remarks, as I was coming up with the idea I realized this was something I would really want to see so wanted to share it with others!