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The original point of this thread is totally ridiculous. There's a HUGE difference between collecting historical memorabilia and posting nazi shit online. I can hardly believe this is even a discussion. Lemmy was a war collector in general not just a nazi collector. He also had lots of American civil war stuff too. I've read his book and he never said anything about endorsing naziism. I've never seen an interview where's he's said anything like that, never read it in any of his lyrics. Nothing. Zahara is a retard. Honestly she should have been fired for just being dumb enough to post that shit. I'm sure if they hadn't fired her for that they eventually would have for some other bone head move cause she's obviously an idiot if she thought doing that while employed by wwe was a smart thing to do. As far as Lemmy being in the HOF I think it would be really cool but I understand why some people would think he didn't do enough to deserve it. I think in the celebrity wing they've lowerd the standard so much at this point that he he deserves a spot. He did more than Arnold ever did. Or the Refrigerator. Or Drew Carrey. Now wether they deserve to be there is another discussion altogether but I think if they do Lemmy does too.