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I can think of better ways of spending a Friday night, but I am good girl. So, here is a tutorial on how to start a sig with two techniques.

Just a warning, I do love making tutorials, so this might be a wittle on the long side. Links are italicized and program hints are underlined!

By the end of this tutorial, you should be able to create something as pretty.. Or even nicer.

First step is to obviously open GIMP or download it if you don't have it (

For first time users, here are some hints to keep it from being annoying to a degree:
- I would recommend these View settings
- When pasting a new image to the project, it is Shift+Ctrl+V or this
- Don't forget to maximize the window
- Finally, if does start to piss you off, save what you are doing and close the program. Stress is bad for you

Now, go to File > New.. or press Ctrl+N. This will open up a new window that asks for the dimensions of the project. For those who didn't catch it, rules state that 500 x 300 or 400 x 400 is the maximum sig size. Consult someone more powerful around here if you need more help on that. (lol) I personally like the size of 400 x 200, but each has their own.

Once the file is open, go ahead and delete the white layer by right clicking on it. Once you see something like this, you are ready to start. Again, everyone has their own way of starting a project.. That was mostly for more inexperienced people.

The most common look is having a main focus with a background. So, that is the style I am going for. However, I am gonna go a step further and show you folks how to blend. I love blending, it makes an insta-background without having to really do much.

Next find a subject. I am currently listening to some Britney Spears, so she will be my subject for this one.

For now, just go with three pictures: One main and two background. Here are the ones I will be using:

Main Picture

Background 1

Background 2

When picking your main picture, here are 'rules' I go by:
- Don't use a picture that has any limbs besides legs if standing (i,e. missing elbow) or hair cut off
- Don't use a picture that is hard to pull from the background
- Don't use a headshot (I am weird, remember?)
- In other words, think of the main pic as a magazine cover.

Paste your main picture as a new layer (check the hints at the start of the post).

Click for Spoiler:

Just a few things to go over. Your picture should've been pasted to the left of the project; The Layer Palette box (the box on the far right) should've changed to match what the project looks like' Finally, the the bumble bee line is to show how big the picture is.

I move the main picture to the middle. For those who aren't aware, the center of something is usually the first thing people notice when they are looking at it. Having the main picture in the middle will cause it to stand out more by default.

As you can see, my main picture is a little too big for that size.

So, I am going to resize it. The fastest way is to simply press Shift+T. This will cause the tool box to look like this. Click on the "Keep aspect" box near the bottom to keep your image from being distorted. Now, click and drag one of the corner boxes to resize the picture.

You might of notice that the image might need some moving around to make sure you are resizing it right. To do this without resizing, click on the circle in the middle to move around the image. Continue to resize until you like what you see.

Click on scale when you are happy with what you got going. Here is mine so far:

Now, remove the background from the image. If you are a litle intimadted by this, you can always use a .png someone else has made. There is a link to the a couple of sites in this thread. Guess I should've mentioned that at the beginning.

I would encourage people cutting their own images. Once you are confident in cutting, you really get the nerve to use any picture, really. Well, I will just assume you snagged a .png. If you would like more info on how to cut, feel free to drop me a PM.

There is what I have so far. Now to make a background using a blend of the other two pictures. First paste the two pictures as new layers.

Now, we need to move the two images to the background so the main picture is front and center. There are two ways to rearrange the layers here. The first way is to click and drag the highlighted layer to the bottom. The less confusing way if you don't know the heck I am talking about is following this. Move both layers to the back so that the main pic is showing.

Now, move the two background pictures so they look sorta like a background. If the background image is around the same size as the main pic was originally, you probably don't need to resize them. But if you do.. Just follow the steps for the main pic.

Now if you look closer, you will notice that there is a weird part on the right side of the main pic. This is where blending comes to play. Find the layer that the weird part is on. For me, it is the layer with face on it (the left side).

Now press Shift + E or find the Eraser Tool in the tool box. It is the one that looks like a pink eraser. These are the brush settings I am using, but feel free to play around. For blending, bigger brushes tend to work better.

Now, find the bumble bee line of the layer and click to erase all the way to the bottom. If you look close enough, you will see that weird spot is gone!

Now, if you are curious about it, you can just get rid of the main pic like so:

And just have a pretty blend.

I will try to get around to making a tutorial for some more interesting stuff tomorrow.

Bella Twins for Champ movement is in full effect!

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