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GCB is looking to come up from OCW...GCB is looking to come up from OCW...GCB is looking to come up from OCW...GCB is looking to come up from OCW...GCB is looking to come up from OCW...GCB is looking to come up from OCW...


Percy Watson and Husky Harris beat MVP and Kaval (Pin – 8:14)

The two newcomers – Watson and Harris – pick up a debut win and a measure of revenge over Kaval who won NXT Season 2. Husky Harris gets the decisive pinfall after he drops all his weight down onto MVP before getting the 3-count.

Alicia Fox beats Eve Torres (Pin – 6:21)
In this Divas match, Alicia Fox gets back on track with a pinfall victory over Eve. However, she needs to resort to dirty tactics – a vicious hair pull behind the referees back to smash Eve into the mat – before hitting the scissors kick for the 3-count.

R-Truth beats Zack Ryder (Pin – 3:01)
A convincing win for Truth who spends more time rapping on his way to the ring than he does in beating Ryder. The ‘Lie Detector’ does the damage and allows R-Truth to pick up the pinfall.

Alex Riley beats Santino Marella (Pin – 4:58)
With a little help from The Miz at ringside and his briefcase, Alex Riley begins to build momentum ahead of his US Title match with Daniel Bryan at ‘No Mercy’ with a pinfall victory over Santino.

Jack Swagger defeats Matt Hardy (Submission – 10:12)

In a competitive main event, Swagger inflicts another defeat to Matt Hardy who looks out of shape and out of sorts. Swagger manages to lock in the ‘Ankle Lock’ and Matt Hardy is forced to tap out to the ‘All American American’ superstar. Afterwards, Hardy looks very frustrated and demoralised with efforts.

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There are strong rumours that one of WWE’s missing superstars could be making a big return at the next PPV, ‘No Mercy,’ next week. With Triple H and Rey Mysterio currently sidelined, the smart money is on the return of ‘The Game’ although there has also been a whisper that it could be a certain Jim Ross.

Chris Jericho is thought to be on the verge of a major storyline that will change WWE significantly. Senior WWE officials believe that Jericho has gone a little stale recently and there has been talk about a change for the veteran.

At the recent RAW TV show, the new owner of WWE announced that the RAW GM will be announced shortly. Some are speculating that this could also be at the ‘No Mercy’ PPV and will involve a continuation of Edge’s feud with the GM.

There is also talk of Matt Hardy leaving WWE in the near future. The popular superstar is growing frustrated with his role in the company and is definitely set for time off in the coming weeks to take a break. However, there are suggestions that he may not return to the WWE with TNA – with his brother, Jeff – offering a potential escape route.

Stand by for a batch of WWE wrestlers to be released in the coming weeks and months as WWE’s new management take stock of who is and isn’t wanted. There are said to be as many as twenty superstars with plenty to prove in the coming weeks, the most high profile of these are said to be MVP and R-Truth.