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Default RAW 5/11/12

RAW 5/11/12

***Tonight's The Night***


Michael Cole: Hello and Welcome to Monday Night RAW in Birmingham, England!!! It's going to be exciting this week when we crown the #1 contender for the WWE championship and WWE COO, Triple H will be here!!

Jim Ross: Your right Michael and all week people have been talking about what he will say right here tonight.

Michael Cole: But right now we are underway with our first match, continuing the new superstar program. Last week Kassius Ohno got his chance, but it's time to see who will be trying to impress the board this week.



Zack Ryder makes his way to the ring and makes a TOUT of the sold out crowd in the NEC arena to a huge reaction and he waits for his opponent.

***Flesh It Out***

Lilian Garcia: Please welcome to the ring, Seth Rollins!!

A small section of the crowd goes nuts for Rollins as he walks to the ring

The bell rings and both men go for a lock-up and Rollins is backed into the corner. Ryder backs off but hits a huge clothesline and Rollins falls to the mat. Zack lifts him back to his feet and hits a snap suplex and goes for the pin

1...2...Kick Out

Both men get to their feet and Rollins turns it around with an arm drag and dropkick. He continues the offence with a samoan drop. He stomps Ryder on the ground and hits a standing moonsault. He lifts Zack once more before delivering a snapmare and running dropkick. He lifts Ryder to his feet and goes for an Irish whip but Zack reverses and delivers a flapjack and Rollins lands with a hard thud. He climbs to the top rope and taunts the crowd. He takes to long and Rollins shoves him to the floor. He waits for him to stand up and runs off the ropes and...OH MY GOD! Suicide Dive! Suicide Dive! The crowd is on Rollins' side now as he desperately tries to get back up. He sets Zack up against the announce table and runs for him but Ryder hits the back body drop and Rollins writhes in pain in top of the announce table. Zack drags him back into the ring and sets him in the corner and the crowd knows what's coming next....WOO WOO WOO!...A deadly Broski Boot to the head of Rollins and the effects show. Ryder stalks him as he waits to the Rough Ryder. He runs for it but Seth ducks and reverses it into a HUGE SUPERKICK!!

Jim Ross: Oh My God!! I think Ryder might be knocked out cold!

Rollins goes for the pin but it is broken up by someone who is revealed to be CM Punk! Brock Lesnar is right behind him and the attack both men. Punk gets a microphone.
CM Punk: Why the hell are these two guys out here when this entire show should be centered around the two best wrestlers of all time, CM Punk and Brock Lesnar. Forget Shawn Michaels, The Rock and even "Stone Cold" Steve Austin, nobody can beat us in the WWE, Nobody can beat the ultimate team of The Best In The World and The Beast, Brock Lesnar

He hand the mic to Lesnar

Lesnar: See Hunter, what you don’t understand is that I’m better than you, you’re just a washed-up has-been and when you make your big announcement tonight…you will come to regret it once again when I put you in Hospital.

He drops the mic and both men leave to a chorus of boos as we go to commercial.


When we return we see a recap of last week including the attack on RAW GM Ric Flair

Jim Ross makes the big announcement that Jerry "The King" Lawler will be returning next week on RAW! and hype up the 10-man Battle Royal for the #1 contendership of the WWE championship and the winner will face CM Punk at Survivor Series


Backstage Paul Heyman is seen driving the car he and CM Punk were in a few months ago. He opens the back door and three men climb out of the car but Heyman notices the camera and tells him to back off before we see who got out.


***Cult Of Personality***

WWE Champion, CM Punk makes his way to the announce table with a mixed reaction from the crowd for tonight's Battle Royal

Michael Cole: Hey Punk how youu doing?

Punk: Oh shut up Michael

***My Time Is Now***

John Cena performs his usual entrance but looks all business tonight as we go to commercial


When we come back Cena, Kane, Big Show, Randy Orton, Alberto Del Rio, Dolph Ziggler, Wade Barrett, Kofi Kingston and Daniel Bryan are all in the ring as we wait for the 10th participant...

***Feed Me More***

Ryback enters the arena and the crowd goes mental as the other nine particpants watch on

The bell rings and the match begins as ADR and Wade Barrett team up on Ryback. Kane and Daniel Bryan lose focus of the match and take their anger out on each other until Big Show clotheslines them both out of the ring and they look on in shock. Ziggler and Kofi Kingston fight in the corner and Kingston is almost elimanated but lands on the apron. he fights off ADR and Ziggler then hits a HUGE springboard crossbody onto both men. Cena is trying to elimanate Big show who is on the ropes but Randy Orton pulls him off and starts to brawl with Cena, Ziggler tries to clothesline Ryback over the top rope but Ryback lits him by the throat and chucks him to the floor and the commentators are in shock! He begins to fight Wade Barrett, who dazes him with a hard punch and he runs off the ropes but is met with the "Meat Hook" clothesline. Del Rio tries to break up John Cena And Orton but he is eliminated after Cena AA's him out of the ring and he looks like he might of broken his ankle on the landing. Orton begins his focus on Big Show and gets him on the ropes and both men are eliminated when Ryback delivers a clothesline to Orton and he and Big Show go over the top rope to the floor!! Only four men remain as Kingston, Barrett, Cena and Ryback continue to battle for the opportunity hanging in the balance. Each man is close to eliminating one another for minutes when suddenly The Miz runs to ring and distracts Kingston. Barrett come out of nowhere and throws Kofi over the ropes and he chases Miz to the back. Barrett laughs until he turns round and gets clotheslined out of the ring by Ryback. Cena runs behind him and THROWS RYBACK OUT OF THE RING!! He can't believe it as Ryback is obviously angry at Cena. Both men have a stare down as we go to commercial.

Winner-John Cena

We see a replay of what happened before the break and Josh Matthews catches up with Ryback backstage

Matthews: Ryback, do you have anything to say about what just happened?

Ryback lifts him by the collar and shoves him against the wall. He eventually lets him go and walks away without saying anything


The crowd waits in anticipation for the emergance of Triple H

***The Game***

The roof comes unglued as the COO of WWE, Triple H walks out to the stage and soaks in the reaction. The crowd doesn't quite down for minutes and he is eventually able to talk

Triple H: I know a few months ago I suggested retirement but honestly, I just coudn't stay away from you guys.

Another huge pop

Triple H: And what I came here to talk about was this situation with CM Punk and Brock Lesnar. And I'm just gonna cut to the chase...Lesnar, I want revenge for that broken arm at Summerslam so I tell you what, You and me one last time at Survivor Series in a traditional elimination match!

The audience in attendance and commentaters can't believe it and don't know how to react

Triple H: And I've already got one member for my team...


Jim Ross: Oh My Gawd! Can you believe it Cole?! Randy Orton!

With his usual blank expression, Randy Orton slowly walks to the ring and stands beside Triple H

Triple H: So Brock...What do you say?

***The Next Big Thing***

Hunter and Orton wait for Lesnar but no-one comes out

Suddenly THREE MASKED MEN come from out of nowhere and attack them with steel chairs. CM Punk & Lesnar comes out eventually and watch the beatdown

Michael Cole: What?! What the hell is happening?!

One of the masked men gets a table from under the ring and sets it up.One of the other men lift Triple H and powerbomb him through the table! Orton gets the same treatment when he is DDT'd onto a steel chair and looks unconscious. Punk and Lesnar applaud on the ramp to end the show