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Goldie is looking to come up from OCW...Goldie is looking to come up from OCW...

I first got watching WWE just after WM7- as SKY TV had started covering it in the UK, and there was a wave of wrestling popularity that swept the nation- culminating in Summerslam 92 being held at Wembley Stadium, London.
The UK rampage tour they usually did just after Mania (April 1991) was actually the first show I watched, so needless to say WM7 (which had happened just a couple of weeks earlier) soon followed on VHS.

As a young Kid at the time I was quite scared of Sgt Slaughter and his Iraqi henchmen (General Adnan with an uncanny resemblence to Saddam Hussain, and the Iron Sheik repackaged as Colonel Mustafa)… but justice prevailed and good old Hulk Hogan, the American hero beat Slaughter for the world title.

Being a Brit I naturally rooted for Davey Boy Smith against the Warlord- now Smith had a huge physique – ready to burst out of his own skin! But his opponent the Warlord was even larger! So when Davey escaped the Full Nelson and powerslammed Warlord I did feel a sense of patriotic pride!

Warrior and Savage had a classic loser must retire match- not that it made much sense first time I watched it… but soon enough I had seen all the big PPVs from 1989-90 so the backstory of Savage and Elizabeth reuniting (shots of the audience here showed some people so moved that they were shedding tears) all came together.

Seeing the Mountie zap Tito Santana with his cattle prod and wondering how that heck the referee didn’t see the blatant cheating (Hey it was the kayfabe era)

The WWE characters were all larger than life- ‘why do they all have to shout??’ my dad used to ask when I watching wrestler promos!
I was soon hooked on the product- even when others kids in the playground acknowledged that it was all fake.
I was buying all the wrestling magazines (PWI, Inside Wrestling, the Wrestler) and thirst for knowledge to find out about the other promotions, WCW, USWA… even though the WWE was the only company with easy access to videos.

It all started with Wrestlemania 7 / UK Rampage 1991- 27 years later I’m still watching.
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