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I'm really not happy about an Ant-Man movie, I mean if they're leading up to Civil War or something I suppose you need Hank Pym. But I just don't like him, I don't know why, it might be just because he turned into a whiney douche post-Secret Invasion. Regardless, I just feel they could do more with the options they have...Like Black Bolt. Or maybe Luke Cage.

That being said, I loved the Ultron crossovers, and the semi angsty teenager in me wants a Sentry spin-off just to see him tear Ultrons head off. But Ultron on it's own is a badass villain if only because it can defend itself. I loved Loki, but the fact he couldn't win a fist fight made me question how far they could take him.

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I like the bit where Jim Cornette talks about attitude and professionalism.