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I honestly believe this was the best way for them to make an impactful debut. All three men have been proven to be great workers in the ring and thoroughly deserve this opportunity. Putting Cm Punk in the mix just adds a new dimension to this storyline. Putting these guys in a faction with Cm Punk would really mix things up in the WWE. It would make them somewhat of an Evolution v2.0, and give the three rookies a great beginning to their WWE careers. However after following Dean Ambrose over the past few years, I think that he would work better by himself. A possible storyline for the rookies would be for them to join Punk, and for Punk to hold the WWE title until the Rumble. Then Punk would lose the title to Rock and over the next few weeks the stable consisting of Punk and the rookies would decintigrate. This would lead to both Punk and Ambrose being in the Elimination Chamber match, and Ambrose ultimately turning face as he pins Punk for the 1, 2, 3. As a hardcore wrestling fan, it would be a great sight to see Ambrose up against Punk (with Reigns and Rollins) at Wrestlemania 29.

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