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Originally Posted by ilapierre View Post
The Dragon Saga: Pretty pointless to be addressing me as son when you're 20 and I'm 31. I'm almost old enough to be your father.

WWE isn't some real sport like baseball where there's younger talent that develops for a year or two in developmental and can then pop up in the big leagues and take the world by storm. It takes years in the minor leagues to learn the craft and find a unique way to be entertaining. I disagree with your statement that nobody can judge where this angle is going. The way WWE storylines are, we can't even be sure there is an angle though. We may tune into RAW tonight just to see that Vince decided last minute to drop the angle and any explanation of the interference. Based on over a year's worth of WWE doing stupid shit like that I can judge that these 3 green minor leaguers will likely be chewed up and spit out. I'm 31, I've seen a lot and I don't know how many times I've seen 'run ins' out of nowhere by so-called future stars. From Papa Shango running into the main event of Wrestlemania 8 to cost Hogan his match to Horace Hogan running into the Hogan/Warrior match at Halloween Havoc 1997, no names who run into main event matches to interfere never ever make it. Some veterans, like Kevin Nash, run in and get thrown right into a main event angle and never even end up wrestling a match. Anyway, WWE is stockpiled with entertainers who are greener than green. So they needed some even greener fresh faces to run in last night to occupy Ryback for the time being. Ok, I get that. That makes sense. But you guys are all going apeshit about the new next big thing every five seconds and now it's Dean Ambrose. Last month it was Ryback. He was gonna be the new Goldberg or Lesnar. A year before Punk was suppose to be the new Austin. Miz was gonna be the new Rock. Not quite eh. A lot of you WWE diehards all fought me to death on the Nexus two years ago. They were the new and improved NWO the way the NWO angle should have gone down. I argued the Nexus were nothing more than the Spirit Squad with potential. And look at them and that pathetic storyline now. It was beyond laughable much like this is. I don't really get the point of hooking the green ass nobodies with Heyman and Punk. Punk was already put together with the NXT guys before and he didn't need them or really help them. They weighed him down.

Anyway, regardless if Rollins or Ambrose have the potential to be big stars, their arrival in the main event was essentially to keep Ryback busy till Wrestlemania. They may even recruit some more no names to create a new Nexus just to pad the early victory totals in Ryback's winning streak. So you guys can get all bent out of shape about these guys but they're nowhere near ready to take the WWE by storm.
First of all... an 11 year old father? Is that possible? Anywho, I dont want to act like a know it all or anything. But to call a guy who has traveled the world and been wrestling for the better part of a decade a green ass nobody like seth rollins is a joke. I read all of the promos, i was there the night before, and i watched online the night in 2006 that tyler black made his roh debut with the age of the fall (another run in). now i dont wanna act like im an roh purist, because im not. but the current track record speaks for itself, and generally speaking, when you come from ring of honor thay usually means youre ready for tv within a few months. seth rollins is by no means a "green ass nobody" my friend. the point is, these guys arent trying to practice voodoo in a wrestling ring. and none of their names are cleatus punk, or joel heyman. these three guys are ready to be where they are now. not because they can do a 450 splash. or because theyre 6'4" with a cute english accent. they got brought up because they are three guys who have been ready and waiting. are they all going to be stars? probably not. they will be mid carders, but im willing to bet one of them does. do your homework... dad.
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