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Goldie is looking to come up from OCW...Goldie is looking to come up from OCW...

Coming back at age 50 meant he was the oldest WWE world champion ever as a proper wrestler..... (not counting Vinces ego-maniac trip where he gave himself the title in 1999).

Quite shocking when you think about how WCW was heavily criticised for putting their world title on 40 somethings. In a sense WWE had become similar- whenever the old boys (Rock, Batista, Goldberg) make a brief return then get a major push!

That said it was interesting to see the unstoppable Brock suffer a loss- shocking in fact it happened to quickly against Goldberg!

Nostalga acts stirs up a very quick buzz... but wears off quickly too.
At least a 50 year olf Goldberg didn't over stay his welcome too much.
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