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Pika worked a dark match on ECW recently...Pika worked a dark match on ECW recently...Pika worked a dark match on ECW recently...Pika worked a dark match on ECW recently...Pika worked a dark match on ECW recently...Pika worked a dark match on ECW recently...Pika worked a dark match on ECW recently...Pika worked a dark match on ECW recently...Pika worked a dark match on ECW recently...Pika worked a dark match on ECW recently...Pika worked a dark match on ECW recently...

While my brain says "absolutely not" my heart has no other option, but to refute the thoughts with a pounding "Yes! Yes! Yes!". The Miz has had an entire career based on proving doubters and even logic wrong. As time has progressed so has the number of times this has happened. We're reaching a point where The Miz is in his late 30's and is possibly objectively better than he has ever been before. His entire career consists of him proving himself time and time again. When he could not convince people he kept at it and eventually we got there even if it was just a year or two ago a large portion of the audience truly understood how good he was. Why would I mention any of this if he hasn't been near the title picture for a long time though? Because of pro-wrestling's nature as a business and The Miz's consistency and work ethic.

Pro-Wrestling is a world where anything can happen and a place where "What if's" often happen whether it be sooner or later. I'm sure you need no reminder between Kenny Omega and Chris Jericho having a match in NJPW to kick off 2018 and Jinder Mahal's championship reign. The thing about pro-wrestling being fueled off surprises and to an extent speculation is that there is always an asterisk next to quite literally everything yet to happen. This doesn't apply to just the show or angles, but the behind the scenes as well. Things such as the occurrence of injury, a radical change of mind, or pure scheduling conflicts may cause the biggest of differences. While the door may shut for someone and leave both them and the fans disheartened, it opens up an entirely new one with endless possibilities. So who better to fill an open position than someone who not only knows the hardships and responsibilities of it but also has a great track record?

You might be able to compare Miz to a guy like Ziggler in some ways if you'd like on one side. He is a workhorse and works well with pretty much anyone, but there are quite a few things that Miz has that puts him beyond and above Ziggler. Both of them do have a storied career of great matches and moments but the thing with Miz is that he continues to add to his resume and add new weapons to his arsenal. Miz has been great at getting heat in the past and talking, but it's hard to point back to any time before recent in which his promos were anywhere near their current ability. His in-ring work may still not rival that of some of the newer talent in WWE yet he has still managed to work with it and often steal the show from people much more physically inclined. He has a move set that allows him to surpass these more flashy or technical wrestlers in both storytelling and providing entertainment. His mannerisms, voice, catchphrases, fashion, and moves all belong to the character that is The Miz. He is a complete package in a factory of prototype and malfunctioning wrestlers and has years left in his prime.

While there are younger and arguably more talented guys there are none that have shown to be hungrier than The Miz. It's well noted how people saw him when he started his career and even before he showed up in WWE. He's had every hurdle you could think of thrown at him and somehow still eats, breathes, and sleeps pro-wrestling. The difference between him and a majority of the locker room is that he goes above and beyond although he has done more than his fair share. Even if the stars do not align realistically he will probably get one as a thank you. He will probably never be a John Cena and I think most of us are aware of that but at the same time, he really doesn't need to be. The fact they won't just hand him the title again makes me believe that he wants to work that much harder to achieve it.

He really isn't going to be the go-to champion on RAW where he would be face to face with guys like Braun Strowman, Brock Lesnar, Roman Reigns, and honestly even Seth Rollins despite being lowered to an upper mid-card talent at best. However when he was active on a less ridiculous Smackdown seeing him wrestle AJ Styles and somehow steal a win out of him with his endless heel tactics could have been totally possible. Considering how the brand split seems to be the way we're going for at least another year or two it's not hard for me to picture Miz getting traded back to Smackdown and getting a run whether it be this year or next. I'm not sure if it'll be some long or grand reign, but I can say with heartfelt certainty I think there is no way he can continue performing at this high of a level and not be rewarded for it.
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