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Da Prophet is getting some looks on Smackdown...Da Prophet is getting some looks on Smackdown...Da Prophet is getting some looks on Smackdown...Da Prophet is getting some looks on Smackdown...Da Prophet is getting some looks on Smackdown...Da Prophet is getting some looks on Smackdown...Da Prophet is getting some looks on Smackdown...Da Prophet is getting some looks on Smackdown...Da Prophet is getting some looks on Smackdown...Da Prophet is getting some looks on Smackdown...Da Prophet is getting some looks on Smackdown...
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Anderson: The following match is scheduled to be settled by submission only and will be for the Mayhem Championship...

After a few seconds, the understated entrance of War Zone begins. He makes his way through the curtain and out onto the stage. He glares at the audience with disdain as he stands on the stage. he motions that this is his chance to win the gold and the fans give him a resounding boo at the thought.

Connor: Well, it is a big night for War Zone, Jack. He will go up against Vox for the Mayhem Championship by the looks of it. And in a submission match too? That's very interesting.

Cohen: Submission matches are all about stamina, Cat. If you can outlast your opponent, then you will walk away with the win. And in this case, the Mayhem Championship too.

Anderson: Introducing first, the challenger. Weighing in at 308 pounds... WAR ZONE!!

War Zone continues to make his way down the ramp until he reaches the ring. He gives the crowd another disgusted look as he makes his way up the steps and into the ring. The lights go out once more as he awaits the Champion.

After a few seconds the atrocities of the world are shown on the tron above the stage. Soon, the tron goes dark and a single light shines down on the Mayhem Champion. Vox has a massive smile on his face as the crowd show him sort of adulation. He begins making his way down the ramp as War Zone looks on from inside the ring.

Anderson: And his opponent. Weighing in at 225 pounds. He is the WZCW Mayhem Champion... VOX!!

Connor: And here comes the champion, folks. No such thing as Champion's advantage tonight either for Vox. If he is going to retain his Championship, he is going to have to do it the hard way.

Cohen: Just like how he won it, Cat.

Vox continues down the ramp and soon rolls under the bottom rope. With both men in the ring, the referee retrieves the Mayhem Championship from Vox and holds it in the air. The fans in the arena let out a burst of excitement as the thought of a Championship match, this close to Christmas, serves as an early Christmas present. The referee signals for the bell and the match is underway. Both men immediately move into the middle of the ring and begin mouthing at each other. But the verbal sparring is only for a second as the real sparring begins. War Zone throws a punch at Vox that sends him reeling backwards. Vox throws a retaliatory punch at his opponent and the result is much the same. Back and forth the two men slug it out until it is the challenger who gets the better of the assault on each other. War Zone continues to pepper Vox with stiff right hands until he is backed up onto the ropes. War Zone whips the Champion across the ring and, upon his return, smashes him with devastating force in the form of a running shoulder block. Both men hit the canvas but it is War Zone who is back on his feet first. He waits for Vox to get back to his feet and then nails him with a stunning lariat that takes him back to the canvas. The crowd are on their feet at the fast early pace. A pace that seems to suit the challenger.

Connor: The pace of this match has been startling so far. Both of these men seem very up for the match and it will be intriguing to see who can stand the pace of the match for the longest.

Cohen: War Zone seems to be getting the better of the early openings, Cat.

War Zone stands over Vox, looking down at the early damage he has inflicted onto the newly crowned champion. But he is nowhere near down with his assault. He grabs Vox by the hair and begins pulling back to his feet. But the thoughts of continuing to press home his advantage are soon eradicated as Vox manages to find the energy to grab the legs of his opponent and roll through - the end result of that being a single leg Boston crab on the challenger. The crowd can barely believe what they are seeing as the wily champion gets the first submission attempt in much to the surprise of everyone - not least his opponent. The referee asks if War Zone wants to give up but there is too much fight in the Champion. And just as the crowd begin to get excited about the thought of a finish, War Zone has already rolled over onto his back and kicked his opponent away. Vox recoils thanks to the sheer force of his opponent's push and soon hits the far away ropes. War Zone springs to his feet and looks to press home his advantage. He runs at Vox, looking for a clothesline that would take both men over the top. But the wily Champion is too quick for the challenger and simply pulls the top rope down, causing War Zone to fly over the top rope and crash to the floor with damaging speed and impact.

Connor: Wow! That is crushing impact for the challenger. He was getting the better of the match, for sure. But that might just have turned the tide in the favour of the Champion. A very good instinct from the Champion there, Jack.

Cohen: And what a time to get that in, Cat. As you said, War Zone was beginning to take control of this match but Vox has put himself right back amongst the happenings with that evasion. He really needs to press home that advantage now more than ever.

Vox gets back to his feet and surveys the damage that has been done to his opponent on the outside. He looks pleased with the result but knows that he cannot show any mercy now. He moves towards the corner of the ring and begins climbing the turn buckle - an action that draws a huge cheer from the baying crowd. Once at the top, he waits for War Zone to get back to his feet and with dazzling precision, brings a double axe handle down on War Zone from 10 feet above! The fans let out a shriek of joy as the move connects and both men lie motionless on the barely protected floor. The referee knows that he is powerless to help any of the competitors as this match continues. Both men's chests heave with the exertions of this match weighing heavily on them. But it is the Champion who is first back to his feet as War Zone struggles to keep the pace. Vox grabs the hair of his opponent and begins pulling him to his feet once again. This time, it is the turn of the challenger to turn the tide as he ramps Vox into the ring apron with no mercy. Vox let's out a pained cry as he makes impact with the ring and then falls to his knees. War Zone knows that he needs to press home this advantage and soon does just that - following up with a big boot to the jaw of his opponent.

Connor: Lord, that was savage! This match has gone back and forth since the very first bell and no one is able to keep momentum for very long. It's War Zone who now seizes control of the match with a stunning kick to the jaw.

Cohen: And it is that type of savagery that War Zone has been missing for too long, Cat. It seems as though he has come to this match for nothing other than a fight. He just seems a step ahead of the Champion at this point.

The referee urges War Zone to bring the match inside the ring but the challenger looks as though he wants to embrace the more extreme side of a Mayhem match. He pulls Vox back to his feet with an angered expression on his face. He pulls the Champion off to the side and then slams his face into the commentary table - an action that sees Vox slump to the ground like a sack of potatoes. As Vox slides down the commentary table, War Zone picks up the Champion and slams his head into the surface another two more times. The crowd take a sharp intake of breath as the Mayhem Champion falls to the ground. War Zone seems dialled in to his best form tonight and knows that he needs to press home his advantage. The merciless streak of the challenger continues as he continually stomps Vox against the commentary table. So much so that blood begins to pour from the side of Vox's head. All this serves to do is to bring a sick smile to the face of the challenger as he stands over the Champion.

Cohen: Wow! What did I just point out, Cat? War Zone seems very at home in the Mayhem arena. He is taking Vox to town with this offence and that could mean bad things for the Champion's reign as Mayhem Champion.

Connor: Vox has certainly taken the brunt of the offence in this match, Jack. But you should never count him out – he's a Champion for a reason.

With the smile still on his face, War Zone picks up the Champion and pulls him towards the ring. He tosses Vox under the bottom rope and then slides under the rope too. As War Zone stands over Vox and pulls him back to his feet, it seems as though Vox is at the mercy of the Challenger. War Zone puts one hand in the throat of the Champion and looks him in the eye - laughing as he does. But the arrogance of War Zone proves to be his downfall monetarily as the Champion manages to land a low blow to his immediate challenger. The crowd let out a yell of excitement as War Zone slowly falls to his knees. Suddenly, the wheels of fate have turned and it is the Champion who stands above his challenger. Suddenly, the Irishman bursts into action and nails War Zone with right after left, right after left. As the blood pours down the face of Champion, an animalistic side to his becomes prevalent. Soon enough, War Zone falls to the canvas and at the mercy of his opponent. Suddenly, Vox turns War Zone over and locks in the sleeper hold. The previously lifeless challenger suddenly bursts into life as he struggles against the choke hold.

Connor: This could be it, folks. Remember, this match can only be won by means of submission. Right now, Vox is the closest to accomplishing that goal. I have seen many people put to sleep with that move and it may spell danger for the plucky challenger.

Cohen: No doubt about it Cat. Soon enough, your eyes will become heavy and the lights will go out. If you slip into unconsciousness you will lose this match. A textbook hold here by the Champion. I'm very impressed.

After what seems like minutes, the fight seems to disappear out of the limbs of the challenger. Vox's expression seems pained as he struggles to keep the torque on the hold that might see him retain his title at this juncture. The referee holds up the arm of the challenger the first time and it slams back to the canvas. A second time the challengers hand is raised. And a second time it falls back to the canvas. The crowd are on the edge of their seats as the referee raises the hand for a third and final time. But this time, the hand stays in the air. The fans let out a gasp of joy at the dramatic action as life begins to flood back into the body of the challenger. Before too long, War Zone has managed to fight his way back to his feet and the both men are standing once more. War Zone seemed down and out a moment ago but as he lands a few elbows to the gut of his opponent, anything could happen. Vox finally let's go of the resulting headlock and eats a chop to the chest from War Zone. Suddenly, both men hit the nearest ropes to them and rebound, taking each other down with a double clothesline.

Connor: This is it, folks. This is the pivotal point of the match. Both men have had their offence and they have also been on the back foot. But you get the feeling that whoever gets the early advantage after this interval will be best placed to take home the Mayhem Championship.

Cohen: This match has been back and forth, there is no doubt about it. And the efforts that both men have put into this match has been utterly staggering. Quite honestly though, this match is all about who wants it more. And that is about to be answered right now!

With both men lying on the canvas, the fans are on the edge of their seats. Both men begin moving and each of them find the ropes on either side of the ring. Both men find their way back to their feet and stagger towards each other, Vox fires off a punch that catches War Zone on the chin and rocks him. Again, the challenger fires back and catches Vox with a stiff shot. Both men are reeling from the match but it the Champion who seems to have gotten the better of it. He catches War Zone with another stiff shot that sends him staggering towards the corner of the ring. There seems to be some sort of commotion in the corner as War Zone finds one knee and kneels in the corner, fidgeting with something as he does. Suddenly, Vox grabs him by the hair and begins pulling him towards the middle of the ring. War Zone seems to be on shaky legs as Vox tells the crowd that the match will soon be over. The crowd are on their feet and sound off a huge cheer at the thought of Vox putting the match away. But suddenly, War Zone pulls Vox with all of the force he has left in his body – so much so that Vox falls to one knee and smashes his face on the exposed turn buckle that War Zone just unmasked. A sickening thud goes around the arena as Vox staggers backwards. Vox rebounds from the impact and is suddenly caught in the PENTAGON CHOKE (Hell's Gate)! The Champion does his utmost to fight against the hold but he is just too worn down. He has no choice but to tap out and surrender his Championship.

Anderson: Here is your winner and NEW MAYHEM CHAMPION... WAR ZONE!!

Connor: I don't believe what I am seeing! I'd say that was cheating but, as we know, anything goes in a Mayhem match. The referee was right to keep that match going as it was all legal under the lack of rules.

Cohen: And you have to say, Cat, that War Zone turned in one of the best performances he has ever done in a WZCW ring. He looked the more brutal and the more hungry tonight. Vox might not have liked how the match ended but War Zone did enough to take home the Championship.

War Zone grabs the Mayhem Championship from the referee and rolls out of the ring quickly. He falls to his knees on the ramp as the WZCW logo appears in the corner of the screen. He holds the Mayhem Championship aloft as Cat Connor gives her final address of the year.

Connor: What a tremendous year it has been for so many in WZCW, folks. But what a way to end the year with a new Champion. War Zone has claimed his first title in WZCW and, what's more, we are now on our road to the Lethal Lottery! Have a wonderful Christmas and holiday, folks!