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Da Prophet is getting some looks on Smackdown...Da Prophet is getting some looks on Smackdown...Da Prophet is getting some looks on Smackdown...Da Prophet is getting some looks on Smackdown...Da Prophet is getting some looks on Smackdown...Da Prophet is getting some looks on Smackdown...Da Prophet is getting some looks on Smackdown...Da Prophet is getting some looks on Smackdown...Da Prophet is getting some looks on Smackdown...Da Prophet is getting some looks on Smackdown...Da Prophet is getting some looks on Smackdown...
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Anderson: The following contest is set for one fall and is a CHAIRS MATCH!

Anderson: Introducing first, from Keystone City, Kansas, weighing 225 pounds, the reigning WZCW Eurasian Champion - Titus Avison.

Stepping out of the entrance chute, Titus Avison struts onto the stage with the Eurasian Title proudly displayed over his shoulder. It’s a mixed reaction, some fans still grateful for his role in dethroning Vis Imperium, while others remember all the villainous actions he has taken part in during his lengthy reign. Titus heads down to the ring, cockily smirking and letting everyone know that Ascension just got a major upgrade.

Connor: This is a strange sight! Titus Avison, with the Eurasian Championship, is here on Ascension and this isn’t just a trip. Titus has found a new home here on Ascension thanks to the spin of the wheel via an announcement of WZCW dot com. Be sure to check it out if you haven’t already.

Cohen: Ascension hit the jackpot, CC. I’ve had the pleasure to call Titus’ matches during this incredible reign and he has been the driving force in making Meltdown the number one wrestling program in the world. He is a great addition to this show. We should point out that this is NOT for the title, the spin of the wheel, the bounce of the ball, favoured Titus on this night.

Anderson: And now, from Hells Kitchen, New York, weighing 210 pounds, The X-Rated Superstar, Triple X!

The lights go out in the arena, the fans turn their attention to the stage as Triple X’s arrival is expected. He will be the man to take on Titus tonight in this non-title contest but as time goes by, X fails to appear.

Cohen: A bit of confusion at the moment, folks! I’m getting word that Triple X is indeed the person who has been selected to face Titus but they cannot find him.

Connor: I think we just did!

Cohen: Triple X is in the ring! He’s got a chair and is attacking Titus from behind!

Triple X is inside the ring, after storming through the crowd with a chair in hand, and blindsides Titus with a sickening shot to the back. X begins to demand the referee rings the bell, shoving him around and reminding him that this is all legal anyway. The referee hesitates for a second, thinking it over and then calls for the bell.


The match is on as X turns back towards Titus, swinging the steel chair into the champion’s spine. Titus stumbles into the corner, he puts up his arms to protect himself as X slams the chair against his forearms. Each shot making a hard thud, the fans watching on as X unloads like a man possessed. In an effort to protect himself, Titus makes a dive for the legs of X but is unable to get a grip of the man. X steps away, throwing the chair to the side and grabbing Titus by the arm, whipping him into the ropes and connecting with a spinning roundhouse kick. The fans boo as X picks up the chair once again, parading around the ring with it in his hand while Titus pushes himself off the mat. The champion is nailed again, this time with a shot to the stomach which bends him over, and Triple X sizes his shot up before slamming the steel across the back of Titus’ head. The referee slides into position as Triple X places a foot on the chest of Titus, the first cover of this match. 1… 2… Kick Out! Titus refuses to go down like that, X smirks and sends Titus into the corner, he rushes him and tosses the chair directly at Titus’ head, knocking him to the outside of the ring.

Connor: It has been a brutal assault thus far by Triple X having caught Titus off-guard. We might have to call this match if this continues. Triple X is using the chair in the most violent way possible.

Cohen: This isn’t the start of the new era of Ascension that Titus was expecting, CC! Triple X is such a dangerous competitor, he’s a guy who wants to claim the top prize in WZCW and will stop at nothing to get it.

Triple X follows Titus to the outside of the ring, he whips the champion into the ring post and Titus falls to the floor clutching his face. It’s a total one way beating right now as X stalks the champion, stomping on him before throwing Titus back into the ring and looking under the ring for yet another chair. The crowd stands as X pulls out a second chair, he holds it up high and then enters the ring, yelling at Titus to come get some more. Titus stands, he turns and ducks a wild swing from X! Here comes the champion, Titus fires away with a few punches before sending X into the ropes. On the rebound, Titus goes for a back body drop but X leaps over him, spins him around and drops Titus with a DDT onto the steel chair! No cover, X stands up and grabs the chair yet again. He slams it into the canvas a few times, Titus groggy and unaware of where he is at this point. On instinct, Titus rises, using the ropes to do so and X nails him right in the face with one of the hardest chair shots you’ll hear all year. Titus sinks to his knees, a trickle of blood now coming from his forehead as X kicks one chair into position a few inches in front of Titus, the other remains in his hands.

Cohen: Titus has been cut. Triple X has drawn blood from the Eurasian Champion in the most one-sided affair we have seen Titus involved in since his reign as Eurasian Champion started. Nobody has dominated the champion like this!

Connor: We saw Titus and Ace Stevens exchange a few words before this match. I know that’s the next match we expected to see but with the way this match is going, it would be very hard to deny Triple X his chance at the gold.

Barely able to keep himself up straight, Titus stares at X as blood oozes down his own face. X looks smug, like this whole thing was a waste of his time, and proceeds to gently place the tip of the steel chair in his hand against Titus’ face. The crowd comes to silence, X holds the cold steel against the warm blood, Titus tries to stand… it’s no use. Then, X swings and cracks Titus right in the side of the head. He falls face first onto the canvas, his head landing on the steel chair at X’s feet. This isn’t over as X stomps around the ring, screaming that this is what happens when a champion shares his ring. X raises the chair he has in his hand high into the air, the crowd look on in horror as X brings it crashing down onto the back of Titus’ head, placed between the chair underneath! It’s a one-man Con-Chair-To!!! After throwing away the chair he held in his hand, kicking the one on the canvas to the outside, then X rolls Titus over and makes a cover. 1… 2… 3!

Anderson: Here is your winner – Triple X!

Connor: I do not think we have seen that during this historic reign, perhaps ever in the career of Titus Avison. Tonight, he has been dismantled by a man who used a steel chair like it was an extension of himself. Triple X has shown since his return that he is very skilled at using that specific tool as a weapon and tonight was the most memorable showing of all.

Cohen: Some people have thought that Triple X was overhyped in his return to WZCW. For all the talk of challenging for the World Title we really haven’t seen Triple X match that talk inside the ring. Outside of it, he has taken out numerous people and has shown that fire we expect from a guy like him. Tonight, that all changed. We saw the man who can be at the pinnacle of this company.

The referee raises X’s hand and signals to him that it’s time to leave. That’s not going to be the case, Triple X shoves the referee out of the way and storms over to the edge of the ring, demanding a microphone be given to him. A ringside worker rushes over, X snatches the microphone from her hand and takes the centre of the ring.

Triple X: Before I say a damn thing, get this piece of trash out of my ring because he doesn’t deserve to share this or any other place with the likes of me! I just took down the so called “greatest champion ever” and here I stand without a scratch on my whole freaking body!

The champion is already on the outside of the ring, blood on his face as he leans up against the barricade while X continues his rant.

Triple X: Ever since I returned I’ve heard people talking about earning your opportunities. Well, get a camera on Titus right now. I did that! Let me make this real clear, don’t you dare go thinking that Ace Stevens gets a title shot before I do! I don’t care what match he won. He didn’t beat Titus. I beat Titus and I did it with ease, that’s the best WZCW has these days? Pathetic!

The crowd boos as X paces around the ring, he spots the Eurasian Championship over in the timekeepers arena, and makes his way out of the ring to grab it, returning once he rips it from their grasp.

Triple X: Listen up, Titus. I know you’re sitting down there, thoughts rattling around your head from all the chair shots you took but try to comprehend what I’m saying to you. I'm taking what I rightfully deserve!

The big screen shows Titus slowly pulling himself to a vertical base, using the barricade to balance himself as blood leaks out of the cut on his forehead.

Triple X: Forget about Ace. Forget about Vis Imperium. Forget about anybody else, I’m next! I’m not waiting in fucking line. I’ve been back far long enough. I’m going to take this title from you, then I’m going to win Lethal Lottery, I’ll main event Kingdom Come and become the first person to ever hold TWO titles at the same time!

With that said, X throws the title onto the ground outside of the ring near Titus. He exits, laughing at the state he has left the champion in as he walks up the entrance ramp.

Cohen: Triple X has made his intentions very clear. He is coming for the Eurasian Championship after defeating Titus like we have never seen before. Ace Stevens coming into tonight was the clear number one contender but the landscape of WZCW has shifted thanks to the roulette rounds.

Connor: It’ll be very interesting to see how things shape out now. You’ve got to wonder, what state will Titus Avison be in leading into his next title defence after the punishment he sustained tonight?

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