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Anderson: The following tag team contest is scheduled for one fall!

Introducing first, from Times Unknown, weighing 204 pounds, he is.... The Melanistic Jaguar.... Lynx!

A countdown appears on stage as the song plays. As the chorus hits, Lynx appears on stage. He makes his way down the aisle as his partner follows out.

Anderson: His tag team partner from Dublin, Ireland, weighing 225 pounds, Vox!

Vox starts handing out papers about something. Most fans just seem to throw it away. He hands one to Lynx who just looks at it bewildered.

Connor: This is weird.

Cohen: Two guys who seem to freak out over minor things. Doesn't seem all that weird to me. Plus they've both have had a good amount of success lately. Makes sense to me.

Connor: I never said it didn't make sense. I just said it was weird.

Anderson: Their opponents, first from Tallinn, Estonia weighing 151 pounds, "Ms. Unorthodox" Yemrez Reqonic!

Yemrez makes her way down the aisle with her arms crossed and frustrated.

Anderson: Her tag team partner residing in Venice, Italy weighing 240 pounds, he is the WZCW Mayhem Champion, The Ladies Man Randy Studd!

Cohen: Now this is weird. Weeks ago Yemrez faced Studd and failed to defeat him. Now they're teaming up.

Connor: I get the felling Yemrez isn't thrilled with this.

*Ding Ding Ding*

Lynx decides to start the match but the other side has issues starting. Studd wants Yemrez to start. But she just stands in the apron with her arms crossed. Studd just throws his arms up. He turns around and eats a Dropkick from Lynx, knocking him down. Lynx tags Vox who comes in with a Headlock, cranking on the Mayhem Champion's head. Yemrez just looks on crossarmed. Studd tries a Back Suplex but can't. He manages to lift Vox up but Lynx stretches his arm out and manages to make the tag. he quickly leaps into the ring and hits a shot to the stomach to stop him. He grabs Studd and hits a Falcon Arrow, then making the cover. 1............. 2......... 3-But Studd kicks out, stretching his hand out for the tag but he's too far. Lynx pins him to his corner and hits a pair of Knife-Edge Chops and a pair of forearms. Vox then takes the tag without Lynx asking for it and he doesn't look happy. Vox insists and Lynx steps out.

Now both sides seem to be at odds.

Cohen: I love this. No one gets along.

Vox locks in a Sleeper Hold, wrapping his hands around Studds neck. He holds the muscly man down but not for long as he tries to once again, Back Suplex his way out. This time though, Lynx just stands and watches. Vox and Studd both drag themselves across the ring and both make tags. Yemrez and Lynx look at each other and after a short beat, they spring to action, both jumping over the ropes and going into action. The exchange chops back and forth. Yemrez hits a pair of Shoulder Blocks and Lynx counters with a Swinging Neckbreaker. Lynx gets up but so does Yemrez. She pulls Lynx back and hits him with a Chokehold STO. She follows that up with Nigh The Bliss.

Connor: Yemrez is really getting things going here. She's could get it done here but she's gonna have to do it on her own.

Well, it's not like Lynx is having it any different.

Yemrez goes up the top rope, looking for the Upshot but Randy suddenly tags her which distracts her questioning what's he doing. Studd comes in and hits a series of Clotheslines to Lynx in the corner. He hits a Leg Lariat and whips him across the ring and catapults him with a Back Body Drop. He whips Lynx to the corner and mounts him, hitting a series of punches. He reaches 10 before he starts grabbing his crotch. But there's a problem with the corner he sent Lynx to. It's Lynx and Vox' corner. And Vox takes the tag. He knocks Studd off the corner, climbs it and hits a Double Foot Stomp. He whips Lynx across the ring who knocks Yemrez off the apron. As that happens, Vox hits World Pieces and makes the cover. 1............. 2.......... 3!!!

Anderson: Here are your winners, Lynx and Vox!!

Vox has his arm raised by the official while Lynx walks by not too happy, but the gameplan worked do he just has his hand raised.

Cohen: Studd picked the wrong corner. Vox has just pinned the Mayhem Champion! That's got to be a huge momentum boost leading up to their match at Unscripted.

Connor: It was a match of odd pairings and one side managed to keep their head in the game. Yemrez tried her best, but Studd seemed to not be thinking straight on this one.

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