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Cub McCallister is looking to come up from OCW...Cub McCallister is looking to come up from OCW...

I've been waiting for a thread like this for time, I feel that having two pay per views a month is way too much overkill for the company which is like 16 in total. I would take away the gimmick themed pay per views as I feel they have been done to death i.e Elimination Chamber, Hell in a Cell, TLC & MITB. Other ppv names don't appeal to me either, WCW had themed named ppv's which fitted in well i.e. Spring Stampede for Spring time, Halloween Havoc for Halloween time as well as Great American Bash and Bash at the beach for the summer time.

My ideal ppv schedule is:

January – Royal Rumble (Smackdown/Raw).
This is a dual brand ppv as always which is a nice way to kick of the year.

February – No Way Out (Smackdown).
I liked No Way Out instead of Elimination Chamber, you could perhaps bring back the EC concept as a number one contenders match if Raw get the Royal Rumble Winner.

March – Fastlane (Raw).
Same as Smackdown above the concept could be Fastlane to Wrestlemania.

April – Wrestlemania (Smackdown/Raw).
This stays the same except have it take place in early to mid April.

May – Spring Stampede (Smackdown) & Anarchy Rules (Raw).
I've added both a Raw & Smackdown ppv to this month even it out, instead of Extreme Rules I like the idea of Anarchy Rules.

June – King of the Ring (Smackdown/Raw).
This needs to come back, I feel they could do wonders with this as a dual branded ppv or possibly a one brand ppv instead of a one night only thing for the network.

July – Great American Bash (Raw).
This fits in well with the summer, they could go the full 4th of July deal here.

August – Summerslam (Smackdown/Raw).
Both brands compete here.

September – No Mercy (Smackdown).
I've added this in because it's a good ppv as there have been some decent matches from this event over the year.

October – Halloween Havoc (Raw).
This concept fits in well for this time of year, you could make gimmick matches for this event and give it a Halloween type of vibe to the event. I.E. Hell in a Cell, TLC, Elimination Chamber, Strap Match, Cage or any other gimmick type match bring it back for this event. You could have spin the wheel where each match is determined through that.

November – Survivor Series (Smackdown/Raw).
Both Raw & Smackdown compete against each other to see who is the better brand.

December – Starrcade (Smackdown).
Nice way to finish with an old but classic event.

That is my ideal ppv, obviously that will never happen as WWE don't really want ppv's that they haven't created. For the month that one brand is holding a ppv the other brand can have a special night of champions event on their tv show. I feel this could work so much better rather than have 2 ppv's a month but that's just my idea.

I've done away with the MITB ppv and added it to Wrestlemania where you have either 6 - 8 guys compete for the briefcase, 3 or 4 from Smackdown and like wise with Raw.
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