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Originally Posted by It's Damn Real! View Post
Despite being champion only a month or so, I'm thoroughly convinced that he has to retain at Bound For Glory. The entire show needs to be gravitating around this guy. Even if he and Johnny Impact put on a helluva match, taking the title off him this early I feel will only weaken his impact (no pun intended).

This ought to be handled with old-school booking in mind. Cheat to win. Have Adonis interfere if needed. That card is already built in with him playing lackey to Drake the last couple months. But Drake needs to come out on top. Johnny Impact is almost certainly going to win the title at some point in the future, but it ought to be in a rematch where Adonis can be barred from ringside or is ejected backstage toward the match, clearing the path for Impact to pick up the win.
Agreed. If Johnny wins, it's gonna feel cheap and not deserving anyway cause he's just this new guy that the fans have not yet adopted yet anyway.

My issue with Eli Drake as Champ has been that it should have been a proper build cause the guy deserved to become Champ but with all the bells and whistle. Notice that they did it right with EC3, they knew he was over but they didn't just go and make him Champ right away, there were a lot of teases and when he became Champ, it felt earned.

Secondly it's that Drake's greatest gift has been his promos and since the beginning of the year, since the JJ regime has taken over, he has had next to no opportunity to talk. Which is mind-boggling. Since that's he was entertaining at! No Facts of Life, no Dummy buttons, nothing. Which shows how out touch guys like JJ and Mantel have been.

Finally, I'm not convinced of his partnership with Adonis. Sure it makes sense for a heel to have a valet but I just think it takes too much of the aura away from Drake. He should be a badass on his own, taking care of business on his own, even as a heel. The two together just look like two identical muscle-head bozos. lol
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