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New Hot Fed is looking to come up from OCW...New Hot Fed is looking to come up from OCW...

I don't think they should completely rebrand, look sure in recent years they have had trouble but should they really deny their past and being shameful of it when they have had great things?

The main issue with the negativity was with the name "TNA" and they should use it as scapegoat and put it in a box never to return again. Impact Wrestling is fine as a name.

I agree with three points:

-Leaving the Impact Zone is a must. It has never made this company better, especially in recent years.

-Getting rid of the Six sides ring and the X Division. It has been a long time since both of these things have lost their meaning. We are in a new era and the six sides are doing nothing for them. And X division made sense when Impact had an open door policy and they could get all the best new young high flyers in the country, it's not the case anymore, it's just a gimmick.

Finally what I would do is since creating a new belt cost a lot of money, since GFW is caput, put an unification match together between the GFW Global Champ and the Impact Grand Champ under a regular match rule and the winner of that, he GFW title would be phased out and just use the Impact Grand Championship title from now on.
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