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Default Why I personally love good ol' Wrasslin..

Well then, where do I start. Where do I discover the root of my of my continued admiration of the WWE (my primary go to wresting promotion, if not company at this point). I have always been a pure blood gamer at heart with Wrestling coming a close second. Now you might be thinking what the hell is this pencil neck geek talking about. One of my plenty favourite video games apart from the WWF SmackDown! games is a little fighting gem that came out in the 90s called Tekken for the PlayStation one. I had only interest in the first three games, each one as phenomenal as the last. They had came out during the attitude era at it's eye of the storm, my god what a time to be growing up. I was only a wee lad at the time, so impressionable, so curious, so excitable. My father had brought me up on Video games like Doom, Silent Hill, Resident Evil, Tomb raider, ect

Getting off track now, I was brought up in a time where real life, realistic characters were on TV doing crazy things you wouldn't see in real life. It never bothered me when I first found out it was "fake". I remember the cheek of someone in the past saying to me "man, don't you know that wresting is fake and it's just optical illusions that make the bumps look painful, they're okay". I wanted to slap that kid so hard, this had happened a week after watching by Owen Hart (R.I.P) dying Watching Over The Edge PPV live with my parents in that somber, paralyzed state of mind at the age of 8. It was my first childhood idol to pass away under certain circumstances. My Mom and Dad consoled me and debated to make me stop watching something I was all about when I was a child. Wrestling, metal music and video games. Still to this day it feels the same. There was Eddie, Benoit (that's a different topic), Test, Umaga and now Rosey even down to Crash Holly. There are plenty more obviously, bigger names, smaller names.. whatever. It hurts. They are a character that come into your life, you invest in their actions and you start getting an attachment. Almost routine seeing them every week down to absolutely nothing. It's the heartbreak of the business and I understand.

I went off topic again, sorry. I brought up the video game, Tekken earlier. One of the biggest reasons why I have and will always love WWE is because it's the televised version of Tekken. All these fighters all around the world, all these gimmicks, all these different reasons to keep fighting for one main prize and to become a legend. Look at Vinnie Mac, is he not a slightly hornier version of Heiatchi (sp?) Who he gained Iron Fist Tournament/WWE from Jinpatchi (sp?) Or Vinnie Mac Sr when they passed away. HHH has always reminded me of Paul Pheonix and There's a little of bit of Trish in Nina Williams, Personally. Shane is too nice to be a Kazuya, maybe that's Steph's job considering she is the devil with bigger grapefruits than her father. Shane could be Jin, everybody knows by now that once Shane gets a fire lit underneath him, he becomes a whole different enitity. I think we could all Agree that the Deadman is probably Devil, with Kane as Yoshimitsu. Damn, there is a hell of a lot more. Hornswaggle the little annoying bastard who reminds me of another little orange twerp who farts continuously in Tekken 3. Maybe one day it will all culminate of with HHH, Vince's continued service and Shane's and Stephanie's future stake of the company on the line, much like the video game Tekken.

Maybe, maybe not. But that's how I see my favourite show on TV right now. I don't care about the buy rates, I don't care about the financial aspects. It's WWE, they will never die. I love it for the characters, the story, the pure athleticism, the sheer brutality sometimes zoo the awkward funny botches, it all comes as an entertainment and I like it. Shoot me if you will.

People who call me out for watching wresting at the age of 24 don't realise that I'm watching my favourite type of characters on TV. Just like the Marvel Universe or whatever soap opera (I'm from the UK so Eastenders and Coronation Street are the norm.) I'm engrossed in made up characters just like they are too. And with that connection in my mind towards Wrestling and Video Games, it just makes it grow stronger. WWE Is just like Tekken, relates in my mind. Everyone on the roster is a fighter, that's why I pleasantly surprised when Jinder won the title. From all walks of life, from all around the world with different styles and morals with their own background and their own paths towards, perhaps, legendary status, also with their own reason to win the title.

I'm sorry for the long read, I hope you enjoyed it. But that is my reason why I like Wrestling. Thanks for reading.!
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