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Originally Posted by tdmoon View Post
Ric Flair wasn't a great in-ring worker? Really?

I guess it's the cool thing to do to rip on him now but throughout the eighties he was generally seen as one of the best-if not the best-worker in all of wrestling. He owned match of the year and wrestler of the year awards and his bouts with Steamboat and Windham are among the best matches I've ever witnessed. Ric Flair is credited with eight five star matches, while the WWF only has five in their entire history. He made every wrestler he faced, even the lowest of jobbers, look like a million bucks. There is a huge list of guys, from Lex Luger to Kerry Von Erich to Nikita Koloff to Ronnie Garvin to Sting who never looked better than when facing the Nature Boy. Flair made guys like Ricky Morton and Hawk look like potential world champions. He was the genesis of the now-tired trope of being able to carry on an entertaining match with a broom. To me, saying Ric Flair wasn't a good worker is laughable.

Disagree with Savage being on that list as well, but I'll spare you all another diatribe.
I also don't get it. Even WWF only fans would have seen Ric's work which was stellar, especially considering he was nearing his mid 40s and the product's direction at the time.

WrestleMania 8 was a good example, Flair worked great against Savage, it would have easily been match of night had it not been for Bret/Piper.
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