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HeenanGorilla worked a dark match on ECW recently...HeenanGorilla worked a dark match on ECW recently...HeenanGorilla worked a dark match on ECW recently...HeenanGorilla worked a dark match on ECW recently...HeenanGorilla worked a dark match on ECW recently...HeenanGorilla worked a dark match on ECW recently...HeenanGorilla worked a dark match on ECW recently...HeenanGorilla worked a dark match on ECW recently...HeenanGorilla worked a dark match on ECW recently...
Default 1990 Rumble VS 1992--I feel your heads exploding but....

I was watching Royal Rumble 1990 recently and the amount of talent in that Rumble match made me wonder if it could be argued as superior to the 1992 Rumble, which is often described as the greatest collection of talent, at least from that era. As I watched the 1990 match, it just seemed to be a balanced, unending stream of legends and Hall of Famers. 1992 was amazing, don’t get me wrong, but this one really stood out to me. So, I decided to compare the two matches and here is how I looked at it…

First, I compared the lists and separated those who were in both Rumbles (Hogan, DiBiase, Jake, Piper, Hercules, Barbarian, Tito, Martel, Savage, Warlord, Haku, Smash/Repo Man, Snuka and Shawn Michaels)

Secondly, I looked at the Hall of Famers from each match.
1990 = Andre, Bret, Perfect, Warrior, Dusty, Rude and Koko (please save your Koko arguments for another post)
1992 = Flair, Slaughter, Duggan, Tornado, Valentine, Volkoff, Mustafa and Boss Man. I also put Taker here, since he is a lock.
By quantity, 1992 has the edge. Quality can be argued as some from each list were passed their primes.

Then, I looked at the remaining competitors.
1990 = Akeem, Ax, Bad News, Bravo, Earthquake, Honky, Neidhart, Jannetty and Rooster.
1992 = Bulldog, Sid, IRS, Sags, Berzerker, Skinner, Virgil
Here, each list has some easily omitted names, but I feel 1990 has the better overall list; not just in quantity, but quality as well.

Next, I looked at the timing, in regards to their careers. For example, Bret was an established tag champ, but not yet a singles star. Other examples would be Michaels and Taker eventually becoming legends, but not yet at this point, as well as many whose primes were long ago like, Andre, Dusty, Slaughter, Valentine, Volkoff and Sheik. Some had gas left in the tank, but their popularity was as high as it ever would have gotten. Whereas Flair was already established and still had plenty to give.

Finally, I looked at the Rumble-watching experience as a whole. Without a doubt (as you probably guess from my name) I felt the ’92 Gorilla/Brain combo was much better than the ’90 Ventura/Schiavone duo. I absolutely love Jesse on commentary, but as a package, I’ll take the other two. Heenan’s call of this match was legendary. 1990 had ring entrance music throughout the match. That was not always the case back then and I loved it here. Also, I loved that, in 1990, the managers were allowed to stay at ringside as long as their men were in the match. It was a great visual with Heenan, Fuji, Sherri, Virgil…I loved this! Speaking of visual, I also loved how the ’90 Rumble looked. I just thought the colors looked great in 1990. I know I will be in the minority—or even alone—of people who notice these things. But all in the ring at once: Bret’s pink, Jake’s green, Piper’s blue, Savage’s floral, even Warlord’s black. Throughout you had Koko and the Rockers and Warrior, and later Hogan’s classic yellow. Granted, many of the people I mentioned here were in the ’92 match also. But, the way the ring looked in 1990, it was just nice to see so many characters stand out with their own styles.

Careful not to lean one way or the other, simply to go against the accepted answer, I still concluded that 1990 was a better Rumble match overall. From top to bottom, the overall roster was stronger and, although the title—or even a title shot—wasn’t on the line, I loved the overall presentation of the ’90 Rumble. I do wish Perfect had won, but I’ll save the rewriting of PPVs for other posts. Both Rumbles are stacked and I could watch either one over and over. But, 1990 just never seemed to have a lull, with a long string of no-chance-to-win competitors—though the title shot not being on the line opened the door for more possibilities, theoretically. Flair winning in ’92 was great, that match is much, much more important, historically, and I have watched that Rumble more than any other, but for the overall experience (roster, music, managers, crowd enthusiasm), my vote goes to 1990 as a better watch.

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