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*Ding Ding Ding*

The following contest is scheduled for one fall and it is for the WZCW Mayhem Championship! Introducing first, the challenger, from Tallinn, Estonia, she is "Ms. Unorthodox", Yemrez Reqonic!!

The challenger makes her way down the aisle, holding the Estonia flag high and proud, ready to make her country proud. She high fives fans as she reaches ringside and enters the ring.

Copeland: She's been close several times to a breakthrough, but tonight could very well be the night she reaches that pinnacle and walks out with Championship gold. Mayhem title on the line here.

Her opponent, residing in Venice, Italy weighing 240 pounds, he is the current reigning and defending WZCW Mayhem Champion, "The Ladies Man", Randy Studd!

Randy makes his way out to the entrance where he stands and flexes his amazing, shiny muscles. He showcases his title before making his way down the aisle, one flex bicep as he walks down.

Cohen:You say Yemrez could break out after months of trying to make a big impact. Well, this man here has done it. And it has opened a world of confidence for him which will help him retain tonight.

Copeland: Lets just hope he doesn't become overconfident.

Both contestants seem prepared as referee Keith Morse raises the prize in play in this match. Both competitors being surprisingly tranquil as the bell had already rung. Keith signals to start the match. The two circle each other, waiting for who makes the first move. Yemrez seems calm but Studd appears nervous. He's facing a female, after all. He can't resist and begins to show off. Posing as only he can. Yemrez stops to look and just decides to slap Randy straight out. Randy moves in but gets caught in a Headlock and is taken down to the mat, held to the canvas by the former Olympian. Studd does manage to shift weight and tries a cover. 1............ 2........- But Yemrez gets out of it quick and stays on the Headlock. This time seated though, Studd's able to turn around to try and break loose from the hold. Yemrez' grip is strong, obviously, but Studd has far larger body mass. He can't get loose, so instead he lifts her, still clutching to his head and charges her against the corner. Making her let go. Right there, he delivers a series of shoulder tackles to assert his control.

Copeland: It will be a problem for the challenger if she has all this power but she's still stopped by someone half a foot taller and 100 lbs heavier.

Cohen: It's the one flaw of intergender matches. And I don't mean this in the wrong way. But women tend to be a lot smaller than men. And Yemrez is in a match with a guy who loves tossing meat around.

Copeland: ..........Come again?

Yemrez collapses and Studd mounts her on his shoulders, stretching her with a Torture Rack, bending her across his neck as Keith Morse asks her if she wants to give up. But the answers is no as she struggles to get loose. Flailing around too much, Studd loses control and has to drop his opponent. To just brag about how easy it is to turn things around, he starts to showboat. Posing and blowing a kiss at his rival, Yemrez. She clutches her stretched back but looks more annoyed at the kiss than anything else. Studd continues posing, giving his back to his opponent which gives Yemrez the opening and clutches the Champion with a Victory Roll. 1.................. 2.............3-But Studd manages to get out of the hold, looking shocked that she took advantage. He turns around and is met with an oven pan to the head!

Copeland:A grave mistake by Studd, giving his back to his opponent. That will cost him the title if he does that again.

Cohen:Surprisingly, I agree. That was scary there. Where did she get that from?

Yemrez puts the pan on Studds face and starts to stomp away on it with great anger as Studd tries to cover himself up. He rolls out of the ring to get away, covering his face as the fans heckle him over the barricade. Yemrez doesn't let him go and gives chase. She takes a swing but Studd manages to duck and the pan hits the ringpost, the impact making Yemrez drop the now bent object. Yemrez still chases after Studd who tries to hide under the ring. Yemrez grabs the leg but he gets away and scurries under. Yemrez tucks under to try and see. She can't find anything but opts to grab an object. Pulling out a set of steel chairs and carrying one. She waits for Studd to pop his head from under the ring. He does. But she's in the opposite side. She runs over but Studd gets back under. Yemrez is exasperated with this. She rolls in the ring and starts smashing the chair against the canvas as hard as possible. The slamming freaks Studd out who bolts out from under due do the hard sounds and the bouncing ceiling over him. Yemrez slides the chair through the canvas, which hits Studd right in the ribs. She runs toward him and jumps off the apron with a Cross Body. She gets pumped with the crowd cheering on and tosses Studd back into the ring.

Cohen: Studd, focus! You have to focus!

Copeland:Randy Studd has been unable to catch his breath since being hit with a pan. Yemrez has let her frustration towards this womanizer drive her and not give him any break whatsoever.

Yemrez throws a series of kicks to weaken Studd, following it up with a Corkscrew Neckbreaker. She hits a couple of footstomps and picks up Studd, on her shoulders. She hits the Rolling Slam and hits it with a Moonsault for the Eerie Blitz. She makes the cover. 1.......... 2............ 3-But Studd kicks out. She goes to the top rope and measures for the Upshot. She jumps but in plain jump, Studd pulls something out of his trunks and blows what looks like dirt across her face, stopping her as she crashes to the mat. He applies the Studd Muffler. Yemrez has no choice, unable to see and her being stretched. She taps out.

Here is your winner and still the WZCW Mayhem Champion, Randy Studd!!

She had him on the ropes for most of the match. I'd say it was dirty what he did, actually, it was pretty dirty what he did. But it was legal.

Cohen: Oh, I get it. Because it was dirt. Well, those are the rules of the match. Yemrez got too caught up in getting to him, she left herself open.

Studd clutches his title, not bothering with having his hand raised, instead checking on his face. Meanwhile Yemrez is beside herself having lost.

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