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Wrestlingaholic worked a dark match on ECW recently...Wrestlingaholic worked a dark match on ECW recently...Wrestlingaholic worked a dark match on ECW recently...Wrestlingaholic worked a dark match on ECW recently...Wrestlingaholic worked a dark match on ECW recently...Wrestlingaholic worked a dark match on ECW recently...Wrestlingaholic worked a dark match on ECW recently...Wrestlingaholic worked a dark match on ECW recently...Wrestlingaholic worked a dark match on ECW recently...

After suffering some serious talent losses in the previous couple of years, culminating in Hulk Hogan and Brutus Beefcake departing in August (which is why in my rewrites I had Hogan appear at Summerslam - if you have him, use him!), and a creative nadir around the corner, this was in many ways the first ppv of the new generation era, an era looked down upon by most as creative largely sucked, but still with a largely capable roster meaning the big events still had a chance.

With this in mind, a few changes would be made to Survivor Series. I'm playing with history a little here - the fake allegation against Lawler doesn't affect his position, for example (and I hope that girl got suitably punished for making a claim that could have seriously affected a man's life)

1) Razor Ramon, Marty Jannetty, the 123 Kid and Mr Perfect vs Shawn Michaels, IRS, the Model Rick Martel and Diesel - one small but highly logical change, which likely would have been the actual match anyway if not for Michaels' suspension, and keeping Perfect involved. I think his back injury flared up, causing his absence, but as LODemolition said, Survivor Series matches are the one match you can get away with this kind of occurence. At this event, Shawn would elimate the Kid with Sweet Chin Music, Diesel would force a count out on Perfect (preserving him from taking major bumps), but Jannetty would get a 'surprise' roll-up pin on Big Daddy Cool; Razor would eliminate IRS with a razor's edge, and do the same to Martel, before Shawn takes another Survivor Series powder to get counted out (hey, it worked for his gimmick), leaving Ramon and Jannetty as the sole survivors.

The next match would be a tag team Survivor Series match pitting the Smoking Gunns and the Bushwackers against the Headshrinkers and the Heavenly Bodies. Luke and Butch would be gone pretty quickly, one falling to each of the heel teams, before Billy and Bart manage to eliminate Jimmy Del Ray with the sidewinder. Fatu splashes on both Gunns mean the Headshrinkers and Tom Pritchard are the sole survivors. Fairly. Rief match, but considerably quicker than the 'four Doinks' travesty

Speaking of Doink, he would instead still be a heel (Matt Borne heel Doink was actually a pretty decent character, having seen old Raws on the Network), and would be part of the King's Court here: Jerry Lawler, his court jester Doink, his 'Black Knight' (Greg Valentine, but in a much more convincing costume) and a debuting Double J Jeff Jarrett. They would face off against the Hart Brothers' team of Bret, Owen, Keith and Bruce. Despite its obvious limitations, this was possibly the best match on the actual card, so by adding some actual names to it, hopefully this one would be even better. Without the three knights, it would also be more competitive. Keith Hart would actually be the first to go, Double J tripping him from the outside so Doink could apply his whooping cushion too-rope seated plancha for the three. Bruce Hart would then show off his skills in eliminating the Black Knight following a diving clothesline, but Bruce would soon fall prey to Double J's figure four leg lock, leaving the score as 3-2 in the heels' favour. Owen would start the fight back with a roll up on Doink (the same finish he used on Skinner in reality at a Wrestlemania VIII) and would then make Jarrett tap to the sharpshooter. Suddenly with the heels now losing, the same sequence that happened in reality occurs here, but with Lawler rolling up Owen after his collision with a groggy apron-wandering Hitman. Exactly the same fall out occurs between the two, but Bret recovers enough to win the match, as sole survivor, with his own sharpshooter on the King. Post-match, exactly the same Owen/Bret shenanigans as well as that was one of WWE's better storylines in this period.

Next up a short angle takes place where Lex Luger (still a heel and not in a match on the card) officially becomes the first man to enter the Royal Rumble match, promising he will win and go on to win the championship at Wrestlemania. This is then followed by a singles match, the culmination of the long-running Harvey Wippleman v Undertaker feud (even though I took the Giant Gonzalez feud off of ppv), as 'Taker defeats Adam Bomb. Just no need to have Undertaker involved in an elimination match at this point, plenty of time to build up to his Royal Rumble title shot (which I'm keeping)

Finally the main event: the Foreign Fanatics (WWE Champion Yokozuna, WWE tag team champions the Quebecers, who in my timeline would have beaten the Steiners on Raw as in real life) and Ludwig Borga against the All Americans (Macho Man Randy Savage, Tatanka and the Steiner Brothers); I have replaced Luger with Savage as I didn't go through with Luger's face turn, Savage has always displayed patriotism, and the angle where Yokozuna injures Crush still occurs, leading Savage to challenge the champion on behalf of his country. Pierre Oulette is the first to go, eliminated by a doomsday device Bulldog from the Steiners; Jacques then gets an easy pin on Rick Steiner after the dog faced gremlin gets caught in the opposition corner, suffers a big clothesline from Borga and a leg drop from Yoko. Jacques doesn't last much longer though, as he received a swift frankensteiner from Scott. The powerful Borga then eliminates Tatanka with his back breaker submission, but the Macho Man unleashes on the big Finn and the champion. As Scott Steiner and Ludwig Borga battle outside the ring, distracting the referee, Savage manages to floor Yokozuna, but, as he lined up his big elbow, Crush (who by this point hasn't been seen in months) comes out of the crowd and shoves the Macho Man off the top rope. One leg drop and Banzai drop later, and Savage is gone, leaving just Scott Steiner. Scott puts up a valiant effort for a few short minutes but the numbers game is too much and he too feels the impact of a banzai drop, leaving Yokozuna and Borga as sole survivors. The Macho Man is just about getting to his feet at ringside by this point when Crush reappears and does the whole gorilla press into the barricade thing he did in reality when he turned heel, and rolls a battered Savage back in the ring for one last show-closing banzai drop. The heels stand tall in the ring with Crush now on the payroll of Mr Fuji, so essentially I've held back Crush's heel turm and incorporated it into Survivor Series, partially to help explain Crush's absence from the card and partially to make the event more impactful (in reality, it was a. Dry low-impact show, save for the Hart brother dissension and Undertake-Yokozuna seeds)
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