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Originally Posted by LBGetBack View Post
I think it's completely baseless to say Bret would've refused to lose to someone else.....huh? I mean, where does that come from? Bret was a 5 time champion.....meaning he lost it 5 times. One was the screwjob, but he never had a problem putting anyone else over. That was an extraordinary situation. At least Bret was up front about it and didn't fake an injury like Shawn. Seems you guys who go hard at Bret always forget that part. Shawn hurt the product way more than Bret, with all his BS around that time period.

Suggesting Bret would've blocked Rock or Jericho's push is flat out ridiculous and baseless. Bret made Owen a star, made Austin legit, put Shawn over in the first place, put Yokozuna over, etc.

Edit: whoa! I made my post after reading halfway through your message. If I knew just how ridiculous the post would get, I wouldn't have bothered replying. Wow.
I completely agree. It was Shawn that was the complete selfish prick. Funny thing is, now he says he misses old school wrestling and booking, acknowledging he had played a part in the new way. What a moron.

Bret was right all along. Instead of enjoying the drunken stupor high that was the AE, with its resultant hangover (this whole just talking in the ring nonsense still continues to this day) which largely 'ruined' wrestling, we might still be seeing old school booking that is really intriguing.

Also, Vince would not have gotten the Heat for Austin to skyrocket to stardom (his stunner moment on Vince changed the WWF to the whole controlling GM crap u still see today vs wrestlers driving the story line). DX would not have gotten as big. WCW would not have gone out of business in the way it did trying to copy the WWE's AE (another victim). Notice how they went away from the AE content? But kept the worse parts of it? It's bc shock value loses at the end. With Bret still in the WWF/E, they would not have been able to go for all that shock value which was a short-term survival tactic.
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