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This is too much of an open ended question. Meaning that context of society is important. I.e. It's a much more TV driven industry today vs House shows/live event in the 80s.

Then you got 'star' power vs in-ring technical power. Obviously technical skills has gotten much better but under the 80s/early 90s WWF, there was still a form of the territory system which a Darwinian survivalist approach was taken. Only the top guys made it up and out into the WWF, meaning they were way more experienced and established. Today, you have work-in-training annointed ones.

That said, I'm biased too because wrestling is memorable. But I will say the original Hulkamania run era. Around WM 1-3 time. Where they would run 3 house shows and sell out all. 84 is included. You had Andre in his last 'prime', Orndorff, Savage, Snake, Steamboat, Tito, Hammer in their Prime (sure some were around in 92, but not in their physical prime). As well as types like the Junkyard Dog, Don Muraco, Harley Race, Black Jack Mulligan, Adrian Adonis, Bob Orton. Then the tag team. Killer Bees were always underrated IMO, Rougeaus, Bulldogs, Hart Foundation, Shiek and Volkoff, a bit later, Demolition, Islanders. Bundy and Studd as the Monster heels. Then you have all the colorful managers. Of Course Hogan and Piper. Legends like Snuka and of course Sammartino is up there too though they largely stopped wrestling during this time. The 87 Survivor Series really showed what it was about.

And most of all, there was a innovation and unpredictably about it. The early SNMEs were just tense and very well booked. From a name perspective, agreed that 1992 (WM 8) is also tops. But that old school group, what they lacked vs today's athleticism, they more than made up for in wrestling experience and just knowing how to work a crowd.
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