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Default A New Golden Era For WWE?

We've been through a lot of pain over the past few years, when CM Punk left and Daniel Bryan was forced to retire, the two hottest upcoming stars were instantly snuffed within the WWE Universe. This left us with guys who weren't ready for that level of spotlight, like Roman Reigns, being given pushes that the fans did not want simply to fill a void. I'll admit, as well as I would hope everyone can admit at this point, that Roman has had some excellent matches during his time at the top of the card but it's so weird to look at a guy in that kind of position while feeling his future potential is already dead.

This was a necessary sacrifice however as, with all eyes being locked onto Roman, others have been able to come up more organically and benefit from the longterm "top guy" status Roman had gained. With smart signings like AJ Styles and Samoa Joe, WWE also grabbed a few sure fire winners without needing to risk another Roman situation. While the past was difficult to get through, it did help to set-up a proper hierarchy of talent where top guys really do feel like top guys again and there is always somebody ready to step up when the time is right.

Hell, they even took a random jobber like Jinder Mahal and have used Smackdown as a vessel for making him the champion of India while using the huge boom on Raw to distract from what could otherwise be a complete disaster. The way the WWE is using the strengths of one show to help distract from the weaknesses of the other is masterful and shows that the WWE (even if by complete accident) has found a way to make the two brands work in their favor.

The list of legit top stars from throughout the world and from WWE's own Universe is beginning to rival any roster from the past. They unquestionably have one of, if not the, strongest women's divisions in history and that alone is strengthening the overall product. When Asuka steps up then it may be impossible to argue any other time period as having more credible stars.

While there are still imperfections, and three hours of Raw is still way, WAY too much, there are finally some major players worth clamoring to see and we're finally getting the payoff for hanging in there that seemed like it may never come.
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