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Default The Undertaker at Wrestlemania 34?

I know we all saw Roman Reigns defeat The Undertaker at WM33 and The Undertaker appeared to retire after the match by taking off his gear in the ring and disappearing under the ramp.

But, we all also read the rumors of him returning at Summerslam that turned out be untrue. We also read where Jim Ross said he considers The Undertaker to be "active" and could "wrestle at any time." JR certainly didn't feel that way a few months ago, and it's well known he and Taker are close personally. Is it possible he knows something we don't?

My point to all this is am I only one who thinks The Undertaker may not be done and could wrestle at WM34 next year? I know most people on here don't want to see him return due to age, health, quality of match, Mania record and various other reasons. But is it a possibility? He's constantly referred to as "possibly retired" Or "may have retired" We all know that's by design. While I'm sure no decision has been officially made as Taker reportedly doesn't make his decision until December- January. It's also well known that Taker has been talked into coming back the last several years, as every year he says he's done. So why not this year? He'll always have value, it's diminished, but Mania will always be synonymous with him.

Finally, if he were to return next year who will he face? Logic says Roman, but I personally would like to see him face an upper mid card heel like Corbin or Owens instead. A less high profile match, less pressure and less expectations all the while still getting Taker at Mania in a noteworthy match where another young star can say they faced him on the grandest stage of them all. Maybe give Luke Harper a push? Before anyone thinks him coming back to randomly face a upper mid card heel is nuts, remember his match with Bray was pretty random too and I think it told a decent story and did the job.

So, wishful thinking on my part? Or is The Undertaker wrestling next year a real possibility?
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