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Lee is an ECW Champion...Lee is an ECW Champion...Lee is an ECW Champion...Lee is an ECW Champion...Lee is an ECW Champion...Lee is an ECW Champion...Lee is an ECW Champion...Lee is an ECW Champion...Lee is an ECW Champion...Lee is an ECW Champion...Lee is an ECW Champion...

Harrys: The following contest is a BATTLE ROYALE and it is for the number one contender to the EURASIAN CHAMPIONSHIP. Introducing first...

Harrys: From The Pentagon, weighing in at 308 pounds..War Zone!!!

The lights go out as Imagine Dragons' Radioactive plays. The huge, muscular figure slowly walks his way to the top of the ramp and a spotlight dims on him. He holds his forearm and simulates holding a weapon, he points it at the ceiling and a huge pyro shoots from the stage and explodes overhead. War Zone shakes his head and stomps his way down the ramp. He stands there, glaring at a nearby fan with a Tony Mancini sign reading - Rising up the card- He shakes his head and climbs in the ring. The crowds continue to boo him mildly.

Copeland: Here we are,the Eurasian Battle Royale! What do you think of this tank of a man Jack?

Cohen: This guy has a lot of potential! Just look at the size of him! If he can learn to quiet his mind and just use his power he will go places.

Connor: His biceps are bigger than my head guys.

Harrys: And his opponent......

Harrys: He is hailing from Yonkers, NY, weighing 275 pounds...The Italian Stallion, Tony Mancini!

A smattering of cheers as Xaitlyn Serpiente walks out to the top of the ramp to no music, after a moment, Tony comes out ten seconds into his entrance music. They walk to the ring together, waving at the fans. Tony takes a breath and gets himself ready before climbing in the ring, Xaitlyn walks around to the other side of the ring over by a slew of outside officials. Tony climbs in the ring, he removes his Cornicello Charm his mother gave him, he goes to kiss it......

Copeland: Whoa!! Look out!!

....War Zone clubs Mancini from behind with a powerful forearm smash, dropping him face first to the mat quickly. War Zone picks up the charm and spits on it, he throws it over the top ropes then yells that he's going to do the same thing to Tony. He picks up Tony by the hair and smashes his face off of the top turnbuckle, over and over again, then drops him to the mat. He starts stomping away at Mancini with ruthless aggression! Harrys rolls under the ropes and throws his microphone away, he doesn't want anything to do with the monster in the ring.

Connor: Wow!! Look at this! Yemrez is wasting no time charging to the ring!!

Yemrez throws her flag to one side as she sprints down the ramp, War Zone a target in her eyes, the fans pop for her determination. She charges up and spins War Zone around and starts laying in lefts and rights! Every shot making smacking noises that reverberats around the arena, getting the fans into it more!

Copeland: Listen to this crowd! Yemrez is a house on fire!

Cohen: I commend her bravery, but she is punching a mountain right now! War Zone is barely fazed by these shots Seabass!

Waz Zone laughs and wipes his mouth, he shoves Yemrez who goes flying right across the ring, eliciting a oooooh! from the capacity crowd. He turns to continue his stomping on Mancini but The Italian Stallion is already back on his feet! He lays in lefts and rights to War Zone who is reeling backwards now from the powerful punches thrown at him. Tony grabs War Zone and attempts a suplex but the giant man just shoves Tony away, back into the turnbuckle, Tony rebounds out of the turnbuckle into a big boot right in the face sending him to the canvas. Yemrez runs and jumps at the big man but he catches her and hits Detonation! in mid air, a strong reverse choke slam right on to Tony on the mat! War Zone lets out a primal roar and punches the nearest turnbuckle.

The crowds cheer as Wren runs out to the stage, ignoring her usual routine, she see's the problem in the ring and runs down the ramp much like Yemrez did earlier.

Copeland: Here comes Wren! She wants that Eurasian title and if that means going through a monster like War Zone then that's what she's going to do!

Cohen: I think we're seeing an obvious problem here Seabass! Here comes another small, one hundred and fifty pound wrestler jumping in the ring against the three hundred pound beast!

Connor: You can never count out wren Jack! She's beaten Titus Avison in the past and that has to be her motivation here!

Wren slides in the ring, but War Zone grabs her and picks her up easily. He runs across the ring and plants her with a running powerslam! Boom!! War Zone pops to his feet and looks at the destruction he's caused so far. Tony slaps the mat and runs right at War Zone, he clubs the big man in the chest with a clothesline! No effect! War Zone shakes his head then tells him to try again. Tony bounces off the ropes and runs fast, slap!! Another clothesline that makes War Zone take one step back. Tony bounces off the ropes again and runs but War Zone attacks! He nails Tony with a clothesline of his own that drops the New Yorker instantly. Wren gets to her feet but War Zone kicks her back down, he does the same with Yemrez, but he continues to stomp her in the back over and over again. The crowds start booing loudly and watching the Titantron, waiting for somebody to come and deal with this man....

A pop from the crowds as Obi Okafor runs down the ramp, his flower girls shrugging and walking back towards the locker room.

Copeland: Here comes Obi Okafor! At Goldrush,we saw this young man take a terrible impact from a golfcart that would have killed a normal man in his Mayhem match against Randy Studd!

Connor: Well I hope The King can do something to stop this madness in the ring!

Obi Okafor slides in the ring, he quickly rolls out of the way of War Zone trying to grab him, he hits War Zone with a leg kick, a dropkick and lefts and rights! He jumps and hits a single arm DDT on the big man, sending him down on his head. The crowds are buzzing from the offense, War Zone pops right up to his feet and shakes off the cobwebs. War Zone runs and attempts a Missle of Death superman punch but Obi dodges it, he hits War Zone with a left, right, left, right, left, right, left, right....!! War Zone is staggering and on the ropes! Obi bounces off the ropes and runs, he jumps but War Zone catches him in mid air with a big boot, sending Obi down to the mat quickly. War Zone runs and catches Tony with a forearm, dropping him again. He runs and hits both Wren and Yemrez with a double clothesline backflipping both wrestlers to the mat!


The crowds cheer as they beg Vox to do something about War Zone, who is now standing in the ring, waiting for Vox with bodies all around him. Vox walks down the ramp slowly, in no hurry to get in the ring, he has an earpiece microphone extended around to his mouth.

Vox: San Jose! God bless you all! How do you like barely being able to afford living cheque to cheque every time? Housing prices are at an all time high right now because there are lots of high paying jobs and this city has grown to the edge of the mountains- there is not much more easily buildable land. This can change ladies and can change with me. Just a simple donation of ten dollars, tonight...and you can make a difference.

Vox slowly makes his way around the ring, picking up a donation here and there, then continues....

Vox: Why can't we have cheap housing? It's because of people like War Zone. He weighs so much and takes up so much space that the cost of materials to build around these giant men put the national average up, and when that goes up, so does the price for us little guys. The regular Joe like you and me. Thank you Miss, god bless. What is ten dollars versus the cost of a roof over your head?

Copeland: Why can't this nitwit just get in the ring already?!

Cohen: I don't know, this might be his greatest cause yet! Vox is getting some serious dollars here at ringside! Why rush to get in the ring when business is good?

War Zone jumps through the middle ropes, he grabs Vox and presses him over his head! Money flies everywhere as he launches Vox over the top ropes and right into the ring. War Zone rolls under the bottom ropes.


Cohen: Wait a second?! Ha ha! Am I hearing things?Did the starting bell just ring?

Connor: The match wasn't officially on the way,it's on now though! And look out guys! It looks like an alliance has formed here!

War Zone is standing on one side of the ring, across are Tony, Wren, Yemrez and Obi, all staring down the beast. He screams for them to attack and they do, all four launch into War Zone with punches and kicks but he fights back! He drops each one with a single punch each! War Zone stomps over to the far ropes and screams a war cry to that section of fans, who respond with boo's. He smirks then turns around....

...right into Nigh The Bliss!! The double running knee strike by Yemrez NAILS War Zone right in the face! He falls back and topples over the top ropes right to the floor on the outside!


Huge pop for Yemrez as she pumps her fist and smiles wide for the fans.

Harrys: War Zone has been eliminated!

Connor: I didn't think anyone was eliminating him tonight! What a move by Yemrez! YES! I love it!!

Wren attacks Yemrez from behind and dumps her over the top ropes, but Yemrez holds on and falls to the apron, she pulls herself back under the ropes. Obi and Tony start exchanging shots, hard lefts and rights, Tony getting the better of him as Obi staggers to the ropes, Tony starts to try and eliminate Obi, who hooks his arms on the ropes to avoid it.

Vox is on the outside of the ring, the temptation of a high paying audience too much for him to handle. He's taking more donations. He takes his ear piece off and sells that as well.

Wren hits Yemrez with a shining wizard, then hops to the top turnbuckle and executes a beautiful moonsault. Tony grabs Wren by the back of her neck and throws her hard through the second and top turnbuckle, launching her shoulder into the ringpost! Obi grabs Tony and hits a gutwrench suplex, bouncing him off the mat. Obi grabs Wren by the hair and hauls her to her feet. He launches her off of the ropes and backs up as she runs towards him, he gives her a backbody drop over the top ropes...but she does a quick front flip and lands on the top ropes, showing unbelievable agility. Obi quickly pushes her back, launching her far to the outside of the ring, she reaches and grabs the barricade!! She's half hanging on the barricade, her feet not touching the padded mats on the outside.

Copeland: Wren has the agility of a cat! She's hanging on to that barricade after that amazing front flip balancing act!

Cohen: How in the world is she going to get back in though?

Wren balances herself and stands on the top of the barricade. She bends her knees and leaps towards the ring....but a pile of money hits her in the face distracting her! The money flies everywhere and Wren falls to the padded floor!

Harrys: Wren has been eliminated!

Vox laughs and starts scooping the money up on the mats. He tucks the cash in his pockets and rolls in the ring. Tony Mancini clotheslines him right over the top ropes, sending his money flying again and Vox cartwheeling to the padded mats, right next to Wren! Tony and Obi double team Yemrez and double press her right over the top ropes! She falls right on top Vox and Wren!

Harrys:Yemrez Raqonic has been elminated!

Harrys: Vox has been eliminated!

Copeland: Here we go! It's down to Obi Okafor and Tony Mancini! One of these two men is going on to become the number one contender to the Eurasian Title!

Both men circle each other in the middle of the ring, the fans are on their feet now, buzzing at the tension. Tony hits a right, Obi responds with a left, Tony swings and misses a clothesline, he bounces off of the ropes, Obi falls to his chest and Tony hops over him and bounces off the far ropes, Obi jumps for a dropkick but Tony quickly grabs both of his legs and Obi falls on his back, Tony leans back and catapults Obi right into the top ropes! Obi is hanging and teetering on the ropes, trying to get his balance back. Tony runs and lifts Obi's legs, sending Obi flipping over! Tony turns and runs across the ring, tears welling up in his eyes as he yells in celebration. He climbs the turnbuckle and raises his arms. Xaitlyn is trying to get his attention on the outside but he's way too happy to listen to her right now. Obi is still hanging on! He skins the cat and flips backwards back into the ring. He sees Tony celebrating, he runs across the ring and dropkicks Tony right in the back, Tony falls over the ringpost and out of the ring!!!!

Harrys: Tony Mancini has....


Harrys: Landed on the ringsteps and is still in this match!


Obi can't believe his eyes as he looks at Tony laying on the ringsteps, just out of his reach.

Copeland: Tony just got lucky there! Obi has to take advantage here to win this match!

Tony slowly crawls to the apron, then he climbs the ropes to his feet...only to be face to face with a smiling Obi. Tony panics and throws a punch but Obi pushes him, at the last second Tony reaches out and grabs the top rope with his left hand, Obi punches it away, Tony switches to his right hand, Obi punches it away, Tony switches to his left, then right, Obi tries to push Tony off the apron again but Tony ducks and attempts a shoulder block to the gut but Obi counters with a knee lift that sends Tony to the canvas face first. Obi walks to the center of the ring and points to the fans, he yells that it's over and picks up Tony. He has him in a suplex position...Obi goes for The Awakening vertical suplex stunner but Tony wiggles out of it and pushes both men fast towards the ropes...they both tumble over the top ropes....

Tony grabs the middle rope at the last second and Obi falls to the padded mat!!!

Harrys: Obi Okafor has been eliminated! The winner of this match and the NEW number one contender to the Eurasian Championship....Tony Manciiiiiiniiii!!!!!


Copeland:Wow!! What a finish!!! This place has become unglued here for Tony Mancini!

Cohen: Tony dug down deep and did a real smart move there by pushing them over the top ropes, causing the momentum to have Obi at the bottom when they flipped over the ropes! Who knows Seabass! We could be looking at the next Eurasian Champion right here!!

Connor: You can't deny the early dominance by War Zone though, that was getting really tense. We can expect big things from this big man. Congratulations to Tony Mancini.

Tony is in the ring celebrating with Xaitlyn, holding his ribs from the crash on the steel steps. He walks towards the camera and mouths that he's coming for the title and he can't be stopped.
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