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Default Which Royal Rumble matches would you have scripted differently?

When I look back at the history of the Royal Rumble, my personal favorite ppv of the year, I see at least a handful that I would have gone with a different winner. There are some wrestlers who have accomplished everything imaginable except win the Rumble so this would help complete their career. In other cases, I would change it just for the simple fact that I hate how it played out and thought there was someone else much more deserving.

Here is my short list of Royal Rumbles that I would go back in history and rewrite if I could, in chronological order.

1988: Andre the Giant (actual winner "Hacksaw" Jim Duggan)

This is an easy one. It was the inaugural Royal Rumble and much like the first King of the Ring going to a legend in Bret Hart, they should have done the same here. Of course they didn't know that the Rumble would one day become the spectacle that it is today, but it would have been a nice reward for Andre who was in the twilight of his amazing career.

1989: Hulk Hogan (actual winner Big John Studd)

Before you say whoa, give Hogan 3 straight Rumble wins?! No, I would not have had him win in 1990 or '91, especially '90 since he was already WWE Champion and was the last person who needed the win. I realize they hadn't yet added the stipulation of the winner getting a title shot at WrestleMania, but it would have made perfect sense to have Hogan win it here and watch Randy Savage pace frantically in the locker room, realizing he would have to defend against his former Mega Power partner. I would have also been fine with Ted DiBiase winning here. Him buying the 30th entry spot was classic.

1990: Mr. Perfect (actual winner Hulk Hogan)

This is one of the Rumbles that irks me the most. Hogan was already the champ and should have been in his own match that night. Hennig was on his way to his first Intercontinental Championship win shortly after WrestleMania VI and this would have been a great way to kick off the push of one of the greatest performers we will ever see. And if anyone deserved to go bell to bell and win it from the #1 entry, it's Mr. Perfect.

1991: "Macho King" Randy Savage (actual winner Hulk Hogan)

At this point they were still shoving Hogan down our throats at every opportunity and it became evident the following year that the fans were growing tired of the same old same old when they booed after he eliminated Sid from the outside after already being thrown over the top rope himself. In my opinion, WrestleMania VII's main event should have been Ultimate Warrior vs. Randy Savage exactly as it was, only with the WWE Championship on the line as well as I wouldn't have had Warrior lose to Sgt. Slaughter. Hogan and Slaughter made perfect sense for WM7 in the midst of the Gulf War, but did not need the title. Warrior/Savage didn't necessarily need it either, but it would have been that much better if it was for the gold as well. Remember the whole feud began when Warrior refused Savage's demand for a title shot. How could Warrior legitimately still say no after the Macho King outlasted 29 other men?

2011: CM Punk (actual winner Alberto Del Rio)

We leap 20 years forward now where the stipulation of a title shot at WrestleMania is a tradition, but for the first time ever, the Rumble grows from a 30 to a 40-man battle royal. Thank God they haven't gone back to this format as I don't have to tell you it was a disaster. CM Punk's dominance in the early stages of this one after drawing #1 was one of the greatest performances in Rumble history. Several times he was the only man in the ring and had time to talk trash on the microphone while waiting for the next competitor. I believed Orton and CM Punk for the WWE Championship made much more sense at WrestleMania XXVII than Miz and Cena.

2012: Chris Jericho (actual winner Sheamus)

I might be nitpicking with this one. Sheamus was still a fresh face, but I'm a huge Jerichoholic. Y2J has done everything there is to do in WWE except win the Royal Rumble and Money in the Bank. And although Jericho went on to challenge CM Punk for the WWE Championship at WM28 anyway, it would have been great to see him win this. Sheamus could have just as easily still been booked for the WHC match with Daniel Bryan.

2014: Daniel Bryan (actual winner Batista)

This was a definite no-brainer as the fans were so behind Daniel Bryan on the road to WrestleMania XXX that they had no choice but to add him to the main event. The fans were outraged when #30 was revealed and it wasn't Daniel Bryan, so at that point they were going to boo whoever won it just because it was clearly not going to be him. Although he had wrestled against Bray Wyatt earlier in the night, you still couldn't help but wonder why he wasn't even an entrant. The WWE universe never really welcomed Batista back and they had to soon turn him heel after their reaction to his win didn't turn out how they had planned.
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