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Default Bliss' Weekly Views Blog

I'm hoping this will be a good way for me to express my views and opinions on wrestling from around the world and also open up a place for good discussions.

For my first entry I want to start by talking about Cena vs Nak. The first thing I noticed during the match was just how underrated John really is. After a timid and tame main roster start for Shin he faces Cena and they had a very solid outing. Cena is a very clever performer who managed to sell effectively and also tell a good story to help get Nakamura over. It was the best thing to me in WWE this week.

Next I want to bring back up the Omega vs Okada matches, specifically the 2nd match. The initial pacing was a refreshing change, keeping it slower but tense, gaining viewers control emotionally quickly. The almost Bach esque slow build to crescendo was deserving of the insanely high rating Meltzer gave it.

I'll leave it at those 2 view points to start. Please reply and discuss and as I said I will do at minimum weekly updates with new things to debate over!
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