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Default Kurt Angle (WWE or TNA guy)

I was planning on making this thread a few months back after Angle was inducted into the Hall of Fame but never got around to it, but after watching the Kurt Angle documentary it restored my interest into making it again. (Also I'm planning on making a few more threads like this depending on how this one goes but I digress) Kurt Angle has had a great career in both WWE and TNA and crazy enough he actually spent more time in TNA than WWE, which begs me to ask the question to this forum, will you remember Kurt more as a WWE or TNA guy.

For me I personally will always look at him as more of a WWE guy. Even though he spent more time in TNA and may have even had better matches there, but for me he just had and made more memorable moments with the WWE. Kurt even said himself at the Hall of Fame ceremony to take chances with your character because the character moments last forever. When I think of Angle I think of the dorky dude always drinking or spraying the Alliance with milk, singing songs backstage with Austin and The Rock, the many moments he had with Edge & Christian, getting his head shaved bald and wearing that toupee, the love triangle between him, Stephanie McMahon, and HHH and so on. Even his moments later in his career with the WWE when he had his fued with HBK and sung "Im just a sexy Kurt" with Sensational Sherri, woo offs with Ric Flair, or his fued with Booker T when he was obsessed with Sharmel. Also the "You Suck" chants alone will always be tagged to Angle and remembered no matter how old and long he's a way from the WWE. Overall I think an argument can be made that Kurt had a better in ring career in TNA but the moments just aren't there compared to what he did in WWE. So for me I say he's a WWE guy but that doesn't take away from the great career he had in TNA. So maybe some of you feel I value moments a little bit more over matches in this topic but thats my opinion. What is everyone else's take on this, is Angle more of a WWE or TNA guy in your eye's.

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