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~Chapter 6: Flame Or Fire.?~

Few Days Before Ascension 119
Originally Posted by

It's official! Constantine will face Yemrez Reqonıc in the semifinal of the prestigious Gold Rush Tournament!

@ConstantineRules Yemrez is nothing in front of the best WZCW wrestler ever! It'll be an easy victory for Constantine.

@VisImperiumRocks Regardless of whoever wins, no one and I strongly emphasize that no one will be able to defeat Justin Cooper and Vis Imperium! #VisImperiumForLifeBAYBAY

@ILoveWZCW It'll be extremely difficult but I believe that Yemrez has what it takes to defeat Constantine. However, she should just concentrate on him for now and shouldn't be distracted by Cooper and his goons.

@JohnnyDave I believe that it will be a hard fought battle but at the end, there shall be only one winner, be it this match or the whole tournament, The Powertrip!

@IStandByYemrez Just like her previous two matches, Yemrez will defeat her opponent and then reach the final of Gold Rush Tourney. I believe in her and will continue to do since she ain't playing the role of a hero. She's actually one, unlike cowards like Justin Cooper!

@TheProphet Cooper is the present and future of WZCW. Believe it, suckers!

@CooperIsGod These two aren't even worthy of sharing the ring with the wrestling God Justin Cooper! #AllHailTheGod

@WZCWAnalyst Yemrez has shown a bit of potential but I doubt if she can defeat a WZCW wrestler like Constantine who has had a well-accomplished career. She just can't do it!

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Yemrez Reqonıc doesn't bother to read more comments. The last comment she read struck a chord in her and she is visibly upset about it. Her fiancé Kıvanç was with her in the gym and could notice that something wasn't right with Yemrez. Yemrez shuts down her laptop. Currently, she's resting after a tiring session in the gym while Kıvanç conducts and examines all her training sessions regularly.

Yemrez: I'm still the underdog for most people.

Kıvanç: There's nothing wrong in being an underdog. Is it?

Yemrez: It isn't. I'm just upset that most people still doubt my skills. I mean, I've performed well since my debut but I'm still an underdog against a so-called well-accomplished WZCW veteran!

Kıvanç comes closer to Yemrez and takes her hands in his hands while making full eye contact continously.

Kıvanç: See, Constantine is actually well-accomplished. And you're very new comparatively. So, it's obvious that he'll be the favorite to win. Heck, he's a favorite to win the whole damn tourney!

Yemrez: I think that I'm maybe frustrated due to being an underdog my whole life.

Kıvanç: I can't blame you. You and I both know that the odds have always been against you. So what's new in this extremely important match against Constantine?

Yemrez: Yes, it's nothing new. Yes, odds have always been against me. And what's relieving is that I have always conquered the odds. The odds don't stress me anymore. Some years ago, they did. But now, I've learnt a lot from life. I'm better than my former self!

Kıvanç: You actually are, my elu! The thing is that you're new to this professional wrestling world. But the positive part is that you're gradually increasing your support, thanks to your actions. The cheers have been increasing at an astounding rate. A fire of hope has been ignited in people's minds and hearts since they've noticed you standing up against injustice in form of Vis Imperium!

Yemrez : Aha. The curse of Vis Imperium. Such shameless individuals. I'm myself in awe on how low these bunch of people can stoop down to! And their leader, Justin Cooper perceives me as a "Kid". I still laugh on his stupidity.

Kıvanç: Well, he isn't actually stupid. He's playing mind games! To distract you. That's why he tried to make you doubt your talent by trying to insult you. He knows that you aren't a "kid".

Yemrez: You're right. He isn't stupid. If he actually perceived me as "kid", he won't have bothered to threaten me. He knows that I'm a big threat to him and his goons and he's just trying to show that he isn't worried. However, the truth is that he actually fears all four semifinalists! And I bet that his fear of losing the ultimate title will come true soon, hopefully through me.

Kıvanç: I know that some people are doubting you. Like "You Can't Do It". But I know that they are wrong. I still remember how a few years ago, I said "You Can't Do It" to you about the exercise you're gonna do now. And I know how much this particular line literally made you conquer it.

Saying so, Kıvanç hugs Yemrez tightly.

Yemrez: This particular line lights a fire in me and the fire just makes me do whatever looks impossible for others. Defeating Constantine seems impossible for some lads out there but I know that I can do it and I'll try my hardest to actually do it.

kisses Kıvanç on cheek and then proceeds to continue her training session. Doing something that was referred to as "You Can't Do It". Just like defeating Constantine. In the same way she defeated Xander LeBelle. Or Randy Studd.

Click for Spoiler:

Yemrez: Also, one of the most prestigious newspapers of Estonia, MK Estonia will publish my article about my upcoming match on the day Ascension 119 will be held. So, the stage is set for a big upset win!

The Day of Ascension 119
Originally Posted by MK Estonia
Are You The Fire Or Just A Flame?
By- Yemrez Reqonıc

Tere, minu mehe armas eestlaste! {Hello, my fellow lovely Estonians!}

The title might seem confusing but by the time, I end it, it shall be easier to understand. So, as you all know, I'm facing Constantine in the semifinal of Gold Rush Tournament. Constantine who's perceived by most people as a well-accomplished WZCW wrestler. But I think that this perception is wrong. I'll help you all, proving this perception wrong.

Let's see Constantine significant accomplishments. 1 time World Heavyweight Champion. 2 time Elite Openweight Champion. 2 time Tag Team Champion. 1 time Mayhem Champion. 1 time King For A Day winner.

The above accomplishments could possibly justify a place in Hall Of Fame. That's what technical aspect says. But that's not the most important aspect. The most important aspect is if the wins were legitimate and won fair or not! You'll be surprised to know that majority of Constantine's accomplishments weren't attained fairly.

World Heavyweight Champion? Won it while the champion Matt Tastic was distracted.

Elite Openweight Champion? Defeated Fallout who was exhausted after a grueling war with Frank Mortlock. He couldn't even defeat an exhausted Fallout fairly. He had to stoop down to cheat and so he used a nightstick to knock him out. Not to forget a distraction by Michael Winters!

Mayhem Champion? We all know how he got the title opportunity due to his connection with the mighty Banks.

So yeah, he isn't that accomplished now if we consider the way of his win. Sneaky, cunning, fox-like tactics to win something.

Also, don't believe that you've nothing to lose. You've everything to lose, Mr. Constantine. It's your last chance to win Gold Rush Tournament. Last year in WZCW. Last possible chance at grabbing a title shot against Cooper. You think that he is brave enough to give you a title shot? Spoiler, he is nowhere near brave. So, bring out your best since you've everything to lose. I don't wana defeat your weaker version. I want to defeat your best version.

I certainly respect your talent, Mr. Constantine. But your tactics can't be justified. And they overshadow my respect for your talent. May even nullify it if it wasn't for Cooper betraying you. Speaking of Cooper, he always betrays. Always. Ask yourself. Or those kids. Or Mark Keaton once it happens. It hasn't but it surely will.

Coming back to my opponent, his actions prove that he's just a flame. Not the fire. You would've been the fire if you accomplished all of this fairly. Like Mikey Stormrage. Or my inspiration Eve Taylor. On the other hand, I'm trying my hardest to be the fire. Trying to win each and every match fairly. Not to forget, God always favors the fair side.

However, I'm no self-appointed hero, like my former opponent Xander LeBelle claimed. I don't even claim to be hero. Also, I can't fake play a hero like Cooper did. What I know about me is that I try to stay as far as possible from fakeness and lies. Also, that I'm surely not a villain. A hero or not, that's for my fellow Estonians to decide. Or WZCW fans.

I commend you, Constantine for being fair when Xaitlyn committed mistake of speaking wrong to you while you were facing Tony Mancini. She was wrong as she let her emotions dominate over what's fair. I wonder if you actually changed or you're just doing what Cooper did? Like shattering innocent kids' dreams? Disappointing your legitimate fans who believed in you and your talent? Have you actually changed or you're trying to deceive all of us? I wonder why you didn't try to change when you were on top? Like when you were the champion? Why to do so after you were wronged yourself? Why not when Austin Reynolds was wronged? Or Abel Hunnicutt? Or Steven Holmes? You forgot that you've to pay the price for your deeds here itself? You wronged bunch of families. Just like Cooper. So have you really changed or it's another move out of your foxy arsenal? Just to end what you started yourself? I mean, the curse known as Vis Imperium? These questions shall be answered once we face each other on Ascension 119. I hope that I beat you fair and square. Without any shenanigans. Without any cunning actions. Without cheating. I want answers to all these questions but most importantly, the following question :

Click for Spoiler:

Hoolitse, armas Eesti! {Take care, lovely Estonia!}