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Default Who should be New Japan Pro Wrestling's Global Star?

Now that New Japan is making its trek to North America, in an attempt to establish itself as an international wrestling promotion, it seems to me that NJPW will need to select a World Champion that can best represent the company. Who should New Japan select as its World Champion and, by virtue, most vital star?

If it were my decision, I'd pick Kenny Omega, because of the match quality, star power and connection to the Bullet Club, which is quickly becoming the best source of revenue, in terms of merchandise and drawing power. I don't always like what he says in his interviews and I think he often says what other people want to hear instead of what he believes or really wants, but his work has been the most substantial for a company filled with great wrestlers that most people have never heard of.

Who do you think should be New Japan's top star for the future? Omega? Okada? Tanahashi? Ospreay? Don't be afraid to think outside the box either.