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Default List of current best wrestlers in the world (All companies)

I have been recently watching some NJPW and ROH shows and i thought why not? Whats your guys list? This can be a combination of charisma and wrestling skills or just your personal favorites.
Here is my top 40 wrestlers currently. (I might miss some guys because i dont watch very much indy stuff mostly wwe thats why the list is filled mostly with wwe guys so dont hate it because of that)

40-Hideo itami 39.Jason jordan 38.Roderick strong 37. Alberto el patron 36. Mike Bennett 35.OKADA 34.Will ospray 33.Marty scurll 32.Bully Ray 31.Baron corbin 30.Cody rhodes 29.Eric Young 28.Adam cole (BAYBAY) 27.Cesaro 26.Chad gable 25.tommaso ciampa 24.Seth rollins 23.Kevin owens 22.The brian kendrick 21.sami zayn

TOP 20 :

20.matt hardy 19.zack sabre jr 18.Y2J 17.Johny wrestling 16.samoa joe 15.Neville 14.Braun strowman 13.Kota ibushi 12.Jeff hardy 11.Bray wyatt 10.Tye dillinger (10.10.10) 9.Naito 8.Austin aries 7.Bobby roode 6.Finn balor 5.Miz 4.kenny omega 3.Dolph ziggler 2.NAKAMURA 1.AJ styles

Now people are going to be like this list sucks okada is way better then baron corbin or dolph ziggler at #3? i havent seen much of some of these guys people love but from what i seen i can stick them in my top 40. and if theres something you dont see chances are i never seen them wrestle. As for ziggler being #3 he has been one of my favorites from the beginning and i stick with my guys whether there beating treated as a jobber or not.

So what are your guys list you dont need to give me 40 top 10 top 20 whatever works for you.
No bryan no ratings. is this true? YES.YES.YES

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