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BEAT THAT ***** ASS is looking to come up from OCW...BEAT THAT ***** ASS is looking to come up from OCW...BEAT THAT ***** ASS is looking to come up from OCW...BEAT THAT ***** ASS is looking to come up from OCW...BEAT THAT ***** ASS is looking to come up from OCW...BEAT THAT ***** ASS is looking to come up from OCW...BEAT THAT ***** ASS is looking to come up from OCW...BEAT THAT ***** ASS is looking to come up from OCW...
Cool Booking the Wrestlemania 34 Card!!!!

How would I book WrestleMania 34?

Universal Championship Brock Lesnar (c) vs. Roman Reigns- Pretty much set and stone and makes perfect sense to main event WrestleMania 34 in New Orleans. Now I can see why fans would reject this match being the headliner and I don't blame them TBH. However, this should be an excellent hard hitting smash mouth brawl. Lately i've been hearing rumors that Heyman is expected to turn on Lesnar at some point, why not against Reigns? Think about it, during their last feud Heyman talked incredibly high about Reigns and says that it was his client Brock Lesnar that didn't like him and that he believed in Reigns. Now look at the way Brock beat Taker, and look at the way Reigns beat Taker. With Brock on his way out they can hype that up a lot that he's taking the title with him. At Mania, Reigns beats Lesnar with the help of Paul Heyman to win the Universal Championship in one of the biggest heel turns in history to end WrestleMania 34.

WWE Championship Randy Orton (c) vs. Sami Zayn- Sami Zayn versus Randy Orton could be money. I would imagine a scenario where Sami Zayn would win the Money In The Bank briefcase and announce that he's cashing it in at WrestleMania against the WWE Champion. What you can do is have Sami either win the title in that match, OR have him cash in prior to Mania and fail leading to Sami wanting another shot at Orton and failing and wanting one last opportunity to prove he can do it and is desperate to even showing heel like tendencies to get his shot, Finally, Shane grants him his match and then Sami beats Randy to win his first WWE Championship in a HBK/Daniel Bryan like moment. Either that or have Sami win the Rumble to set this up and have Corbin win the MITB briefcase and cash in on Sami to spoil his moment.

Battle to become the C.O.O. of WWE Kurt Angle vs. Triple H- This is inevitable right? Story is pretty simple, Stephanie tries to do what she did to Mick Foley to Kurt Angle. Kurt doesn't have it and Triple H tries to make Kurt follow her orders and gets an Angle Slam as Kurt quits. Kurt can say he went above their head to Vince (playing up the whole unofficial Vince's son story from reality) and say that Vince has told him that as of that moment he was the new C.O.O. in the WWE. The story is Triple H wants his spot back and it leads to a Mania match between the two.

Intercontinental Championship Seth Rollins vs. Bray Wyatt- Seth Rollins is attacked by Dean Ambrose following a Tag Match, Ambrose turning heel for the first since 2014. Ambrose attacking him and beating the crap out of him with a steel chair because he still isn't over everything and it was all about doing Seth the way he did him. Ambrose wins the first two battles (SummerSlam, Night Of Champions) before dropping the IC Title to Rollins at Hell In A Cell. Team Rollins battles Team Ambrose at Survivor Series with Team Ambrose winning, and Rollins defeats Ambrose in the final battle for the IC Title at WWE TLC in a TLC Match. Seth Rollins would be then sent a cryptic message from Bray Wyatt afterwards. At Royal Rumble, Wyatt would strike first and cost Seth the Royal Rumble match. Seth would call out Bray for afterwards but would instead get a cryptic message, before being attacked by (insert name here,) Seth would defeats (insert name here) to retain the IC Title at WWE Roadblock in February. Bray would strike again after the match. The next night on Raw, Seth is pissed and calls out Bray Wyatt to fight. Bray would play some mind games on Seth with some light tricks and effects before appearing out of nowhere and planting Seth with a Sister Abragail and accepting the challenge to fight...At WrestleMania!!

Interpromotional Match John Cena vs. Braun Strowman- Braun Strowman gets mad at the lack of competition on Raw and that he wanted somebody from SmackDown to beat up. Kurt say's he wouldn't let him switch brands but he would talk to Shane McMahon. The next week, Braun calls out Angle in regard to his WrestleMania opponent but instead John Cena's music would hit and he makes his return to the WWE and his return to Monday Night Raw for the first time since 2016. John Cena challenges Braun Strowman to destroy him like he's done all of his other opponents. Both appearing on opposing brands to get at one another and attacking one another. Eventually, Braun Strowman would beat the great John Cena in one of the high profile WrestleMania matches sending Cena off TV for months.

Balor Club vs. Chris Jericho, Sheamus, Bobby Roode- Finn Balor eventually turns heel with Gallows and Anderson and starts destroying Raw. They three makes their targets Jericho, Sheamus, and Cesaro and this leads to a match being made at Mania. Now you can record a segment on the Kickoff show where the three take out Cesaro leading to Jericho and Sheamus needing a new partner. The person that accepts can be NXT's Bobby Roode making his main roster debut. You can either have Roode turn on his team or get his team the victory.

United States Championship AJ Styles vs. Shinsuke Nakamura- I personally can't stand Shinsuke Nakamura, almost nothing about him but the man can go in the ring and this is a money match. Initially I had it for the WWE Championship, but that doesn't seem logical. I would love to see AJ Styles win this match and retain but I can also see the reasoning for Nakamura winning this.

Cruiserweight Championship Ladder Match Austin Aries vs. Rey Mysterio vs. Neville vs. Kalisto vs. TJ Perkins vs. Cedrick Alexzander vs. Akira Tozawa- I can actually see this happening as several 205 Live talent was pushing for this to happen but it didn't. I can see it happening next year with Cedrick Alexzander coming out on top or the latter winning the title in a singles match.

Winner gets a future title shot of their choosing at the following brand PPV Andre The Giant Memorial Battle Royal- Eventually won by Kofi Kingston, who truly deserves a WrestleMania moment

Undisputed WWE World Tag Team Championships Dean Ambrose/Samoa Joe vs. The Hardy Boyz- Heel Ambrose eventually forms a team with heel Joe and the two goes on to feud with The Hardy Boyz for the Undisputed Tag Championships. How did the titles get unified? New WWE COO Kurt Angle has made a deal with Shane McMahon to make the Women's division exclusive to Raw and the Tag division exclusive to SmackDown. This is so that both divisions can have more focus on their respective brands. Ambrose and Joe wins the titles in this match.

Undisputed Women's Championship Asuka vs. Charlotte Flair-The two most dominant Women in this era clashing at Mania for the Undisputed Women's Championship. Charlotte beating Naomi for the SmackDown Women's Championship at SummerSlam, Asuka beating Sasha Banks for the Raw Women's Championship at Survivor Series. This leads to the two battling to crown the inaugural Undisputed WWE Women's Champion at WrestleMania. TBH, wouldn't be a bad idea for this to headline the entire show.

Now my question is...How would you book it?

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