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Default Shibata Injury and State of NJPW

I'll post links at the end of the bottom of my post

So after the 5 star match Shibata and Okada put on a few weeks back, Other than Dave Meltzer and other outlets no one is talking about the aftermath of the match. In case you haven't heard Shibata had suffered a subdural hematoma a burst blood vessel and pooling of blood in the bran from the wicked Headbutt he gave to Okada which legit busted Shibata open the hard way. After the match he collapsed after the match back stage and was rushed to the hospital...we now find out that he suffered paralysis and memory loss and due to doctors concern this could spell the end of Shibata's career. Dave Meltzer is noted on saying that that headbutt spot should and could of been changed resulting in no change in his grade of the match.

My heart goes out to Shibata because of his work and effort he gave. He Left the company to pursue a MMA career when he was in line to be one of the ACE's on NJPW came back and worked his way up to the main event and its such a same to have him go out like this because it seemed like it was finally gonna be his year at maybe getting the title.

Now the second part of my post is a 2 parted first:What now for New you know of if you don't NJPW books their events for the whole year not week by week or a Old mans wimp. Shibata seemed to have another fued with Suzuki and Suzuki-Gun,a rematch with Goto and a top 4 in G1 Climax the question is now if his career is done who replaces him for Kenny Omega this might seem good because this would cement his place as Foreign ACE,Does Tanahashi re-try for the title, Does Goto take over for Shibata or do with get a New star.?

Second: Again with have another career cut short due to head injury, We know that the Strong/Shoot Style in popular but will this halt the progress and have promotions and wrestlers thinking of using a new style. Will this cause promotions to Ban more moves and strikes?

Thank for reading and if in the wrong place I will add to correct forum.

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