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It's All About Bliss.!

~Chapter 1: Rudiments of WZCW~

10 March 2017

The conference centre in Tallinn University was full of hustle and bustle, thanks to the presence of almost dozen of press reporters from various media organizations of Estonia. A press conference with Yemrez Reqonıc was scheduled to take place at 17:00 sharp. The news of Yemrez joining WZCW had spread like wildfire across the whole country. Some of the press reporters were glad to see someone from Estonia make it to the premier wrestling federation WZCW while others were perplexed as well as confused about how could Yemrez achieve it.

As always, Yemrez arrived in advance of the scheduled time. She wore her wrestling attire with a hoodie tied upside down with her waist. She was known for always wearing casual clothes, no matter what the occasion was. Her face was glowing and her eyes signified something mysterious. She was followed by a well-built and well-suited hunk, Kyrgios Correa. He was her wrestling coach as well as her manager. Contrary to Yemrez, Kyrgios always wore formal clothes.

And the much anticipated press conference commenced.

Yemrez: Welcome everyone. I'm grateful that you all accepted my invitation. Let's begin.

Yemrez's warm welcome boosted the excitement level of all reporters and made them even more eager to start asking questions.

Kyrgios: Umm... Just a minute. Sorry for interrupting but there's something I want to clear. Please ask questions one-by-one and no question should be repeated. That's all. You're on.

All reporters nod in affirmation.

Reporter 1: First of all, Congratulations for joining WZCW.

Yemrez gives the reporter a smile and utters a "Thanks" as well.

Reporter 1: So coming to my question, What made you join WZCW?

Yemrez: After retiring from Professional Weightlifting last year, I was confused about what to do next in my life. Luckily, I got to watch Kingdom Come VII, thanks to Kyrgios who had high interest in professional wrestling.

Saying so, she pats on Kyrgios' shoulder while giving him a wide smile.

Yemrez: Kingdom Come is the biggest WZCW event of the year. When I saw women wrestling men there, my interest in wrestling and WZCW was born. That day, I vowed to join WZCW as soon as possible.

Reporter 1: That was interesting.

Kyrgios: Next please.!

Reporter 2: What's your ultimate goal after joining WZCW?

Yemrez: WZCW World Heavyweight Championship. Anyone who says otherwise, is lying. I mean, that's the biggest prize of WZCW. When you join a particular profession, your ultimate goal is always to be the best. And WZCW World Heavyweight Championship is always held by the best professional wrestler.

Yemrez continues after taking a deep breath.

Yemrez: But I haven't even debuted yet. I know that I ain't anywhere near that level yet but my ultimate goal is to achieve that level against all odds.

Kyrgios: Next please..!

Reporter 3: As you said, your ultimate goal is WZCW World Heavyweight Championship. What's your current goal then?

Yemrez: That's a pretty good question. As of now, I would like to win any of the midcard Championships. That is, either EurAsian, Elite Openweight or Mayhem Championship. At this moment, I won't hesitate to get my hands on either of these three titles. The wrestlers holding these titles are Backpfeifengesicht.

Every reporter in the room got confused as no one knew what the last word uttered by Yemrez meant. On the other hand, a hearty smile covered Kyrgios' face as he knew what she meant.

Yemrez: Oh... Sorry. I guess that no one knows what it means. Actually, Backpfeifengesicht is a German word used for a face that badly needs a punch.

As soon as everyone got the meaning, they burst in laughter. Yemrez also laughs along while sharing a glance with Kyrgios.

Yemrez: My debut match is also against a similar person. Preston Scott Cunningham III. He's also a Backpfeifengesicht. Or rather he's just a spoilt rich brat.

The atmosphere in the conference room gets even more enjoyable. Like always, Yemrez had made her surroundings as casual as possible.

Yemrez: Also spare me with these rather unknown words as I have logolepsy. Logolepsy is an obsession with words.

All reporters nod in affirmation while giggling at Yemrez 's unorthodox lifestyle.

Kyrgios: Next please...!

Reporter 4: What's your dream match in WZCW and why?

Yemrez contemplates the thought of her dream match for a while and then answers while smiling as well.

Yemrez: Eve Taylor. The best female wrestler WZCW has ever had. Infact, she's the one who inspired me to train for professional wrestling and then join WZCW. As I already mentioned, Kingdom Come VII was the first WZCW event I ever watched. And at the same event, Eve Taylor defeated her former stablemates Flex Mussel & Ramparte. You know, Men are allegedly supposed to be superior than women. But Eve Taylor & WZCW as a whole completely breaks this myth. My whole life has been dealing with illogical myths and violate them. And in WZCW, I'm going to do the same with even more determination.

Everyone in the conference room applauds her comments. Even those who were perplexed, now were assured about Yemrez.

Kyrgios: Next please....!

Reporter 5: This is a question for you, Mr. Kyrgios. What's your thoughts about Yemrez's new venture in WZCW.

Kyrgios: Well, I'm damn happy about it. I know what Yemrez can do in the wrestling ring. She possesses an unorthodox style in wrestling. She has trained very hard for it and it can only be done when you're passionate about it. When it comes to passion, I respect it a lot. She has a great elan for professional wrestling and I expect her to be quite successful in WZCW.

After listening to Kyrgios, Yemrez gives him a smile as a sign of thanks.

Kyrgios: Next please....! And it should be the last one.

Reporter 6: Why did you leave professional weightlifting? And what about Estonia now?

Yemrez gets sad on hearing about leaving professional weightlifting considering the circumstances which made her do so. Still, She keeps calm and tries hard to answer the reporter with a heavy heart.

Yemrez: I don't know why I left it. That's all. And about Estonia, I will continue to represent my Estonia proudly. First, in professional weightlifting and now, in professional wrestling. Estonia has made me what I'm today and I ain't going to forget it anytime. Thanks.

Saying so, Yemrez bids an final adieu to the reporters and then leaves the conference room along with Kyrgios as soon as possible. That last question had struck a vulnerable chord in her and she was damn upset about it. Something Preston Scott Cunningham III should fear, since she's even more fierce while she's upset.